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iPhone Hiding a Few Things?

Posted May 31, 07 8:00 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: News OSX Mobile Rumor 

imageAs the release of the iPhone draws ever nearer, the rumour mill really begins to kick into serious over-drive and it’s further churned today with an article from Information Week.

The rumours will come as a great sigh of relief to many, especially if they come true, because a replaceable battery, higher storage capacity and 802.11/n Wi-Fi will all hopefully be included in the final model released next month. If these rumours were to come to light I dare say they are developments that have occurred since the announcement of the iPhone, because lack of storage (or at least expandability), and especially no news of a removable battery were mentioned at the keynote back at January’s Macworld.

It’s also been noted that the iPhone, which runs a full-mobile version of OS X, will include iLife and iWork, plus iTunes support similar to AppleTV which will allow users to stream content from their home computers to the phone.

Personally? This has fed the butterflies in my stomach a little more knowing that Apple isn’t going to prevent us from replacing batteries in the future should they become tired - although having said that,… more...

Removable iPhone Battery Makes More Sense for Apple Than User

Posted May 30, 07 11:00 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: News Rumor Specs 

image From the beginning, out of all the negative features of the reported iPhone was the anticipated inability for a user to swap out the battery. We have been conditioned to simply accept Apple’s “Product Life Expectancy” argument and just deal with the idea that when the battery dies, it’s time for a new one. And much like we have been trained to do with the ipod, should something go wrong prematurely with the battery, it would mean a send back to the factory or the Apple store for a replacement.

Now we have the rumor that the iPhone will in fact have a removable battery. Reported by Ars Technica citing from the VIM3 weblog, the “battery would be user-replaceable after all by means of the lower speaker area sliding down and revealing the battery.”

If true, this would be a huge barrier of the iPhone’s success dropped to it’s knees. But Apple wouldn’t just do it because people ask for it. This move would make more sense for Apple. Allowing for user-replaceable batteries means more troubleshooting through less expensive channels like online user forums and discussion groups.… more...

iPhone 2 Under Development?

Posted May 30, 07 8:00 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: Hardware News Rumor 

According to a variety of reports, the iPhone 2 is currently under development and due for release some time in 2008 - add this to the rumour pile for a while, please.

Apparently, the iPhone 2 is going to sport a different design which will hopefully appeal to a wider edge of the market. This also goes hand in hand with reports suggesting it’s the iPhone 2 that will have 3G-standard technology installed and not the current iPhone, due for release in just under/over a month in the U.S.

Rumour or not, this is surely the inevitable. If Apple wants to take itself seriously, and for others to take it seriously, its going to need to release a variety of phones over the next 5 years, all with different designs and all with something a little unique about them in terms of software. You don’t see Nokia releasing one phone a year, do you?


Confirmed: iPhone to Support Flash

Posted May 30, 07 5:00 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: News Scoop Specs 

Although many people (myself included) had assumed the iPhone would be Flash compatible, you can’t really take anything for granted anymore.

According to this Craigslist posting, the iPhone will indeed support Flash. Please note: This is Flash Memory not Macromedia Flash.

The job, listed as “iPhone Flash File System Engineer” and the location listed as “Cupertino” was posted yesterday afternoon and also includes a link to the Jobs.Apple.com site and associated job posting.

The responsibilities for the job are listed as follows:

* Work with a highly skilled engineering team in the design and implementation of kernel technologies
* Drive product features and functional/industry specifications
* Development of device drivers for Flash and associated file systems
* Work with cross-functional teams to support product requirements for iPhone

There is no indication how many of these positions are open but it does point specifically to Flash file drivers. Is it just me or does seem a little late to be developing Flash drivers for the iPhone? Could it be that this won’t be available at launch?

[Via Craigslist and Apple.com]


AT&T’s Unity Plan Provides Free iPhone to iPhone Calls

Posted May 30, 07 4:00 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: News 

image AT&T has announced a new calling plan called the Unity plan just in time for the iPhone. With this new plan, any AT&T customer including iPhone users can talk for free with any other AT&T or Cingular user. As reported byWebMobileNews:

Fellow AT&T representative Michael Coe explained, however, that the timing of the Unity plan was established with the iPhone in mind and should become an option close to the phone’s late June launch

Given the fact that AT&T has exclusivity to sell the iPhone means signing up for the Unity plan from AT&T guarantees free calls to any iPhone in the country.


