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Cupcakes and coasters

Posted September 30, 08 10:30 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Cult of iPhone Humor 

imageYou’re a hardcore iPhone person, eh? You feel naked when you leave the thing at home. You shed a little tear when the battery runs dry. You take your iPhone out and pretend to use it even when you don’t need to just so people know you own an iPhone. You people make me…

Never mind that. What you need is more iPhone in your life. Just the phone isn’t enough, you need to mix in some more stuff to let the world know that, were it possible, you’d marry your iPhone all over again. Step one: Get some iPhone cupcakes. They look delicious and very iPhoney. You can probably make your own but, even better, just make one big iPhone cake. mmmm, glossy black icing. For showing your iPhone devotion in a calorie neutral way try iPhone coasters. And for that old school feel, try a knitted iPhone.


10 Features the iPhone needs to beat Android..wait, what?

Posted September 25, 08 10:42 AM by Chris Seibold

imageTech Radar has a list up of features the iPhone needs to beat Android. We’ll skip over the fact that you can’t buy an Android based phone yet. We’ll also gloss over the fact that the thing is pretty ugly (and the iPhone doesn’t exactly look super cool) and that Adroid, so far, doesn’t support multi touch. Then you read the list and it isn’t comprised of any Android specific items rather it is a list of things they’d like to see on the iPhone. Catchy title anyway. Read the list: 10 features the iPhone needs to beat Android

Still, it is obvious Android is getting some traction as the anti-iPhone if nothing else. Which is good, there is room in consumers minds for two players in any market (that was the philosophy behind Apple’s famous Welcome IBM ad). If need a dose of Android sucks check out this Gizmodo post: How Many Google Phone Engineers Does It Take to Tell the Time?


Steven Levy loves the iPhone

Posted September 23, 08 9:05 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Apple Cult of iPhone reviews 

imageWhy muddle through an entire review wwhen you can get it all in one line?

The Bottom Line? Battery issues hinder an otherwise stellar mobile computer.

There ya go, now you know all you need to about Steven Levy’s feeling about the iPhone 3G. A more important question is why would you care what Steven Levy thinks about the iPhone? The answer: because Steven Levy writes books and anyone writes a book is some kind of super genius. Well, maybe that’s not true. But he is highly regarded in the tech world and more importantly Steven Levy is the guy who rediscovered Einstein’s brain. Bonus points: he didn’t try to use to create Einstein zombies or anything.

Read the whole review at Wired.


Alton Brown: iPhone user

Posted September 8, 08 7:42 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Cult of iPhone 

imageIf you’ve got an iPhone you’ve got a computer. How else could you suffer through those unbearable syncs and questionable iPhone updates?* Even though you’ve got a computer you might have wondered if your iPhone can take the place of a computer. If you’re the cooking geek du jour Alton Brown the answer is “Yes.” Turns out that Alton isn’t just an iPhone user (and presumably a big fan) he also eschewed a laptop computer completely and relied solely on his iPhone when shooting Feasting on Waves.

In a interview with Gizmodo Alton reveals that he went on that shoot sans laptop:

I did not even take a computer with me on that trip. I decided I just didn’t want to see a computer for a while. And at the time, I figured you know, computers, boats, water, scuba diving. I thought about taking the ToughBook along, and then I thought about taking the Asus because that’s a great little box. Then I thought, the hell with it. I took a few pads of paper, some pens and my… more...

Are iPhone users the whiniest customers alive?

Posted September 4, 08 10:10 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: AT&T Cult of iPhone 

Everyone knows iPhone users demand the best, hey they’re using an iPhone after all. But might they be the neediest users around? You surely remember when they howled about the iPhone price drop and now iPhone users are up in arms over the outage that left iPhone users without service in the Northeast recently.

