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Name one feature you want on the iPhone

Posted October 15, 09 3:31 PM by Chris Howard

That’s obviously a hard question, I can think of a few. But right now, the one missing feature that’s bugging me, and has since the very beginning, is the inability to customise SMS tones. I so often miss messages because the available tones just aren’t loud enough.

So, what about you? What’s the first feature you would add to the iPhone?


iPhone Tip of the Week

Posted October 15, 09 10:49 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Tips and tricks 

Many of you have probably run into the “not enough free space” message even though it clearly looks like you have enough space, right?

Even though an app may report that it’s small enough to squeeze into the last few gigabytes on your iPhone, every app is compressed before it’s downloaded.

This means that an app is transferred to your phone, uncompressed, and then the compressed version is discarded, requiring a little more than twice the space.

For example,  iTunes reports the TomTom app as taking 1.21GB but once uncompressed. This means that you’d need at least almost 2.5GB free to install the app.

One way I know to squeeze one of those big apps into your iPhone or iPod touch is to delete some music. Music doesn’t require zipping and unzipping to get on the phone, so you can sync your music right back on your phone later.

With 3 GPS apps on my phone, my poor iPhone can’t keep up!

Enjoy wink


MotionX GPS App Hits Stores, Great Buy

Posted October 13, 09 12:59 PM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Applications Reviews 

MotionX GPS Drive is a GPS navigation app for iPhone from the people who brought you MotionX GPS.The most appealing thing about the MotionX GPS Drive is pricing. It is either $3/month, or $25/year. If you want live voice directions MotionX comes with a full free 30 day Live Voice Guidance package. The race to be the best bang for your buck is looking better and better every day.

The user interface is one of MotionX’s main strengths. Functions are laid out in pages, with arrow buttons to slide through the rotation. A very Apple-like function: Hold down an arrow button and a list appears allowing you to jump directly to a page. There are separate pages for maps, compass view, waypoint and track lists, a stopwatch, and GPS status. It is great. They also manage to squeeze social networking in the app. You can share waypoints, tracks, and photos via Twitter, Email, or Facebook. The application can access your iPhone contacts and your music from the iPod app.

Gizmodo gave this app a very strong review and I would like to stress that I agree with them… more...

IK Multimedia Releases GrooveMaker Techno and Trance

Posted October 8, 09 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Announcements News 

Remember the review I did on Groovemaker? They have some announcements!

“IK Multimedia is proud to announce the release of two new applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch: GrooveMaker Techno and GrooveMaker Trance. Both versions based on the recently released GrooveMaker remixing application, these style-based apps allow everyone to create and share non-stop techno and trance tracks for DJing, remixing, multimedia and movie soundtrack compositions on the go, in real-time, just like a professional DJ or music producer.

GrooveMaker allows for instantaneous control over 8 stereo loop tracks, making it possible to remix the included massive loop library of drums, bass, bass drums, lines, pads, percussion and effects. Its unique and patented randomization feature allows musicians to generate a vast number of remixes on the fly, with one touch, to produce millions of possible groove combinations.

Loops made in GrooveMaker can be manipulated in real-time (pan, volume, mute, solo, group and tempo) and grooves can be arranged easily by dragging and dropping to create full-length tracks. These tracks can then be saved, previewed and recalled on the iPhone/iPod touch devices or exported as hi-quality… more...

O2 Worried About Customers Returning Newly Bought iPhones

Posted October 2, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Competition 

image The iPhone is available in a number of countries but since its international conquest following the 3G’s launch, only one carrier per country (or countries) had full exclusivity of the iPhone like AT&T does in the US. While competition amongst various carriers is a good things, it may be bad for British carrier O2, the first to carry the iPhone in the UK.

Up until last week, O2 was the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in England but Orange and Vodafone have stepped in to the arena and are offering iPhones to their customers starting November and sometime next year respectively. This new competition naturally would have any carrier worried but O2 faces losing up to 30,000 subscribers as they cancel their contracts within the allotted 2 weeks they have after buying their iPhone, a sort of test run on the network for customers. While it’s not expected O2 will lose that many subscribers, it seems possible that at least a few will jump ship to wait for the deals Orange and Vodafone will offer for the iPhone.

