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Next iPhone To Come June According To AT&T Exec, Much Faster Data Speeds

Posted March 26, 09 11:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: AT&T Competition Rumor 

imageAn accidental slip from an AT&T executive has signaled that the next generation iPhone will come this June starting a trend of a summer release cycle for the handset.

According to Boy Genius, mid-June will mark the release of the second generation iPhone. Expected in the next release is a faster network connection enabling 3G speeds of 7.2Mbps and 802.11N Wi-Fi networking and a pattern of summer releases for the iPhone. Releasing a new revision once a year could give Apple an edge in the smartphone market but may fall out as manufacturers update their products more frequently.

Via: AppleInsider


New Problem To The App Store: Copycat Apps

Posted March 26, 09 5:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageThere seems to be a new problem within the App Store that has developers up in arms. Copycat apps are ripping off functionality and passing Apple’s approval.

Developers are horrified at the prospect of others knocking off their work and selling it for much cheaper or giving it away for no cost. It’s not hard to view the contents of iPhone App file and strip sounds and images to reuse in the knockoff App. Apple seems to be furthering the problem by approving these Apps and not checking if other Apps already available duplicate the functionality an App in submission. Arstechnica summarizes the problem:

The problem isn’t just that these copycats are similar in concept or execution, but that they directly copy artwork, product descriptions, icons, and names, though sometimes the name or artwork is slightly modified. It’s relatively trivial to get inside a .ipa bundle and copy the artwork, as in the case of Touch Scan Pro, a nearly identical copy of Touch Scan.

Via: ZDNet


iPhone App Defeats Piracy By Locking Itself, Allows Gracious Trial Period

Posted March 10, 09 3:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi

imageOne of the pivotal features of the App Store and SDK for iPhone developers was the inclusion of Apple’s Fairplay DRM wrapper which would have prevented App piracy. Unfortunately, crackers found a way around it and allowed Apps to be pirated just like any other kind of Software. The developer behind Full Screen Browser, an App that sticks to its name, isn’t taking piracy lying down.

Developer Ben Chatelain has implemented a phone home component in his App that checks whether or not the user is running a legitimately paid version of his work by reporting the UUID number to his server. Users will have a 10 day grace period before Full Screen Browser will refuse to launch but not before showing a popup convincing pirates to pay for it out of guilt and having enough time to demo the App. While some users will object to having an App phone home, it will be interesting to see if more developers utilize this as another means to protect their work.

Via: iPhones Talk


Palm Backs Down On Investor’s Crazy Prediction, Reassures Us The Future Is Still Rational

Posted March 10, 09 11:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageAfter U2 ditched Apple to buddy up with RIM, you’d think the crazy sponsorship and marketing promotions would’ve stopped. For us, it just began as Roger McNamee informed us of an apocalyptic scenario for the iPhone following its two year anniversary as everyone would jump ship to hop aboard Palm’s and ride the waves, Pre in hand. Following such lunacy, Palm issued a back track on McNamee’s statements and reassured us that not everyone and their mother would ditch their iPhone just for a Palm Pre come June 29 of this year.

McNamee, an investor for Elevation Partners, a huge backer of Palm and responsible for financing the development of the Pre got overly excited about the Palm Pre on live TV. Like anyone overly enthusiastic about a product, McNamee got carried away and his verbal victim, the iPhone, bore his oddly predicted doomsday scenario. His reasoning behind the massive switch of iPhone users to the Palm Pre? Well, not only is the Pre godly awesome but many first generation iPhone users’ contracts will expire that day which is justification enough to immediately dump AT&T in… more...

4 G Motorola concept phone revealed

Posted February 24, 09 10:58 AM by Chris Seibold

You know what would make the iPhone even better? If it were perfectly round. Actually, that’s not even remotely true, browsing the net and so forth is much better on a squarish device since the net is designed for computer screens. But just because the general take is that squarish shape is the most logical option for a cell phone screen doesn’t mean everyone thinks that is the current design of phones is the ultimate in phone design.

