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What is the Biggest thing missing from the iPhone

Posted January 23, 07 12:40 PM by Hadley Stern
Categories: Opinions Poll 

Thanks everyone for participating in our first poll on why you won’t be getting an iPhone.

A ton has been written on what people believe is missing on the iPhone. Check out Jason D. O’Gradys thoughts, Michael Gartenbergs observations and some interesting thoughts re: the developer community on numenorean.net.

But forget about all those bloggers and experts! What do you think? Let us know in our newest poll, What is the Biggest thiing missing from the iPhone. Oh, and if we don’t have your biggest thing in the poll let us know in the comments!


10 Reasons Why Pre-Announcing the iPhone was Brilliant

Posted January 23, 07 12:00 PM by Aaron Wright
Categories: Opinions Humor 

imageJason D. O’ Grady, a writer on the Apple Blog over at ZDNet.com gives us his reasons why he thinks announcing the iPhone 6 months early was an act of brilliance on Steve Jobs part. This will go down well with those of you who read my article yesterday regarding Computerworld.com suggesting that Steve Jobs ‘blew’ the Macworld 2007 keynote when he mentioned the iPhone 6 months early.

Some of the suggestions are a little silly and it’s fair to say you should take this all light-heartedly, but this is a must read for any new iPhone fan-boys and girls out there.

O’ Grady compares the anticipation of the waiting for the iPhone to the Heinz ketchup commercials from the 70’s and suggests that contract renewels will drop significantly - although I don’t know how this is an act of brilliance on Apples part as it doesn’t really do anything for them. Some of the more light hearted suggestions include persuading your boss or significant other that buying… more...

Is the iPhone a Defensive Product?

Posted January 22, 07 1:00 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Business Opinions Marketing Music 

imageAn interesting article from Bloomberg News via STLtoday. In it, the writer Matthew Lynn offers up 3 reasons why “Apple is unlikely to make much of an impact on [the mobile] market.”

He cites, that Apple is late to the party, and that they need cooperation from more providers. But the most interesting point he makes is the notion that Apple released the iPhone as a defensive product. One in which they are trying to maintain their hold on the iPod market and may be threatened by the increase music capabilities with today’s phones.

This is the first time, I have heard of this argument and I am intrigued. I am not fully convinced that people want to combine phone functionality with their music. Email? Sure. Instant messaging? Of course. But music and video may be a different story.

Here are 3 clues that lead me to believe Apple isn’t releasing the iPhone as a defensive product:
1. Only 8GB capacity - Are you serious? I haven’t had… more...

Users Will Splash Out on iPhone

Posted January 22, 07 11:45 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: Business Opinions Marketing 

That’s according to a poll run over at Silicon.com which asked its users whether or not they would be planning to buy an iPhone. Whilst 60% of readers shared no interest in purchasing the phone, 35% did with the remainder still not really sure what an iPhone is or what it does.

One thing Silicon.com aren’t mentioning is how many users voted - it would be no good if only 100 people voted and only 35 of them were interested in buying the phone as it doesn’t say a lot for Apple’s market share. Anyway, at least it’s good to see the enthusiasm there.

Actually, speaking of market share, Tim Ferguson, who wrote the article, says that it would be interesting if Apple did actually conquer 35% market share as it would literally be Apple competing head on with the likes of Nokia - his writing on this is a little misleading. Just because 35% of users voted toward buying the iPhone, doesn’t mean that Apple will gain 35% market share. 1% market share in the mobile phone industry is roughly 10 million units of a given device by one company. Apple would have to… more...

Computerworld on “How Steve Jobs Blew His iPhone Keynote”

Posted January 22, 07 5:22 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: Business Opinions 

imageIn a well written and in depth article published on Computerworld.com, Steve Jobs apparently “blew” his iPhone keynote. According to the article published last week, Steve Jobs mentioned the iPhone too soon, giving the competition enough time to make adjustments to their devices and possibly get them out before Apple.

The article also goes on to mention that telling the public and Wall Street that 10 million units was their sales target by 2008 is an “unreachable goal”, considering Blackberry only sold 5.5 million units last year and that was via a variety of carriers, including a number of Blackberry models, not just one model in Apple’s case.

