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Can You Hear Me Now? AT&T No Longer The Network With The Fewest Dropped Calls

Posted August 28, 07 7:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

image Who would’ve thought that even with the millions splurged on its wireless network in preparation for the iPhone that AT&T is dropping “the fewest dropped calls” campaign.
Can you hear me now?

The marketing campaign started in March last year but it was flawed from the getgo.
The irony is that the Ads were based on a report by Telephia that clearly stated AT&T was not the most reliable network. Even funnier was AT&T’s competitor T-Mobile was the only one capable of claiming the title of “fewest dropped calls”.

Since Cingular and now AT&T has taken some legal flack over it they are now dropping the slogan (like its hot) because almost good is good enough.

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iPhone to Outsell Windows Mobile Devices

Posted July 16, 07 9:00 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: Opinions Marketing Microsoft 

imageSteve Jobs had a goal of reaching 10 million iPhone sales by the end of 2008, but according to SeekingAlpha analysts, Apple will reach 13.5 million units by the end of 2008.

SeekingAlpha also suggest that Apple will be releasing new iPhone products soon, with a 16GB version available at some point next year and a 3G enabled handset by Spring (but this particular writer is hoping that 3G reaches Europe before then).

Whilst market share will still be rather low after 13.5 million shipped units next year, it’s thought that this number will crush Microsoft’s Windows Mobile devices as last year only 4 million units were sold. Whether or not the iPhone trend will slowly come down to a calm next year is anyone’s guess but it appears that it’s selling like hot-cakes at th minute.


Amazon Leaks iPhone UK Info

Posted July 6, 07 6:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: News Marketing 

A slip up on Amazon’s web site briefly showed the iPhone available for pre-order with a release date of December 1st and a selling price of £329.00 or $663

Nothing more was displayed about the iPhone’s UK launch, not even the carrier info just price and a suggested date of December 1st. The information has since been removed but a Cached version still exists.

What is significant is the suggested release date of December 1st which is awfully close to the holidays, I hope Apple can keep up with the shipments.

Read More:Engadget


iPhone Availability At Your Apple Store

Posted June 28, 07 11:00 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: Marketing 

Apple has really gone all out to provide us, and thus you guys, with as much information as possible concerning the iPhone.

If you’re unable to get down to your local Apple store tomorrow evening at 6pm (closes at Midnight, by the way), then you might want to take a trek down there on Saturday instead. Although you’ll be lucky to get one, the last thing you want to do is go all the way down there to find you’re definitely not going to get your hands on one, so why not use Apple’s iPhone availability website instead.


There’s a list of all the stores in each state in America that is selling the iPhone and you can check which stores have iPhones in, and which don’t. Time saved? I think so.


4 Reasons Why the iPhone is Underhyped

Posted June 20, 07 12:00 PM by Jason Swifter
Categories: Announcements Marketing 

Yep, that’s correct. You read under-hyped, not over-hyped. We here at iPhone Matters believe that nothing can hype what is going to be the best phone ever too much. If anything this is payback from the underwhelming response the iPod achieved. No line ups for that launch, just a bunch of incredulous reviewers. This time it’s different. This time its payback for Apple. So, without further ado I present to you the 4 reasons why the iPhone is Underhyped.

Reason 1: It’s an awesome iPod
Forget the fact that this little gem makes calls better than any mobile phone ever. Forget the fact that you will be able to browse the internet on a mobile device in an entirely new and usable way. And what do you have left? The most awesome iPod. Ever. This thing has cover flow. This thing has a stunning new interface. This thing frigging rotates the movie when you turn it! Most people would spend $499 on just that.

Reason 2: Steve is never wrong
Seriously. He wasn’t wrong about the importance of the GUI interface, he wasn’t wrong about UNIX-based operating systems, he wasn’t wrong about the iMac, he wasn’t wrong about… more...

Apple Willing To Knock 100 Dollars Off The IPhone? Doubtful

Posted June 14, 07 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Deals Marketing Rumor 

To those who have been anticipating the device, we’ve had prices go crazy, any where from 500-1,000 dollars depending on whether or not a contract was part of the deal. We’ve only seen high prices go up, but now a sigh of relief can possibly be let out from all of us. If this rumor holds true (I doubt it) then we can save a Benjamin buying the iPhone.

