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The Japanese hate the iPhone so much they start four iPhone magazines

Posted February 27, 09 6:42 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Business Cult of iPhone 

If you swing by Wired you can see a story about why the Japanese hate the iPhone. The usual suspects are given, there aren’t enough features, the iPhone isn’t Japanese, it’s ugly, the data rate is too high etc.. But those are the reasons people hate it, not the evidence that people hate it. The evidence is that you can get an iPhone for free in Japan if you’re willing to sign that pesky contract. So it looks like the iPhone has a tough row to hoe in Japan, sorry those Japanese are just too tech savvy to fall for the iPhones charms.

But wait just a second, can the article possibly be correct? Well maybe but you have to wonder when the same page reveals that there are four magazines about the iPhone in Japan. From the article:

Here’s a potential get-rich-quick scheme: If you see an extremely successful product, start a magazine about it. That’s what Japan’s been doing with Apple’s iPhone, anyway.

How can we reconcile these two bits of information? How is it possible that on one hand the iPhone in… more...

Concept car built around iPhone

Posted February 26, 09 9:22 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Design Cult of iPhone 

Talking with someone who drives a company car revealed something interesting to me. They weren’t as interested in the model as they were in the options. Specifically if the car supported the iPod. Screw child safety restraints, forget driver side crash tests and rear window visibility! The car could have lawn chair zip tied to the chassis and as long as the iPod worked seamlessly that was the option this person was choosing.

That just the way things are but smart people already knew this and smart people have designed a concept car around the iPhone. That’s right, your iPhone is the key. Take a look at the iPhone key:


And take a gander at the inside:


wait, what? A one seater? A one seater means you can’t stop short!

It seemed like a good idea until the seating arrangement was revealed. For more coverage check out collthings


iPhone Coming to a Car Near You?

Posted January 12, 09 7:22 AM by Chris Seibold

While computer geeks are busy salivating over the newness revealed at Macworld (no removable battery for the MacBok Pro) and CES (Consumer Electronic Show) car types are excited by the Detroit Auto Show. Even if you don’t follow cars you’re familiar with the show. Auto manufacturers show off the latest concept cars, you think “That is AWESOME” and then a few years later the car that started out as the coolest street legal Batmobile ever produced is released to the public looking really, really ugly and undesirable. Heck, even the Pontiac Aztek probably looked pretty cool when it was a concept at the Detroit Auto Show.

This year the Detroit Auto Show features a really awesome iPhone accessory. Named the Chrysler 200C EV the car not only looks slick but obeys the commands of your iPhone:

...is a rolling test bed for Chrysler’s future uconnect in-car computer and communication device. It also connects directly to an iPhone, allowing you to pre-program the temperature, lock the doors, view an in-car camera remotely and track the car’s location live via GPS – all straight from the iPhone.

No word on how much this iPhone add on would cost but the idea is… more...

yellowsn0w is here or unlock your 3G iPhone

Posted January 2, 09 7:52 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Hacks Cult of iPhone 

Argue all you will about how open or closed the iPhone should be. In the end it just doesn’t matter, the folks who demand complete control over their purchased devices will continue to jailbreak their iPhones while those who just want a smooth consumer experience will opt for the standard iPhone experience. If you are one of the people who want complete control over your iPhone the news is good. The geniuses at the Dev-Team have the unlock up for the latest iPhone software revision.

They call it yellowsn0w and it isn’t working for everyone yet but it will get simpler as the days go by. So if you’re the unlocking type: get busy and send a big thank you to the folks at the Dev-Team.


Copy and Paste comes to iPhone (sort of)

Posted December 11, 08 3:10 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Cult of iPhone News 

imageCut and paste on the iPhone? Is such a thing even possible? Well it isn’t possible directly on the iPhone but through a nifty web app you can now pull it off. It only works in Safari (copy text from one web page to another) and from Safari to mail (copy text from a webpage to an email) but that is loads better than Apple’s current implementation of cut and paste on the iPhone which is non existent.

Video tells the story better:

Pretty spiffy, no jail breaking and no app to download!

Via MacDailyNews


First Music Video shot entirely on iPhone

Posted December 10, 08 9:33 AM by Chris Seibold

imageThere’s a chance that this isn’t the first music video shot on an iPhone but it is doubtful because, maddeningly, the iPhone doesn’t come with built in video recording. So you have to give some credit to GOSHone for creativity.

