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The lamest iPhone killer yet

Posted October 9, 08 8:04 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: iPhone Killer Humor 

When you are building an iPhone killer there are some considerations to take into account. How much should it look like an iPhone, do you try and copy the iPhones functionality or improve upon it and should you dress up the OS to look like?

One company has decided that only looks matter. They’ve said: “Screw functionality, screw the OS, let’s just go for looks!” Who is this company? No name is given but the phone they are peddling looks exactly like an iPhone. Press the home button and the Apple logo appears but that is it. Once you get the phone home you discover that, well, it is just an iPhone shell with a lightbulb inside (see, the OS doesn’t matter!)

Don’t worry about ending up with one unless you live in China for now. For pics and more details visit Popgive.com.


iPhone Matters survey says

Posted October 2, 08 2:02 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Humor Web Stunt 

With all the polling go on surrounding the upcoming election iPhone Matters was feeling a little left out. So we hired some pollsters to get the scoop on which phones rock and which phones don’t. Sample size 2, m.o.e. +- 3%.
First the bad news:
Phones that Suck:
Nokia (all models)
RIM (all models)
Samsung (all models)
Kyocera (all models)
LG (all models)
Panasonic (all models)
Sanyo (all models)
Siemens (all models)
Audiovox (all models)
Sony Ericsson (all models)
HTC (all models)

Phones rated neutral
iPhone Edge
Motorola Startac

Phones that don’t Suck:
iPhone 3G (8 GB)
iPhone 3G White

Phones that Rock:
iPhone 3G (16 GB, Black)

Surprising results…


Wackiest iPhone Apps

Posted October 1, 08 9:10 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Humor 

I know what you’d like to see. You’d like it if IPM went through the app and carefully compiled a list of truly bizarre apps. Just for fun. Sorry, I don’t have the requisite attention span and Jovann is too busy. But wait, there is good news, someone else has done just that. Head over to Businessweek to see a compendium of 20 wacky apps composed by Olga Kharif.

After reading through the picks, they are hard to disagree with. Except Tiny Hula, how can you call Tiny Hula wacky. Who doesn’t love Tiny Hula?


Cupcakes and coasters

Posted September 30, 08 10:30 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Cult of iPhone Humor 

imageYou’re a hardcore iPhone person, eh? You feel naked when you leave the thing at home. You shed a little tear when the battery runs dry. You take your iPhone out and pretend to use it even when you don’t need to just so people know you own an iPhone. You people make me…

Never mind that. What you need is more iPhone in your life. Just the phone isn’t enough, you need to mix in some more stuff to let the world know that, were it possible, you’d marry your iPhone all over again. Step one: Get some iPhone cupcakes. They look delicious and very iPhoney. You can probably make your own but, even better, just make one big iPhone cake. mmmm, glossy black icing. For showing your iPhone devotion in a calorie neutral way try iPhone coasters. And for that old school feel, try a knitted iPhone.


Top ten iPhone Apps for techies

Posted September 9, 08 9:42 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Apple Applications Hacks Humor 

imageTaking the risk of turning iPhonematters into Digg (lists ahoy!) here’s yet another list of Best iPhone Apps. The twist this time? These are the best applications for techies. That means a terminal running on your iPhone, SSH, and other geeky bits most people not only don’t want on their iPhone they don’t even want to know these Apps exist. Most of the inclusions are pretty good but one wonders about the inclusion of Drinks. Drinks is a $3.99 application that is a catalogue of, well, drinks. Are techies a group of drunken lushes? And are they so stupid they don’t realize that they could use Google to search for drinks recipes? The mind is fully boggled.


iPhone Apps to replace actual tools?

Posted September 4, 08 9:49 AM by Chris Seibold

Wired has a great article up on applications that replace actual tools. You can use the iPhone as a level, as a tape measure, calipers and even a speedometer. Fantastic uses of the iPhones built in GPS and accelerometer.
Check it out!


Dell to make an iPhone killer?

Posted September 4, 08 8:54 AM by Chris Seibold

Michael Dell recently said that some day, in the future, sometime later, definitely not anytime soon Dell may well make something that competes withe the iPhone:
“I think you will see us with small screen devices” Spoke Michael Dell
When asked specifically about smartphones like the iPhone the Right Honorable Mr. Dell said:
“You’ll see us with smaller and smaller devices that have capabilities of the devices you are referring to. Not in the near-term”

Dell’s success at copying small devices made by Apple hasn’t been the best, witness the much hyped then dropped Dell DJ. Recently Dell announced they were coming out with another .mp3 playerc player which will also fail miserably.

iPhone Matters did, in fact, break into Dell research headquarters and were able to snag this shot of the as yet unnamed Dell device:

via Reuters


Another Fake iPhone… Too Bad. Sigh…

Posted June 7, 08 2:01 PM by Don Palmigiano
Categories: Concept Hardware Pictures Humor 

imageCheck this one out. I only wish this was the real deal. I hate the white face. The reason it is a fake: the reflection off the screen is misaligned and the box is not worthy of Apple packaging. Why do people feel the need to photoshop pictures of new Apple products? Do they do this to prove how good they are at photoshop? Do they hate Apple and their consumers so much that they feel it is their responsibility to flood RSS readers with junk? Really? This was not even a good attempt.

Do you think the real iPhone will look like this poorly photoshopped mockery? Would you like a camera in the front for video conferencing? Would Apple consider putting a camera there? Please voice off in the comments section.

[Via Gizmodo]


iPhone 2.0 for sale? What!?

Posted April 14, 08 10:01 PM by Don Palmigiano
Categories: Humor 

Wow. It takes a lot of audacity to sell someone else’s work. We all love the iPhone dev team, but apparently not the man who is selling the Pwnage tool. As if that was not bad enough, he will soon be seeing a lot of Apple lawyers at his door. This consequence comes from the fact that he is trying to sell iPhone firmware 1.2. Amazing! This man has two opposing forces soon to be plotting against him. Check out the video and you will see how he made their (Apple & Dev)  job easier by showing his serial number and IMEI, which happen to be right here. Serial: 88811n4x0kh / IMEI : 01 136400 375347.

I think I will just sit back and watch. Go and grab your popcorn, this should be good.

[via iPhonebuzz]


9:42! Still? What’s The Deal?

Posted April 10, 08 6:10 PM by Don Palmigiano

imageCrazy iPhone fanatics, such as myself, have watched many iPhone commercials before the phone’s release. Ask any of us what time it was on the iPhone (in the commercial), and you will likely merit a swift accurate and response. 9:42 of course! This has been consistent in almost every commercial I have watched. (9:41 has also appeared)

In the newer commercials such as “bet,” this has stayed the same. Frankly, it is kind of scary. When I saw “bet,” the first thing I noticed was the time. I was amazed it had still remained the same for many months. It reminded me of many theories I had heard about the clock.

“What time was displayed?” Ha! That question has a simple answer, but to answer “Why?” requires greater skill. The iPhone was introduced at 9:42 during the Macworld Keynote of 2007. I wonder if the “9:42” developed from this critical introduction, or if it was predestined. Chicken or egg? Many have also suggested that 9:42 refers to a Bible quote, specifically this one. Maybe, the phone just looks nicer with 9:42 displayed. It is possible that Apple kept the… more...

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