Take this perfectly round, touch screen capable phone concept phone from Motorola.

Gah! Okay, so Motorola is calling this a digital butler and stressing the social networking bits of the device. But it has a built in accelerometer, 4 G connectivity, a built in projector and (I’ll guess) an App Store so the company can call it a digital butler but most everyone else will just call it ugly.


iPhone stifling innovation by being innovative

Posted February 19, 09 12:00 PM by Chris Seibold

imageJohn Gruber has a nice piece up on the recently concluded Mobile World Conference. John grabs some of the best quotes emanating from various CEO’s pie holes and susses out the deeper meaning. And that meaning is: Crap the iPhone is killing us. Well that’s what I got out of it, John’s conclusion differed, he thinks what the CEOs were trying to say was:

We’d all have more choices if we’d all just choose Windows Mobile.

Either way it is rich stuff.


Nokia launches Ovi to compete with App Store

Posted February 16, 09 11:01 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Applications Competition 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Apple is going to get flattered at a record pace in the coming months. Today’s bit of corporate flattery comes from Nokia who is launching an App/Media store for Nokia users called Ovi. From reports there doesn’t seem to be anything special about the Ovi store.

Nokia isn’t the the only company planning to ape the App Store. Similar stores are in the works for Blackberry, LG Electronics, and France Telecom Orange. The allure of controlling the distribution channel is obvious, not only has Apple shown the model can be successful the market for such offerings is predicted to hit $67 billion in sales this year.

via San Francisco Business Times


PC World does the predictable iPhone versus Pre Smackdown

Posted January 15, 09 12:44 PM by Chris Seibold

imageThe Palm Pre is getting a lot of hype. Not as much hype as the original iPhone or the iPhone 3G but more hype than just about anything other smartphone. Just like the original iPhone the hype is a little unjustified, no one knows much about the Pre except what they could glean from a few demos at CES. That won’t stop the speculation because like the iPhone the Pre has a aluable name behind it. Palm is teetering on the edge of insovency but people still remember the glory days when Palm was cranking out PDAs that people couldn’t get enough of. If Palm can recapture that early magic then the Pre can be something special.

So how does the Pre stack up in the pre release smackdown? Avi Greengart who used the Pe for an hour had this to say:

It builds on Palm’s heritage of building the best personal information management devices. And they’re extending this beyond a single data store, to all the places [on the Web] where you have information, like LinkedIn or seven different e-mail accounts.

Sounds like a winner. PC World also covers the more perfunctory spec… more...

Oh no It’s the oPhone

Posted December 12, 08 10:19 AM by Chris Seibold

Everyone wants in on the iPhone action. Better than catching the iPhone in America would be beating the iPhone to market in China. that is just what Lenovo seems to be trying to do with the yet to be released oPhone. You can see the pic by following the link to Macaround.com. If you don’t like following links the oPhone looks slickish, a little like a squarer iPhone.

The cell phone market is huge in China so developing a phone specifically for/with China Mobile makes a lot of sense. When will Apple get the iPhone to China officially?


iPhone Definitely Coming to Wal-Mart. Price Uncertain

Posted December 9, 08 8:44 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Competition 

imageEveryone seems to be in agreement that the iPhone is coming to WalMart even though neither WalMart or Apple will go the record. There is some disagreement about how much the iPhone will set you back at the commonly loathed retailer. Some are saying that there will be a 4GB model for a mere $99. Other call this shinola and say it will be a price break of a few bucks at most (think iPods at WalMart).

Eh, whatever. The least expensive part of the iPhone is the upfront cost and even though no one opted for the 4 GB iPhone when it came out doesn’t mean Apple and WalMart shouldn’t make on available. The low price gets them in and then the go for an 8 or 16 GB model. You are, of course, familiar with this tactic because you’ve seen those ads where car dealerships advertise a super stripped down model for a ridiculously low price while counting on consumers to actually want more when they show up on the lot.

The bigger deal… more...

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