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White iPhones Becoming Discolored Due To Faulty Battery?

Posted July 1, 09 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Hardware Recall 

imageUsers are reporting that their white iPhones are becoming discolored in the back changing the white plastic to a pinkish hue.

The reason for this pinkish hue appearing only on white iPhones seems to be a faulty battery giving off an excess amount of heat. However, some speculate that it may be due to processor intensive tasks causing the CPU and/or GPS chipset to overheat. The later seems more probable as Apple had to down clock the iPhone 3GS’ CPU. However, Aaron Vronko of Rapid Repair (who have disassembled the iPhone 3GS) has his own theory on the problem.

“My guess is there’s going to be a whole lot of batteries affected because these are from very large production runs. If you have a problem in the design of a series of batteries, it’s probably going to be spread to tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, and maybe more.”

If your white iPhone 3GS becomes discolored, let us know in the comments!

Via: iPhone World


Apple Adopting USB Standard For European iPhones

Posted July 1, 09 8:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imagePhone manufacturers across the world use different charger connections and are so diluted that even the same size tip won’t charge every phone there is. That’s why the European Union is proposing a standard for all manufacturers to use: Micro-USB.

Interestingly enough, Apple was one of the top 10 Smartphone manufacturers to back the new universal standard which would obsolete almost every made for iPhone accessory that utilizes the widely adopted 30-pin USB adapter. While the EU calls for a USB based charging standard for all phones, Apple will still have to physically changes to iPhones it sells in Europe over phones sold in other countries. While Apple is no stranger to forcing users to upgrade their accessories when a newer model iPod or iPhone is made available, it is unknown just when the Cupertino based company will bring Micro-USB to the iPhone.

The chargers will be usable only for data-enabled phones, which have more capability than just standard calls and SMS texts. Data-enabled phones are expected to account for almost half of all new mobile handset purchases in 2010.

The Commission hopes that as people discard their old handsets, within three… more...

iPhone 3GS Already Dismantled, Dissected And Put On Display

Posted June 19, 09 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Hardware Pictures 

imageToday Apple launched the iPhone 3GS to much fanfare and already the device has been taken apart to reveal its hardware specs.

Rapid Repair managed to be amongst the first to purchase an iPhone 3GS thanks to a midnight release by Orange in France. Their tear down has revealed much about the iPhone 3GS with more information coming. The gallery and of course instructions are available at Rapid Repair.

Via: Gizmodo


iPhone To Receive More Powerful ARM CPU in 2010?

Posted June 18, 09 3:59 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Business Development Hardware 

imageTomorrow Apple is set to officially introduce the iPhone 3GS with an improved 600 MHz ARM CPU but there already talks that a much more powerful will be arriving. However, it won’t arrive for some time.

James Bruce, ARM’s wireless segment manager has confirmed that the company’s follow up to the Cortex A8 (aptly called the A9) will be making waves in major smartphones next year. The obvious speculation is that Apple will incorporate the dual core A9 into it’s next generation iPhone. It wouldn’t be surprising as Apple is keen on accelerating the iPhone’s underlying hardware. More on the CPU:

“What we’ve done on the A9 is actually make it more power efficient than the A8. The dual-core A9 will be coming out on 45-nanometer rather than the (current) 65-nanometer process,” Bruce said. Generally, the smaller the geometries, the faster and more power-efficient the processor is.
Bruce continued. “With the dual-core running at maximum load there’s probably going to be an increase of about 10 to 20 percent in power consumption but in general day to day use you’re actually going to see better battery life.”

Via: Macrumorsmore...

T-Mobile Netherlands Reveals iPhone 3GS Specs, Geeks Excited

Posted June 11, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Design Hardware 

imageWhile Apple is keeping quiet on what’s powering the iPhones 3GS to prevent confusion amongst the tech inclined, T-Mobile in the Netherlands has outed the phone’s specs.

