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8 Reasons to go with the Storm, 8 reasons to go with the iPhone

Posted November 17, 08 9:02 AM by Chris Seibold

imageIn case you haven’t heard (and you might not of, this is a new Blackberry not a new iPhone) the Blackberry Storm is coming out this week on November 21st. You’re going to be hearing a lot about the new Storm and how it compares to the iPhone. There will be useful lists which discuss each and every little difference in the spec sheets that will try and make it seem as though people are choosing between the iPhone and Bold as though they were trying to pick stocks. This stock has a trailing PE ration of…..

Don’t believe it for a second. The differences between an iPhone and a Bold, for the vast majority of consumers, comes down to the network. Or more precisely, the decision comes down to “I am friggin stuck at Verizon, what phone do they have that is most like the iPhone?” I come to this conclusion by a simple study: On the refrigerator there is a bit of direct mail announcing the Bold and the get in on date. I’ve got an iPhone so I don’t need the reminder. The wife is tied to Verizon but really wants… more...

Google Mobile App are you here yet?

Posted November 17, 08 8:05 AM by Chris Seibold

imageIs the Google Mobile app available yet? If not, why not? (as of 10:08 Sunday night it wasn’t). Well, Google Mobile App was available but it was the same old lame Google Mobile App as before. The one you want is:

Sadly that app isn’t available yet. Too bad because that is a completely killer app. If Apple has a lick of sense it will get that one out as soon as possible and whip up some commercials showing it off. Sure, Urban Spoon is mildly diverting (Me hungry, me can no pick food!) but it is more gimmicky than truly useful.

Which app do you think worries RIM and Verizon more?



Blackberry Storm looking to swamp iPhone

Posted October 8, 08 9:13 AM by Chris Seibold

imageIt’s official, the Blackberry Storm is coming to Verizon and it has been publicly confirmed by RIM. That isn’t a surprise, Verizon has undoubtably been chafing at all the iPhone defections and was likely to give RIM anything the company wanted to make a legit challenger to the iPhone. Still in the dark are prices and availability. Keep this stuff coming out in a steady trickle and maybe you can people excited enough to line up outside a Verizon store.

Is there any reason for Apple to be worried? The most obvious one is that the Storm will be available on Verizon and many people prefer Verizon to AT&T. I’m aware of at least one company that limits cell carriers to Verizon or Sprint if the employees want to be reimbursed for their wireless bills. But the Storm has more going for it than just Verizon. In response to the feel of the virtual iPhone keyboard the Storm’s keyboard will actually depress slightly when users mash it. This behavior, accompanied with an audible click, will supposedly make typing more reliable. The idea is intriguing but if the Storm is using a resistive touchscreen… more...

iPhone, Verizon BFF 2009?

Posted September 29, 08 9:02 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Rumor Verizon 

imageQuick, what is the worst thing about the iPhone? No physical keyboard? An accelerometer that only works 75% of the time? THE FACT THAT IT IS TIED TO AT&T? Yeah, we’ll go with the last one. Everyone knows that Apple signed some kind of exclusivity deal with AT&T but know one outside of Apple and AT&T really know how long that period actually lasts. 9to5mac has assembled various to think that sometime in 2009 Apple will punt the whole AT&T only deal and go with more than one carrier. That is something Apple would like to do. Check out the full article at 9to5Mac.


AT&T says the iPhone Rocks the BB Storm

Posted September 26, 08 10:15 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Apple AT&T Competition Verizon 

imageYou remember the Blackberry Storm right? Verizon’s answer to the iPhone. Coming this fall. Fisrt touch screen Blackberry. For all the blah, blah, blah on the storm check out the video in this post. The Storm seems pretty cool to those stuck on Verizon but AT&T doesn’t sell it so the company has come up with a flier explaining why the iPhone is better (see the flier at BoyBeniusReport).
What are some of the advantages of the iPhone over the Storm (update: THe Storm actually has these things but looking at the flier you’d never know)?
No multitouch!
No 3G!
No Wi-Fi!
Good lord, is the storm a phone or a brick painted to look shiny? Geeze what a piece. You know what else the Storm doesn’t have? GPS. That’s right, you get lost in a canyon and you won’t know where you are with a Storm. You’ll wander for days and finally starve to death. Can you believe it, Verizon is selling a phone that could kill you!

Well, it isn’t that serious. The Storm actually… more...