According to Fortune the only people who really seemed miffed about the outage were iPhone users. From the article:

“But by all accounts, it was mostly iPhone users who complained — vociferously — in e-mail messages, in Twitter postings, on Apple and AT&T forums.”

via Fortune


iPhone beats up on Palm and Blackberry, takes lunch money

Posted September 1, 08 11:05 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: AT&T Cult of iPhone 

According to analyst Tavis McCourt who works for Morgan Keegan the iPhone is leaving other smartphones feeling unloved. In a note to investors McCourt maintains that not only is the iPhone the top seller in most AT&T stores the iPhone’s success is behind the recent price drop ($149 to $99) of the Blackberry Curve. The breakdown of sales, according to McCourt,  at AT&T is as follows:
BlackBerry Curve
Samsung Blackjack 2
Palm Centro (who knew?)
Blackberry Pearl

At Verizon stores the leader is the Blackberry Curve. But everyone buying one is secretly wishing they were getting an iPhone.
via CNN


iPhone Love Sonnet

Posted July 17, 08 3:20 PM by Don Palmigiano
Categories: Cult of iPhone 

imageShall I compare thee to iPhone 2G?
Thou art more lovely and less expensive.
Rough hands do make the darling smudges of day.
And Summer’s (local valley girl) lease hath all to short a date.
Sometimes too hot the eye of Apple shines.
And often is it’s gold complexion shunned.
And every share from share sometimes declines.
By chance or Mossberg’s changing course untrimmed.
But thy eternal Apple shall not fade.
Nor lose possession of that field thou owest.
Nor shall Bill brag thou wanderst in his shade.
When eternal lines for thee dost growest.
So long as men can need or eyes can see.
So long lives Steve and he gives life to thee.

I know, it is not true iambic pentameter. Leave me alone! {Goes and cries in the corner.}


iPhone Camping: Day 2

Posted July 10, 08 10:53 PM by Don Palmigiano
Categories: Cult of iPhone 

imageWell, hello guys. Still here at the Apple Store in Pasadena. It is great. Everyone in the line is really relaxed; no one has to ask to have his/her spot saved. Because of this I was able to download firmware 2.0 and test out a few applications. Here are the apps I recommend: AIM, eBay Mobile, Jott, Loopt, Pandora, Paypal, Apple iTunes Remote, Twitterific, and Urban Spoon. My overall favorite: Urban Spoon because of it’s creativity and usefulness.

Apps/App Store aside, I have a slight case of sunburn and a severe case of bored. The batteries on my tools (Macbook and iPhone) kept dying throughout the day. Luckily I was able to find a place for them to rest and recharge inside the Apple store.

With about 9 hours and 45 minutes left until launch the line is getting anxious. Come and stop by or line up. I’m so excited! wink

While I was writing this, CBS 2 caught me on camera.


It’s Official: I Have Lined Up!

Posted July 9, 08 9:08 PM by Don Palmigiano
Categories: Cult of iPhone 

I am starting a new tradition: being 1st in line at my local Apple store for every major product release. Last year I spent about 100 hours in line for the first generation iPhone. At about 36 hours, this year, I have officially started the line at my local store. Crazy right? The 3G madness has commenced!

If you would like to say hello, come down and visit the Pasadena Apple Store. You are also welcome to come and line up next to me, the line is lonely.

This post should merit a variety of responses, so feel free to voice off in the comments.

Written on my iPhone. wink


9:42! Still? What’s The Deal?

Posted April 10, 08 6:10 PM by Don Palmigiano

imageCrazy iPhone fanatics, such as myself, have watched many iPhone commercials before the phone’s release. Ask any of us what time it was on the iPhone (in the commercial), and you will likely merit a swift accurate and response. 9:42 of course! This has been consistent in almost every commercial I have watched. (9:41 has also appeared)

In the newer commercials such as “bet,” this has stayed the same. Frankly, it is kind of scary. When I saw “bet,” the first thing I noticed was the time. I was amazed it had still remained the same for many months. It reminded me of many theories I had heard about the clock.

“What time was displayed?” Ha! That question has a simple answer, but to answer “Why?” requires greater skill. The iPhone was introduced at 9:42 during the Macworld Keynote of 2007. I wonder if the “9:42” developed from this critical introduction, or if it was predestined. Chicken or egg? Many have also suggested that 9:42 refers to a Bible quote, specifically this one. Maybe, the phone just looks nicer with 9:42 displayed. It is possible that Apple kept the… more...

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