The video actually looks pretty good, there’s some nifty effects in there and such but it clearly isn’t on the level of a really professional video like Elektronik-Supersonic. Wait, that’s a joke. That video is purposely horrible so the joke isn’t funny. The video is better than, say, this (warning rated PH for Paris Hilton, you can thank David Chartier for the suggestion. That guy rules)

As for the quality of the music I couldn’t say. Hadley Stern is our resident expert and he was unavailable for comment. GOSHone might bust some mad rhymes with a geek lean or he might not (for true geekiness you should rhyme something with big endian) but since every time I attempt something semi creative in the music realm it ends up sounding not unlike two howler monkeys, three cats on steroids and a dolphin all shoved in a box with… more...

Why Flash has to come to the iPhone.. Well maybe not

Posted November 20, 08 8:48 AM by Chris Seibold

imageYou can’t mention “Flash” and “iPhone” in the same breath without people getting a little huffy. It is honestly surprising how passionate people can be about not having Flash on the iPhone. Passion aside people have a lot of reasons not to have Flash on the iPhone.

While Flash would be nice on my iPhone, I’ll be damned if I want Safari crashing every time it comes to a Flash-based web site because of the poorly developed plugin software.

That is a moderate approach to the issue. D9 is willing to trade stability for the lack of Flash. Other points revolve around how slow Flash is on OS X. Some people maintain that it will max out a Quad core Mac Pro (when I experimented with various Flash intesive sites my machines experienced only a moderate bump in CPU usage. I tried it on a MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac 3.0, and PowerMac G5 with similar results for each machine. I know, I know I own too many Macs). Then there is the issue of how it would run on the iPhone. The iPhone’s processor is slower than a full… more...

Can the iPhone’s Momentum Be Stopped?

Posted November 13, 08 9:30 AM by Chris Seibold

imageApple Matter’s very own Chris Howard has an article up wondering if the iPhone’s momentum can be stopped (answer=yes but it won’t btw). Chris has a huge list of recent positive iPhone head lines and then gives specific examples of where the iPhone’s popularity is really helping to drive the iPhone ahead of the competition. As Chris aptly puts it:

Because in Q4, when folks are buying a new phone, they’ll feel the weight of that momentum pushing, pushing them to buy the most popular phone, the one that “everybody” has. And then they buy it, tell their friemds, get added to that quarter’s statistics, and the momentum builds more

The iPhone has, in a sense, created its own halo effect. The more it sells, the more it sells.

Read the whole article, it is worth your time.




iPhone+iPod buying guide from iLounge out

Posted November 6, 08 9:50 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Cult of iPhone 

Just noticed that the fifth installment of iLounge’s iPhone+iPod buying guide is out. These are usually well done and the price (free) can’t be beat. What does the buying guide cover? From iLounge:

Packed with the latest and greatest new products, the 150-page 2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide features more than a dozen new sections. Here’s what’s inside:

100 Best iPhone and iPod touch Apps and Games: With more than 5,500 applications currently available on the App Store, it’s hard to know which apps are right for you. We’ve done the leg work for you in our dedicated roundup of the 100 Best Apps and Games, which highlights the best apps we’ve seen for Apple’s new mobile platform, from racing games and RSS readers to puzzlers and photography apps. A listing of Ten App Developers to watch is inside, as well.
Top Accessories for iPod + iPhone: With ratings for well over 2,000 accessories inside, the Guide offers a model-by-model breakdown of the best accessories for each iPod and iPhone, including speakers, earphones, cases, and more.
Best of the Year and Readers’ Choice Awards: From thousands of recent releases, iLounge’s editors have selected the very cream of… more...


Posted October 6, 08 9:35 AM by Chris Seibold

In today’s contest for “Worst analysis in the world” we turn to a spec sheet battle by shinyshiny.tv

Here’s the contestants: The Nokia 5800, the iPhone and the G1. Where does the iPhone place in this contest? A close second? No, a disappointing third. Let’s run through why and why the analysis is horrible:

Round 1: Weight
Lighter is better. The F800 wins this because it is the lightest (109g).
Hey, great in theory, X number is better than Y number and all. But everyone who has every received a present knows that socks weigh less than a really great set of Legos so light weight is not indicative of quality. Plus socks don’t rattle. Anyway, the weight thing is completely ridiculous. What people are really looking for is “as long as it isn’t too heavy” kind of deal. No one wants to carry a slab of chengdeite around in their pocket but people also don’t want to carry something that feels cheap. The point is that there is some weird tipping point between lightness and perceived quality.

iPhone… more...

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