Apple itself has said they don’t want consumers thinking of the iPhone as a computer despite the many similarities between the two such as having a capable CPU, adequate memory, storage and an operating system meant for a computer. Instead, Apple is choosing to describe the iPhone 3GS as “...it’s just faster, better, quicker, snappier, and a great experience.” and pass off benchmarks for tasks you’d normally do on your iPhone such as open an attachment in mail or render a Web page. For the geeks amongst us, you’ll be delighted to know that the iPhone 3GS should live up to it’s claim of being “twice as fast” thanks to a 600 MHz ARM Cortex processor, 256MB of RAM (up from 128MB) and a powerVR sGX gPU.

Via: Macworld


Rumor Roundup: New iPhones Ranging in 4-32GB, Video Chat Included?

Posted June 1, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Hardware News Rumor 

imageAs we near WWDC, the supposed specs of the next generation iPhone are slowly leaking out to the Blog-o-sphere and the newest round of updates have us in heavy anticipation.

According to a leaked Fido roadmap, the 4GB iPhone will be making a comeback at the price point everyone has been waiting eagerly; $99. In addition to an expansion of the iPhone family in to the sub $100 price range, a 32GB model will be sold alongside its 8 and 16GB counterparts. However, the most notable bit of information is the addition of video conferencing capabilities. According to a source close to Engadget, the PCS Type Review Certification Board has approved Apple’s lineup of new iPhones which pack video chat capabilities.

Via: Macrumors


This Is What The Next Generation iPhone Could Look Like

Posted May 28, 09 7:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Concept Hardware Rumor 

After Ontrade, a Chinese wholesaler leaked parts for the next generation iPhone, a forum goer on Macrumors has rendered what the new device could look like.

It’s interesting to see the speakerphone moved up to the top and could hint at a possible addition between it and the screen such as a web cam.


Via: Macrumors


Parts For The Next Generation iPhone Leaked By Chinese Wholesaler

Posted May 28, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Business Design Hardware Cases 

imageRecently, Chinese Ontrade a Chinese hardware wholesaler, leaked parts of the next generation iPhone for purchase. The parts in question hint at what kind of changes we could see in the next generation model’s underlying hardware.

First, a new bezel would bring the speakerphone to the very top cutting in to the tapered edge between the headphone jack and the lock button. Ontrade also claims to have the next generation iPhone’s screen for sale which sadly, is not an OLED display that is now starting to pop up in smartphones and notably, the Zune HD.



Jobs Listing Furthers Hints At Future iPhone Specs

Posted May 21, 09 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Development Hardware 

imageApple is looking to hire new Hardware developers for its iPhone team and according to a new job listing,the company may have given more clues about the future architecture of future generation iPhones.

Apple is looking for a developer well experienced with the ARM line of micro processors, specifically someone knowledgeable about NEON, the successor to the ARMv6 processor used in the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The successful candidate will have excellent understanding and knowledge of processor architecture, specifically ARM and its vector unit NEON. Additional Intel SSE or PowerPC AltiVec is also very helpful. Being able to use processor micro-architecture to write and deliver fast routines is an essential attribute.

In addition, Apple is looking for someone who could potentially develop better video processing for the iPhone:

Experience developing embedded image and video processing solutions. Experience developing embedded image and video analysis solutions. Experience working on real-time media and networking applications (WiFi and cellular networks).

Via: The iPhone Blog


Digital Compass Supplier For iPhone Found?

Posted May 20, 09 5:11 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Development Hardware SDK 

imageSpecs have been piling in on what the next generation iPhone will pack, one of them being a digital compass that will of course give you the exact direction you were facing when taking a picture or which way to walk in Google Maps. While it’s all up in the air at this point, Asahi Kasei may be the confirmed magnetometer supplier for the iPhone.

The hint was found in some header files for the newest Firmware 3.0 Beta. Apple Insider has more on the chip:

More specifically, the files identify Asahi Kasei’s azimuth sensor No. AK8973, a 16-pin leadless IC package measuring 4mm square and 0.7mm thick, as the chip that will help future iPhone users determine their direction. It bundles a master clock oscillator.

While we’ll have to wait for the official spec unveiling once Apple introduces the next generation iPhone, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this make it’s way in to the final hardware build. It’s expected APple will unveil the next generation iPhone during it’s annual World Wide Developers Conference just as it did last year with the iPhone 3G.

Via: Macrumors


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