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Verizon Would Like To Tell You Something Good About The iPhone

Posted July 29, 09 2:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Cult of iPhone Verizon Humor 

image Verizon and Apple have always had an odd relationship when it comes to cellular devices with the former trying to one-up the later by downplaying the iPhone’s success and introducing new touchscreen based competitors. However, Verizon has something positive to say about the iPhone this time around.

The carrier posted a multi hundred million dollar loss for its latest quarter and also had a smaller number of new subscribers when compared to AT&T. That hasn’t stopped Verizon from giving credit where it’s due with the iPhone.

“When you think about what Apple has done in bringing the iPhone into the marketplace, it truly has accelerated innovation. And as we talk to all of our manufacturers, everybody has come out with their own iconic device, and I think that this has been very good overall for our customers.”

Via: The iPhone Blog


iPhone Auto-Correct Nearly Gets Me Divorced

Posted April 27, 09 1:38 AM by Chris Howard
Categories: Problems Humor 

Okay, I exaggerate a smidge. My dear wife fortunately is of the classical Aussie “She’ll be right!” attitude.image

Today she sent me a text to join her for coffee and asked if I wanted coffee or hot choc. Hot choc, I replied, or so I intended. However, the iPhone’s auto-correct mischievously converted choc to chic, so my wife gets a message from me requesting a hot chic!

As I say, fortunately she has a good sense of humor.

It does surprise me from time to time how many common words are not in the iPhone’s dictionary, the most surprising is “its”. And it does give me the **its when the iPhone wants to change “its” to “it’s”. It’d be nice if iPhone 3.0 allowed a user definable dictionary. I mean, Microsoft Word has had that since last century.


Mask Your Horrible Workplace Habits With iNap@Work App

Posted April 24, 09 11:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: App Store Humor 

imageEver been caught sleeping on the job (or just procrastinating in general?) and wish you had something to throw off your hawk eyed boss? iNap@Work may have you covered.

iNap@Work is every slackers’ dream because it makes you sound productive. Sure you won’t be able to finish your inventory checks while you snooze or just obsessively refresh iPhone Matters on the job but it should convince your boss or supervisor you’re actually doing something. There are preset sounds for clicking your mouse, typing, crumpling paper, grabbing a tissue and sharpening your pencils. The frequencies of each activity can be controlled to fit your typical working habit.

Procrastinators, here is your iTunes link

Via: Gizmodo


Mobile Me Might Be Able To Find Your iPhone, Scare Its Captor

Posted March 18, 09 11:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Software Humor Web Stunt 

MobileMe has always had an odd place on the iPhone from wonky service to features not working the way you wanted them to right off the bat. Some digging in OS 3.0 however has brought up something many of us have been craving (leveraging MobileMe no doubt): a way to possibly track your iPhone using the GPS radio.

While not as epic as Liam Neeson running through the streets of Paris to find your iPhone, this purported feature would allow you to find your iPhone directly on the MobileMe website. If this feature actually makes it to the final release (unlike Push notification the last time around), you could track down your iPhone to its exact location and give its captor a scare when you read off their address complete with sending them a picture of their house from Google Maps over the newly supported MMS protocol.

Picture after the jump


Via: The iPhone Blog


Apps that can get you fired

Posted March 13, 09 11:37 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: App Store Lists Humor 

imageThe iPhone can do a lot of good things for you. Keep you connected on road trips, double as a flashlight in a pinch, teach you to count cards and so on. But the iPhone can also get you fired. How can you be sure of this? By the nifty list of Apps than could get you fired post at International Business Times.

Sure there are a few apps you’ve heard of in the list but a few you probably haven’t. Saying much more would spoil the fun but who knew there was an iJiggly Bikini app?


iPhone nano found

Posted February 27, 09 1:38 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Hardware Humor 

There’s a certain subset of iPhone rumors that refuse to die no matter what. The iPhone nano is one of them. Apple hasn’t produced one, doesn’t seem interested in producing one and you have to wonder just how useful an iPhone with a smaller screen would be. Wonder no more, turns out that a nice implementation of the iPhone nano already exists.

Word is that the phone is solid but there are some drawbacks. The phone isn’t produced by Apple and doesn’t run OS X Mobile. On the bright side there is haptic feed back but you’re better off with a stylus. Now will the iPhone nano rumor please die and bury its carcass somewhere out back?


App Store prices falling faster than helicopter launched turkeys

Posted February 26, 09 9:42 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: App Store Humor 

imageThe App Store is a weird place. you’ve got a bunch of developers trying to sell and a bunch of people worried that unless prices increase the developers won’t be able to keep developing. That’s kind of a rare thing, usually consumers don’t worry about the providers staying in business, they generally want stuff as cheaply as possible. This kind of thing is generally self correcting, at least if you buy into the Invisible hand theory.

Invisible hand or not developers are faced with the challenge of making their apps more popular. The most obvious ways is too make the apps cheaper. That seems to be what is happening according to a report from Business Insider. The report states (with a nice graph and everything) that the average price of the top 100 app has declined from $3.15 to $2.55. Clearly developers aren’t as clever with marketing as they are with programming. But don’t worry, someone will figure it out and create a new model. Some weird model where the product is valued much more than the competition. But for now it is kind of a buyers… more...

iPhone Everything

Posted February 23, 09 3:29 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Humor 

Family Guy squirts humor at the Zune

Posted February 17, 09 9:01 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Humor 

Geeze, we thought Family Guy could’ve made the Zune fiasco go for the entire twenty two minutes. Hey, it squirts after all…


90 seconds, 31 Fart Apps

Posted February 11, 09 1:26 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Humor 

Never say the folks at TUAW don’t have a sense of humor. Victor Agreda Jr. managed to air out 31 different iPhone fart apps in only 90 seconds. What the preponderance of fart apps on the iPhone says about iPhone users or our society at large is difficult to say but for some reason the video cracks us up on several levels.



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