Steven Hartley and analyst at technology research house Ovum best summarizes the situation:


Apple Looking To Ursurp Google’s Presence On The iPhone Through Placebase Purchase?

Posted October 1, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageThe rift between Apple and Google may be growing as news is surfacing that Apple had purchased Google Maps competitor, Placebase and its accompanying Pushpin API in July.

Placebase and Google Maps are similar in the sense that they both map out various locations with a detailed image. However, Placebase offers different kinds of aggregated data from locations it has mapped such as demographics and crime data.

According to a Tweet from Jaron Waldman and an updated LinkedIn profile indicating he’s started working under Apple’s Geo team, it seems that this has gone under the radar, until now. The final confirmation of Apple’s acquisition came from Computerworld which points out the easily passed up Tweet from Jaron. But the biggest question is what Apple intends to do with Placebase. Many speculate that the Cupertino based company would use it as an alternative should its relationship with Google sour. The change could see the Apple developed Google Maps App on the iPhone and iPod Touch aggregate data from Placebase instead and all that would be required is a simple Software Update. However, Apple could leverage Placebase’s various… more...

Cute Bears Battle it Out: Battle Bears for iPhone Reviewed

Posted September 29, 09 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington

Growing up, I cherished my little bears and the TV show, “Teddy Bears” just won me over with their cute and innocent behavior. The game I got my hands on changed my perception of these cute bears for the rest of my life.

The description says it’s a shooter that pits you against a horde of mercilessly affectionate bears (the Huggables) that want nothing more than to hug you…to death. You play as some sort of special forces bear with an assault rifle who rides unicorns and steals pots of gold.

You start off behind enemy lines with only your gun and what looks like a Unicorn horn crossbow to defend yourself against the swarms of Huggables. The enemies make a beeline to hug you, and their rainbow souls beam up when you kill them with a headshot. Regardless of how you kill them, they’ll spill colorful blood that can be any colour of the rainbow.

The controls are cool. You pan the screen using one finger, but you shoot by tapping with another one. You can switch weapons and reload using the icon in the top-left corner of the screen.… more...

MMS For The iPhone Goes Live

Posted September 25, 09 2:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: AT&T 

Today, AT&T has rolled out a small update for the iPhone in the form of an IPCC file enabling MMS on the iPhone. After opening iTunes, applying the new carrier file and restarting my iPhone, MMS worked without a hitch. Let us know how AT&T’s network is holding up for you.


MMS Coming To The iPhone This Friday, AT&T Nervous About Launch

Posted September 24, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: AT&T 

image AT&T has given word that the much anticipated (and long overdue) MMS roll out for the iPhone will come this Friday. The carrier is nervous about the service’s roll out as unexpected traffic spikes caused a brief service outage yesterday.

AT&T’s jitters comes from the carrier’s inability to keep with the massive traffic demands of the iPhone. While MMS isn’t doing anything differently than email on the iPhone has been doing since its launch mid-2007, AT&T is still taking the cautious route to make sure it can adequately keep with customer demand with whatever infrastructure it has in place already.

Macrumor’s source gave us some information on the pre-launch jitters AT&T is experiencing:

AT&T and its MMS partners are already seeing “record traffic during peak hours of the night” with just the users selected for testing.

That early testing has been a little rocky, with AT&T seeing a fairly significant test outage yesterday that has them rushing to beef up their MMSC messaging servers. Estimates among those working on the project are that traffic on AT&T’s wireless network will be about 40% higher all day on Friday as iPhone… more...

Weekly Reader Question: Who Do You Trust More, Apple Or Google?

Posted September 21, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Opinions 

After the recent debacle between Apple and Google over allowing Google Voice in App Store, there has been a back and forth argument of who caused what. Apple claims that it’s still studying Google’s Voice App but the search engine giant argues the opposite: that Phill Schiller himself rang up Google saying that it wouldn’t allow a native Google Voice App on the iPhone. While the issue is being sorted out between the two with some kind intervention from the FCC, we’d like to get your take on the issue: do you still trust Apple to approve a Google Voice compatible App or is Google’s claim more than enough App Store drama? Sound off in the comments.


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