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What the Sales of the G1 and Blackberry Storm should tell you

Posted November 28, 08 10:03 AM by Chris Seibold

Apple has moved 12 million + iPhones since the introduction of the do everything device. That is a fantastic number, there is no doubt that the iPhone is a runaway hit. But there are other over performing phones out there, other phones that have the ‘real” internet that have exceeded sales expectations.

The most recent one is the Storm. RIM has been making great stuff fro a long time but the storm, despite some reviews, is selling much better than anyone imagined. First there were the lines. If you got to a Verizon store a little late on the release date they would tell you to order it on the net and you’d have it in six or seven days. If you waited a day the website changed from six or seven days to an estimated ship date of 12/15. Obviously RIM was unprepared for the demand.

But RIM and Apple aren’t the only game in town. Turns out that HTC and Google have an entry in this horse race: The G1 available only from T-Mobile.

So you’ve got the carriers covered. If you’re an AT&T type person you’ve got the iPhone. If you use Verizon you get a Storm.… more...

Should RIM kick some dough back to Apple?

Posted November 26, 08 8:41 AM by Chris Seibold

imageHadley Stern is miffed. He’s taking a look at what Apple has done in the past and with the iPhone and seen the copycats. What, exactly, is a Blackberry Storm if not a direct rip off of the iPhone? And you know RIM won’t give Apple a kiss after that screwjob so why not some cash?

Hadley’s not exactly that upfront about it but that is the take away message. All the companies coming out with touchscreen phones are really coming out with iPhone knockoffs and that doesn’t seem fair to the company who went through all the hard work of getting everything right in the first place. Read the entire article Should Other Companies Pay Apple at our sister site Apple Matters.


Is the Storm an iPhone killer? Can you tell from a video?

Posted November 19, 08 8:24 AM by Chris Seibold

I’ll admit it, I’m an iPhone addict. I’m more likely to walk out of the house without my keys than the iPhone so I’m not an objective judge of what makes an legit iPhone killer. There are a lot subtle things that are great on the iPhone that you can’t grasp from looking at a spec sheet or spending three minutes with one.

Side note: This is true of most things. While everyone is happy to throw up a review of an app after using it for 5 seconds to really get a feel for things you have to use it for some time. That’s why iPhonematters all star reviewer Jovan Washington demands to use an app for at least a week before reviewing it.

Back to the topic. The greatness of the iPhone is in the stuff not on the spec sheet but could the Storm be just as great. As mentioned earlier you can have my iPhone when you pry it from my cold, dead hands (in truth you’ll probably have to cut off my fingers) but you’re an intelligent person capable of making your own choice. So you tell me, is the Storm an iPhone killer?… more...

Blood on the touchscreen? Company wide?

Posted November 7, 08 10:47 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: AT&T Competition 

imageMacDailyNews loves (or loved) to post titles like “Blood on the Clickwheel, Sony to stop making the Hello Kitty MP3 Player” The idea was that every time someone came out with an iPod killer that failed to gain traction (which is every iPod killer but the iPhone) there was bit of corporate blood on the clickwheel once the iPod had (predictably) killed the competition. It was funny ha, ha for several reasons. First when the iPod killers came out they’d always come out with a lot of hubris and computer pundits everywhere would wonder if the iPod killer had finally shown up. When the products were finally withdrawn the reminder for MAcDailynews were half celebration, half I told you so.

The iPhone might be getting a little bit of corporate blood on the touchscrfeen right now. Sprint lost 1.1 million subscribers in the last quarter while AT&T raked in new subscribers. Of course the whole loss can’t be attributed to the iPhone, subscriber losses started in the spring of 2007 before the iPhone came out but while more...

Ditch the iPhone for a Blackberry Bold?

Posted November 6, 08 8:50 AM by Chris Seibold

imageThe Blackberry Bold is finally here. And in the US you can only get it at AT&T. The specs match up with the iPhone fairly well with the notable exception of the price: The Bold will set you back an extra benjamin with a coupon. Without the coupon (onine only) the bold retails for $399. Memo to RIM, the new price to match is $199 expensive phones are too 2007ish.

