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Google Tools for iPhone

Posted May 31, 07 2:00 PM by Aaron Wright
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imageAnd yet another one to add to the rumour mill, how many is that now?

According to Techwhack, Apple and Google are working together to provide pre-loaded Google tools on the iPhone. The source for this rumour is, once again, AT&T as their main guy, Glenn Lurie, has suggested that some Google products will be arriving on the iPhone when it’s launched later next month. He also stated that the touch screen is “like nothing you’ve ever used” with a browsing environment that is “incredible”.

It’ll be interesting to see which Google tools make it onto the iPhone, but apart from Google Maps I’m going for Blogger, YouTube and Translate. What ‘tools’ do the readers of iPhone Matters think Google could provide for the iPhone next month? If you need a bit of help, check out Google’s product page.


iPhone To Pack More Heat Than Just Google Maps

Posted May 29, 07 6:00 AM by Gregory Ng

image”... There are other things—you have the widgets, some of the Google applications that are coming—there are just so many things here that the price will not be an issue.”

So said Glenn Lurie, AT&T’s iPhone dude, in an interview with the Seattle Times. As speculated by Engadget, the fact that Lurie mentioned “applications” plural could mean that the iPhone will be packing way more than just Google Maps.

So what could this mean for the iPhone? Does Google apps mean GMail or Google Talk? Or maybe it is more than just typical Google apps that we already know about. Is it possible that Google is coming out with something completely new just for the iPhone?


Google Phone: It Ain’t No iPhone Killer

Posted March 20, 07 6:05 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Announcements Google 

imageRecent reports have Google confirming they DO have a phone in the works. But contrary to original speculation, their phone will not compete with Apple’s iPhone. The Google phone will apparently be a low-cost phone, manufactured by a major phone provider (Samsung?) and is thought to cost under $150.

Although, the price points may not be the same, any phone from a company like Google is sure to compete with the “must-have” status that Apple’s iPhone carries. According to Tech Boggle, this low-cost phone has “the goal to bring Google to people who lacked a computer, which in the end is really just an attempt by Google to actually tap into the people without internet, which would raise their already high 60% search engine market share.”

[Via Tech Boggle]


Google Phone Confirmed

Posted March 16, 07 6:08 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Google Rumor 

Isabel Aguilera, Google’s chief executive in Spain and Portugal, has confirmed that Google does in fact have the rumored Google Phone in the works. What hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, is basically everything about the phone: Is it made by Samsung? Are those pics real? Will it have “I’m feeling lucky” contact list features?

So now we know Google is in the game. But will they bring a stud or a bust to the field? When was the last time you heard of Google bring a anything but a homerun?

{Via engadget]


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