Church Stands Up Against iPhone and CIngular

Posted May 29, 07 2:00 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: News 

Here’s a neat little story. You may be the ultimate fanboy and call Steve Jobs, “God”, but the people at the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Los Angeles think differently.

Cingular Wireless offered the church $1 Million over 20 years to hide a cellular telephone antenna in the belfry of St. Peter’s Church but the church ended negotiations.

Directors of the San Pedro church have decided to end negotiations with Cingular because of community protests, even though a bell tower antenna wasn’t considered harmful, the Rev. Sarah K. Belknap said.
“Our priority is to serve the larger community,” Belknap said. “We don’t want anything to stand in the way of that.”

So take that Cingular! People should be turning their iPhones off at church anyway.

[Via Daily Report]


Is The IPhone Already A Success Story?

Posted May 29, 07 12:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: News Opinions 

imageYou know when a device that isn’t even out yet, garners as much attention as the iPhone and is raved about intensively (guilty as charged) you know something is up. But it’s not the iPhone itself that caused all this. No, it’s the brickwork Apple laid out starting in 2004 building up what would become a major brand that could bolster anything connected to it all the way to massive publicity.

Building Off The IPod
For as long as I Blog At iPhone Matters I will always mention the iPod. It may make a cameo every now and then or just gobble up a whole a post (on iPhone Matters nonetheless) because last time I checked the iPhone had iPod, no scratch that, is an iPod. However the iPhone owes a lot to it’s “i” brother. Once the iPod really started taking off Apple determined they could integrate this with many of their products to make millions off the integration. The iPhone was no exception, notice how Apple labeled the music and video interface tab iPod and not iTunes as it did with the SLVR and ROKR. It was also what the… more...

AT&T Justifies High Price of iPhone

Posted May 29, 07 8:00 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: AT&T News Interviews 

imageBrier Dudley, writer for the Seattle Times, recently conducted an interview with AT&T Mobility president of national distribution, Glenn Lurie, regarding the iPhone.

Lurie has had the chance to play with the iPhone for a little longer than most review-writers out there and his impressions on the device are excellent, although I doubt he could turn around and say the device was a pile of trash what with the marriage AT&T and Apple hold.

Lurie mentions,

The anticipation that we’re seeing, the buzz we’re seeing, at least for me, has far exceeded our expectations of how important this would be to the business and us.

and also goes on to justify the high price point for the iPhone. He is basically saying what Steve Jobs said at the very beginning; when you combine a $200 iPod Nano, a $200 SmartPhone and a free-to-$50 mobile phone, you get the 4GB iPhone and at a reasonable price.

[Via MacRumors]


iPhone To Pack More Heat Than Just Google Maps

Posted May 29, 07 6:00 AM by Gregory Ng

image”... There are other things—you have the widgets, some of the Google applications that are coming—there are just so many things here that the price will not be an issue.”

So said Glenn Lurie, AT&T’s iPhone dude, in an interview with the Seattle Times. As speculated by Engadget, the fact that Lurie mentioned “applications” plural could mean that the iPhone will be packing way more than just Google Maps.

So what could this mean for the iPhone? Does Google apps mean GMail or Google Talk? Or maybe it is more than just typical Google apps that we already know about. Is it possible that Google is coming out with something completely new just for the iPhone?


When it Comes to the iPhone Release Date, I Put My Money on June 12

Posted May 29, 07 4:00 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: News 

imageThe release date for the iPhone has been jumping all over the month of June for the last few weeks. But for some reason, when it comes to believing “trusted sources”, I believe the Boy Genius Report. And why shouldn’t I? The site seems to consistently find inside knowledge to share with the world and the June 12th date does correspond very nicely with the WWDC.

Here’s what the Boy Genius said:

A couple sources of ours have seen AT&T posters saying “June 11th”, but Apple usually launches products on a Tuesday. Apple’s WWDC is on Monday, the 11th of June. Can we put 2 + 2 together?

Which date would you put your money on?

[Via The Boy Genius Report]


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