Blackberry Storm, first touchscreen Blackberry makes some noise

Posted September 16, 08 10:32 AM by Chris Seibold

imageIt must be iPhone killer day here on iPhonematters because it isn’t just HTC making some noise, it is also the Blackberry Storm. The Storm will be the first touchscreen Blackberry and looks a lot like the iPhone. Bonus points? You can only get it from Verizon.

Okay, so far we have:
Looks like an iPhone
Tied to a single carrier like an iPhone
Visual voicemail like an iPhone
Button free like an iPhone…
So it is pretty clearly an iPhone rip off. Which is fine, imitation sincerest form of flattery, competition is good etc.. The really cool thing is that we can calculate how long it takes to make a full fledged iPhone killer. First we’ll need to decide when Verizon and RIM decided they really wanted a complete iPhone killer. Forward thinking companies would have soiled themselves at MacWorld 07 but Verizon didn’t want anything to do with the iPhone back then. So a logical time seems to be June 2007 when people were canceling their Verizon contracts to hope on the iPhone bandwagon. Using that as the start date gives us a lead time of… more...

Verizon Now Canceling iPhone Contracts, Still Hates AT&T

Posted November 19, 07 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

After turning down the iPhone, Verizon has been confident in their abilites to combat AT&T but they have recently extended their campaign of global domination, err, continuing to be America’s leading wireless service.

AT&T, can you hear me now? Good!

Blogged On My iPhone

First post of my challenge, wasn’t too bad, just a small post and according to my Spell Checker only Verizon is spelled wrong.



Why I Can’t Wait to Ditch Verizon

Posted June 22, 07 12:05 PM by Jason Swifter
Categories: Opinions Verizon 

I’ve been a Verizon wireless customer since 1997. Yep, 10 years. And now I’m about to say good riddance. Bitter? You bet. Why? Well, here are my reasons why I can’t wait to switch away from Verizon:

1) Fees, fees, fees. You start off with a 24.99 plan that ends up costing 60 bucks somehow. Its always been like this and I’m sick of it.
2) No innovation: Verizon has these horrible locked-down interface on their phone. Sure, you get a Razr…but you get one with a craptacular Verizon interface.
3) More device selection. Of course this doesn’t matter now with the iPhone but Verizon has always lagged behind in device selection.
4) Sticking it to the arrogance of Verizon for passing up on the iPhone.
5) Getting back at them for not letting me upgrade a phone 1 month before my 2 years even though I was having problem with my phone, and had been a customer for 8, yes 8 years.

Sure, I know AT&T will probably be a pain from a plan standpoint. And yes I know that all the cell carriers in the US are money-hungry monopolies who couldn’t care less about… more...

Verizon’s Answer to the iPhone: Flexibility and Choice

Posted June 6, 07 1:00 PM by Gregory Ng

imageJim Cramer of the popular “Mad Money” TV show thinks Ivan Seidenberg, the CEO of Verizon shpould get mad props. In his show, according to his website, TheStreet.com, Cramer said, “Seidenberg should take Verizon even higher and deserves the benefit of the doubt.”

But when Cramer then asked Seidenberg about how the iPhone would impact Verizon, thats when the real propping came out. In this case, it was Seidenberg propping up Verizon’s flexibility, advanced network, and breadth of choices as reasons why Verizon can counter AT&T and Apple’s iPhone.

The iPhone is going to create a lot of buzz and add “sizzle” to the industry, Seidenberg said. He believes that people will go to Apple and AT&T stores and then compare the product with what Verizon has to offer.

Although I believe that Verizon does indeed have a more dvanced network and greater flexibility, there is no way in hell people will take the time to compare options between Verizon and AT&T. Why? Well, mostly because those who are interetsed in the iPhone are caring more about the “sizzle” than anything else. And right now, if… more...

Verizon Counters the iPhone with the LG Prada

Posted May 25, 07 4:00 AM by Gregory Ng

imageVerizon always said they would respond to AT&T and their iPhone. But I think most people (me included) figured that would mean some “wickedly uncool” Motorola phone or a novelty Chocolate phone or something. Never in a million years did I expect Verizon would sell the fabulous LG Prada: perhaps the closest thing to an iPhone in the world.

According to TheStreet.com, Verizon’s answer to the iPhone is the LG Prada phone retailing for $600, one honey more than the iPhone. In my opinion this is the smart thing for Verizon to do. The Prada phone is already out in the market and has gained a lot of exposure for its luxury brand name and iPhone like features.

Maybe Verizon Wireless will retain some customers after all.

[Via Network World]


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