Great, with that out of the way it is time to take a look at what other folks are saying about the long awaited Blackberry. First stop: 13 Good Reasons to Dump Your iPhone for BlackBerry Bold Read the whole thing for all thirteen points but here is the conclusion:

Sorry Mr. Jobs, please don’t revoke my Mac Club Card, but the iPod touch with a mediocre phone = an iPhone that just isn’t eve close to the functionality of the Blackberry Bold. If you want a business communications handset with excellent multimedia internet capability, GPS, WiFi and a 2MP video camera, get a BlackBerry Bold.

Interesting. There is no one… more...

Analyst battle on! Apple to cut iPhone production 40%

Posted November 5, 08 10:11 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Competition Rumor 

imageSometimes you have to wonder if analysts are using completely different sets of data or if there is some back room cabal to make sure every possible position is taken by someone. You’ll recall that JPRG research predicted that Apple would sell 8 million iPhones this quarter. That is a mighty rosy outlook.

Not so fast says Craig Berger of FBR:

“That the firm’s iPhone production plans are being revised lower suggests that the global macroecomomic weakness is impacting even high-end consumers, those that are more likely to buy Apple’s expensive gadgets, and that no market segment will be spared in this global downturn.”

After a quick tag in the corner Maynard UM of UBS steps through the rope and delivers and delivers the thumb to the eye of iPhone production by saying:

“recent data points may suggest unit volumes weaker than our current estimate.”

Wait until tomorrow and someone will come out with a prediction that everyone in the world… more...

AT&T says the iPhone Rocks the BB Storm

Posted September 26, 08 10:15 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Apple AT&T Competition Verizon 

imageYou remember the Blackberry Storm right? Verizon’s answer to the iPhone. Coming this fall. Fisrt touch screen Blackberry. For all the blah, blah, blah on the storm check out the video in this post. The Storm seems pretty cool to those stuck on Verizon but AT&T doesn’t sell it so the company has come up with a flier explaining why the iPhone is better (see the flier at BoyBeniusReport).
What are some of the advantages of the iPhone over the Storm (update: THe Storm actually has these things but looking at the flier you’d never know)?
No multitouch!
No 3G!
No Wi-Fi!
Good lord, is the storm a phone or a brick painted to look shiny? Geeze what a piece. You know what else the Storm doesn’t have? GPS. That’s right, you get lost in a canyon and you won’t know where you are with a Storm. You’ll wander for days and finally starve to death. Can you believe it, Verizon is selling a phone that could kill you!

Well, it isn’t that serious. The Storm actually… more...

OS X Mobile Versus Android, Closed -v-Open. Who wins?

Posted September 26, 08 9:07 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Apple Competition Google 

imageWhen people argue iPhone against the G1 they argue about closed platform versus open platform. Apple’s missteps with the App store have been well documented but does that mean that a closed platform is necessarily worse than an open platform? Farhad Manjoo argues that open is not necessarily better than closed. From the article:

Well, maybe he has—and maybe he’s betting that these days, “openness” is overrated. For one thing, an open platform is much more technically complex than a closed one.

Read the entire article (worth your time) at Slate.


10 Features the iPhone needs to beat Android..wait, what?

Posted September 25, 08 10:42 AM by Chris Seibold

imageTech Radar has a list up of features the iPhone needs to beat Android. We’ll skip over the fact that you can’t buy an Android based phone yet. We’ll also gloss over the fact that the thing is pretty ugly (and the iPhone doesn’t exactly look super cool) and that Adroid, so far, doesn’t support multi touch. Then you read the list and it isn’t comprised of any Android specific items rather it is a list of things they’d like to see on the iPhone. Catchy title anyway. Read the list: 10 features the iPhone needs to beat Android

Still, it is obvious Android is getting some traction as the anti-iPhone if nothing else. Which is good, there is room in consumers minds for two players in any market (that was the philosophy behind Apple’s famous Welcome IBM ad). If need a dose of Android sucks check out this Gizmodo post: How Many Google Phone Engineers Does It Take to Tell the Time?


Google or Apple, who’s got the better mobile SDK?

Posted September 25, 08 9:24 AM by Chris Seibold

imageWhile there is a lot of hubbub about Apple banning apps from the App store and developers refusing to develop for the platform those high profile things don’t really have the effect on the development community the SDK (Software Development Kit) does. Developers like the easier or more familiar development kit to minimize relearning. So who is winning the war of SDK that goes on mostly behind the scenes? InfoWorld tries to answer that question. If you read the article you have to feel kind of sorry for Microsoft, the choice is presented as either A or B with option C (Windows mobile) completely excluded.


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