With a lack of 3G technology, video calling and recording, no Word or Excel support, no chance of using the phone as a laptop modem and, of course, no removable battery and limited storage and expandability, it’s being classed as a bit of a let down before it’s even been released.

My only defence for the the above paragraph is that I think that while this device does cost quite a bit of money, it’s not being aimed at… more...

iPhone Will Grow Touchscreen Trend

Posted January 21, 07 5:31 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: Hardware News Opinions 

imageAccording to a report by Strategy Anayltics via Macworld UK, the introduction of the fancy touchscreen on the iPhone using the Apple patented ‘multitouch’ technology will kick start a trend on future phones released by companies such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson, as it’s predicted around 115 million phones world wide will be released with touch screens in the next two years.

The report suggests that touchscreen manufacturers such as Synaptics, ALPS, Cypress, Quantum Research and Immersion will see their business grow considerably as companies such as Motorola jump in to get the technology on their phones.

“The introduction of the iPhone leads us to strengthen our existing view that the market for touchscreen phones is set to take off very soon,” said Stuart Robinson, director of the Handset Component Technologies service at Strategy Analytics.

Of course, whilst we sit here and bask in the glory of the iPhone and its lovely touchscreen, LG have recently released their own Prada Touchscreen phone which looks uncannily similar to the iPhone.

[Via Macworld UK]


iPhone Prices Will Go Down

Posted January 20, 07 11:58 AM by Aaron Wright
Categories: News Opinions 

An article published on Central Florida News predicts that iPhone prices “may” come down - although I dare say this is stating the obvious and that iPhone prices will come down, as with any product. To cooincide with this, another article found on MobileMag.com says that the iPhone is cheaper to build than most of us think - their source of information coming from Market Researcher iSuppli. According to MobileMag.com, the 4GB and 8GB phones cost Apple roughly $245 and $280 respectively, thus giving Apple around 50% gross margin, enough for an agressive price war.

Of course, isn’t this all just a little too “well duh”? When the original iPod came out people all over the world were saying how expensive and over-priced it was, but that price came down and look how popular the iPod is now. Actually, it’s not just an Apple trend, anyone who has ever followed a product they’re after closely will find that the price of it starts off at what seems to be a “ridiculous” price but eventually comes down to something a little more affordable.

Do we wait out for the price drop… more...

Why won’t you be getting an iPhone

Posted January 20, 07 6:54 AM by Hadley Stern
Categories: Opinions 

Some people just don’t get Apple. Others have legitimate reasons for not getting an iPhone, like the fact that they get no Cingular reception at their house. What are your reasons for not even thinking of getting an iPhone? Enter it in the poll below and discuss in the forums.




Ten Myths of the Apple iPhone

Posted January 19, 07 9:21 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Opinions 

imageIn my opinion, the most comprehensive explanation of what exactly the iPhone will be up against when it hits the market. This article opens, “With only a brief preview of its new iPhone, Apple has yanked the rug from under the rest of the industry. The talking heads desperately need to something to say. Here’s what they’ll all be saying, and why they’ll be wrong.”

Sure, some people might knock the lack of EVDO. Or they may worry about the “iPhone” name. Heck, the “they” I refer to may even be you. You may be naysaying the iPhone all the way to June. But if you are like me, you might change your mind. Here’s a sample:

Myth Two: The iPhone is priced too high. It needs a 2 GB version for $299 lacking phone features.
It is true that the iPhone isn’t cheap, but it’s also not expensive when compared to similar phones, which… aren’t yet available. Like myth number one, this idea rests on the assumption that prices are infinitely scalable along a… more...

The iPhone is Too Expensive? I Say it’s A Matter of Perspective

Posted January 18, 07 9:55 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Opinions 

imageThis just in! “Analyst: iPhone too expensive, won’t top Razr

Isn’t that convenient? Let’s compare a category defining product with a top of the line “Phone”. I distinctly remember, when the iPod first launched, people were complaining that iPods were too expensive. People were saying $500 was way too much to pay for a portable music device. When you take the $500 price tag of the iPhone and think of it as an iPod with the addition of phone, internet, camera, and mail functionality it doesn’t seem so bad anymore right? What do you think?


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