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“iPhone” searched more than “iPod”

Posted January 24, 07 10:00 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: News 

imageThe term, “iPhone” was searched more times than “iPod” in search engines the week after MacWorld (January 13) according to Hitwise.

In fact the term, “iPhone” made up 0.16 percent of internet searches versus 0.12 for “iPod.” Which brings me to the following two conclusions:

A) If the owners of www.iphone.com didn’t have Google Adsense last week, they do now.

B) A lot of people want to know about the iPhone or one person sat by his computer and googled “iPhone” a billion times

[Via Ars Technica]


iPhone Puts RIMM on Hold

Posted January 24, 07 8:00 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Business News Marketing 

imageSo picture yourself as someone with a lot to gain by the success of the Blackberry Pearl, the first phone by Research in Motion aimed at the consumer market. Got a good picture? Are you all giddy inside? Or maybe you took the missus out for a steak dinner to celebrate? Of course you did because the Blackberry Pearl is gorgeous, functional, reasonably priced, and functions within the existing workplace culture.

But Needham’s John Lynch and Charlie Wolf said yesterday that Apple’s iPhone may put a little drizzle in RIM’s parade. They dropped RIM’s rating from Buy to Hold. Before you start freaking out, realize that this does not mean impending doom for RIMM nor does it mean phenomenal success for Apple. It is simply a thought that the iPhone may affect the huge projected success of RIM.

[Via Seeking Alpha]


Apples Hopes For A Single European iPhone Company

Posted January 23, 07 9:00 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Business News Scoop 

imageApple is hoping to do in Europe what they are doing here in the states as they look for a single phone provider to cover all of their European markets. The top contenders are Orange, T-Mobile, and Vodaphone.
[Via vnunet]


iPhone Will Grow Touchscreen Trend

Posted January 21, 07 5:31 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: Hardware News Opinions 

imageAccording to a report by Strategy Anayltics via Macworld UK, the introduction of the fancy touchscreen on the iPhone using the Apple patented ‘multitouch’ technology will kick start a trend on future phones released by companies such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson, as it’s predicted around 115 million phones world wide will be released with touch screens in the next two years.

The report suggests that touchscreen manufacturers such as Synaptics, ALPS, Cypress, Quantum Research and Immersion will see their business grow considerably as companies such as Motorola jump in to get the technology on their phones.

“The introduction of the iPhone leads us to strengthen our existing view that the market for touchscreen phones is set to take off very soon,” said Stuart Robinson, director of the Handset Component Technologies service at Strategy Analytics.

Of course, whilst we sit here and bask in the glory of the iPhone and its lovely touchscreen, LG have recently released their own Prada Touchscreen phone which looks uncannily similar to the iPhone.

[Via Macworld UK]


David Pogue Says iPhone Won’t Support Java But May Have Flash

Posted January 20, 07 6:54 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: News Scoop 

David Pogue, the “Mack” in the Mac world from the New York Times Technology pages has published in his blog at the Times some transcripts from John Markoff’s interview with Steve Jobs at Macworld. In it he clarifies what Steve said about the support of java and flash with the iPhone. The most notable, is Steve’s quick negative response about java support. He also leaves the door open for flash support.

When asked about YouTube compatibility and Flash, Steve responded with “Yeah, YouTube - of course. But you don’t need to have Flash to show YouTube. All you need to do is deal with YouTube. And plus, we could get’em to up their video resolution at the same time, by using h.264 instead of the old codec.”

Seems like Steve might be thinking he can just throw his weight around to get Google/You Tube to switch their resolution. Is it me or is Steve getting a little cocky?


iPhone Prices Will Go Down

Posted January 20, 07 11:58 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: News Opinions 

An article published on Central Florida News predicts that iPhone prices “may” come down - although I dare say this is stating the obvious and that iPhone prices will come down, as with any product. To cooincide with this, another article found on MobileMag.com says that the iPhone is cheaper to build than most of us think - their source of information coming from Market Researcher iSuppli. According to MobileMag.com, the 4GB and 8GB phones cost Apple roughly $245 and $280 respectively, thus giving Apple around 50% gross margin, enough for an agressive price war.

Of course, isn’t this all just a little too “well duh”? When the original iPod came out people all over the world were saying how expensive and over-priced it was, but that price came down and look how popular the iPod is now. Actually, it’s not just an Apple trend, anyone who has ever followed a product they’re after closely will find that the price of it starts off at what seems to be a “ridiculous” price but eventually comes down to something a little more affordable.

Do we wait out for the price drop… more...

Steve Ballmer says “iPhone Most Expensive On the Market”

Posted January 20, 07 5:00 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: News Microsoft 

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, thinks that the iPhone is “by far the most expensive phone in the marketplace.” Whilst it is true that the iPhone is expensive, it’s by no means the most expensive on the market. The 8GB iPhone comes it at $599, converted to pound sterling (for this humble English writer), that’s about £300, which I agree is expensive but considering the Sony Ericsson K800i with its 3.2MP camera debuted at around the £300 mark, I don’t think it’s too steep a price. Of course, I haven’t taken into consideration “rip off Britain”, but that’s neither here nor there.

Steve Ballmer also goes on to mention how the iPhone is “not suitable for business purposes due to its complete lack of a keyboard”, and half-hearted attempt at Push e-mail. As Engadget state, the lack of the aforementioned and 3G services probably tell us that Jobs wasn’t aiming this device at business folk. With Steve mentioning more phones will be arriving next year, I dare say they will design and develop models… more...

Live in Vermont? No iPhone for You!

Posted January 18, 07 11:14 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: News 

imageBoy, it sucks to be you if you are eyeing an iPhone and you live in Vermont.  Because Apple has an exclusive contract with Cingular, you Vermontanarians (a word I made up just now for people who live in Vermont), won’t be able to buy the iPhone. Why? Because Cingular does not offer service there.

According to the Boston Globe, “The iPhone service won’t be available in all or large portions of Alaska, Colorado, the Dakotas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, upstate New York, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming, among other places.” So basically parts of 18 out of 50 states in the USA will not be iPhone ready. That 1% marketshare that Steve Jobs was seeking seems tougher and tougher by the day.

Update: I was kindly corrected that people from Vermont are called “Vermonters” Thanks Chris. Although I still think Vermontanarians sounds more badass.


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