Coming our way from The Consumerist (which has the tendency to utilize it’s audience in order to get companies to change their business practices in some regards) reports that you may be able to knock 100 (one hundred) dollars ($) off (off) an iPhone purchase. The claim that by simply wheeling and dealing will reduce the price is a little hard to believe. Apple has rarely reduced their costs and wouldn’t change due to the release of a new device, maybe Dell, notorious for deals and coupons but Apple? No way, no way do I buy (parenthesis) this rumor.

Besides it’s from an Apple telephone sales rep, this, in my opinion is a great way to drum up some anticipation before June 29th.

Via: Crunch Gear


Apple Shows Liberal Partisanship in iPhone Online Demos

Posted June 12, 07 5:00 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: News Marketing 

If you really analyze the online demonstrations for Apple’s iPhone on Apple.com, you may notice something interesting. It seems that Apple (or atleast Apple’s advertising agency) is showing some liberal partisanship.

Why don’t you take another look and see if you notice what I’m talking about. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Did you see it? Well, the folks at Breitbart.tv saw it too:

he section showing internet features of the phone highlights New York Times stories about the Democratic take-over in Congress. You can also see a neighboring story about a key resignation at the White House. Among the few stories visible on a related television ad linked on the Apple Web site shows a headline about scandal pressures on the GOP, and the main close-up story is about the burdens of housing costs as incomes stagnate.

[Via Breitbart.tv]


Jobs is No Dummy When It Comes to iPhone Supply And Demand

Posted June 1, 07 6:00 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Marketing 

imageYet another quote from Steve Jobs talk at the Wall Street Journal D Conference. In addition to verifying the iphone will probably ship the end of June, he offered this response when asking about whether there be enough iPhones in the pipeline to satisfy demand?:

“I don’t know, I hope not,” Jobs said

Steve Jobs and Apple are no dummies. They know that the worst thing to happen to the iPhone would be Apple Stores and AT&T stores jam packed with iPhones in stock. The best thing to happen would be mass hysteria, people camping overnight to wait in line, and desperate measures on eBay.

So now we know Steve Jobs understands supply and demand. But from a PR perspective, does it make the most sense to actually admit to it? Jobs’ quote can be interpreted to mean, supply will be intentionally held back to encourage demand. It’s one thing if demand exceeded manufacturer’s expectations at launch but when a CEO admits to hoping there will be a shortage, we may have something different going on.


Apple Ad Agency Looking for Asian Men, Jamaican Women, and Others

Posted April 12, 07 5:15 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Marketing Scoop 

David Goetzi from Media Daily News scoops that an advertising agency (maybe longtime Apple ad agency TBWA Chiat/Day) is currently casting for a new iPhone commercial. According to his post, David writes:

It seeks characters from various backgrounds, including Asian men who speak Mandarin; Hasidic males fluent in Hebrew; a French-speaking cab driver; a pair of Jamaican (or West Indian) women who can “speak with a thick patois accent” and others. The characters would tout the phone in their native languages, while going about their routine business, such as the Asian men as customers in a fish market.

No word on whether this is an actual concept ready for production or simply a spec ad from TBWA Chiat/Day or a competitor. Frequently, in attempts to win business, competitive advertising agencies will spend a ton of money to produce a “spec” ad in order to win pieces of business. This does not mean, it will ever see the light of day or broadcasted on television. But if nothing else, it gives an insight to what may possibly be the launch creative for the huge projected advertising campaign in June.

[Via Media Daily… more...

iPod/iPhone Market to Double by 2010

Posted March 29, 07 4:55 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: Opinions Marketing 

That’s according to analysts iSuppli who say that latest research suggests the media and music market will increase significantly between 2005 and 2010.

iSuppli expect unit (both mobile music and standalone music players) sales to jump to 268.6 million in 2011, almost an 13% annual increase since 2005, when just 128.7 million units were sold.

A senior analyst for consumers electronics at iSuppli suggests that mobile music players and standalone music players take advantage of the internet, increasing their usage capabilities:

“A major driving factor behind this growth is the fact that PMP/MP3 players take advantage of the Internet more than other consumer electronic devices, giving users the ability to quickly and easily sample, acquire and share media.”

Things are looking good for Apple at the minute then.

[Via Macworld UK]


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