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Apple’s Share of the Global Smartphone Marketplace Soaring

Posted August 20, 09 6:59 AM by Meiera Stern
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Smartphones appear to be recession proof thus far, as the figures for Q209 just published by research firm Canalys indicate. A whopping 38.1 million phones were shipped around the world, which is 4.5 million more than Q208. And the good news for Apple is sweet and crunchy indeed. Though Finnish company Nokkia still has the greatest market share with 16.9 million handsets shipped in the second quarter, Apple has the greatest growth within the sector. Having sold 5.2 million iPhones in the quarter, Apple now has a 13.7 percent market share, and has an incredible 626 percent year-on-year growth rate. With growth like this no wonder the demand outstrips the supply in parts of the world. more...

Next Gen iPhone Could Bring HD Capabilities, AppleTV Like Features

Posted April 22, 09 12:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Analysis Rumor 

imageAccording to recent rumors, Apple may be bringing a High Definition display to its next generation iPhone.

The rumor speculates that Apple will, in addition to adding a High Definition LCD to the iPhone, will also bring AppleTV like functionality with a new output cable that could support Component and/or HDMI inputs. The origin of the rumor, Phonenews.com believes that Apple’s recent clearance of the current iPhone Component and Composite output cables further strengthen its stance that a new output cable will make an appearance which in turn would support the new HD output on Apple’s next generation iPhone.

Via: Macrumors


Possible Exploit Found In iPhone Safari, Not Yet Serious

Posted April 21, 09 8:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageCharlie Miller, known for his continued research on iPhone vulnerabilities may have found an exploit in Safari that could run low level code in the OS.

Miller first gained notoriety for discovering the first iPhone exploit and another vulnerability in Safari during the Pwn2Own contest in which security researchers and hackers alike attempt to break in to various OS’s running on different platforms. The exploit enables the iPhone to run shell code and if this information were to gain traction, iPhone users could have their device broken in to and have their personal information readily available to an unknown third party. However, there has been no news on any iPhone suffering an attack from this exploit.

Via: Arstechnica


Push Notification Will Cost iPhone Developers

Posted April 14, 09 3:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Analysis 

image While Apple has been touting its Push Notification service for the iPhone as a way to emulate background tasks without significant battery drain, developers may not jump on the bandwagon so easily as the costs to set up a Push Notification server prove to be too much for small time Software writers.

Erica Sadun of TUAW fame has published an interesting article that takes a look at the costs and extra energy needed to support Push Notifcation for iPhone Apps. Erica argues that small time developers and those that make their Apps available for free won’t be able to afford the server costs to scale Push Notification to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of users. As more and more people download Push enabled Apps, more servers have to be added to a developers arsenal to support the multiple connections coming in. The costs associated with it could be higher than the profit made from their Apps and in effect ruin small developers and cause them to disable Push Notification in their Apps.



Apple Store Ditching Archaic Payment Service Systems

Posted April 13, 09 8:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageIf you’ve ever ventured in to the Apple store, surely you’ve seen at least once, the frustration employees endure when ordering up a customer with their handheld scanners. However, this could soon change.

The handsets used to swipe credit cards and take orders by roaming employees manning the floor run the aging Windows CE and after endless crashes delaying a rather simple checkout process, Apple may be looking toward its own iPhone to take up the job. According to Apple Insider, Apple could work with a third party to create a credit card reader that connects to the iPhone’s Dock Connector and use existing point of sales Apps to speed up the checkout process. This would finally bring a major component of the Apple’s Store checkout system up to date and promote one of the company’s products at the same time.

Via: The iPhone Blog


Apple Eating Up Flash Memory For Next Generation iPhone

Posted April 11, 09 11:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Analysis Competition Rumor 

imageAccording to the rumor mill, Apple has ordered 100 million 8 GB Flash modules for use in its next generation iPhone.

The 100 million pieces of 8 GB Flash modules would then be further combined, likely in increments of 8, 16 and 32 GB sizes. There has been little world on the other applications Apple would could use with this much memory besides creating an iPod Touch with memory sizes larger than 32 GBs.

Via: The iPhone Blog


Gadget Of The Year Award Goes To The iPhone Engadget Readers Claim

Posted March 31, 09 3:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Analysis Competition 

imageEngadget recently wrapped up their gadget awards for 2008 and the iPhone is a clear cut winner amongst the Blog’s readers as well as staff.

Engadget holds a yearly poll amongst its readers and staff where the best gadgets of that year are nominated and the worst gadgets ranked in the mix. Apple products took a massive foothold in Engadget’s awards with the Apple, with for iMac, unibody MacBook, 24″ LED Cinema Display, the iPod touch winning alongside the iPhone.

Via: The iPhone Blog


50% Of Mobile Traffic In The Us Comes From The iPhone

Posted March 30, 09 6:30 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Analysis Cult of iPhone 

imageOne of the much touted features of the iPhone is its web browsing capabilities and streamlined interface which has made it a hit. Thanks to this, wireless subscribers are browsing more than ever and the iPhone is proof of that.

Admob’s latest report on mobile web traffic shows that the iPhone has taken a dominant position amongst other smartphones. Apple’s device has beat out the likes of Nokia, Microsoft and Symbian to claim 50% of all US mobile traffic.

Via: Bulksia


iPhone Survives Pwn2Own Unscathed, So Did Everyone Else

Posted March 27, 09 5:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Analysis Hacks Problems 

imagePwn2Own, a competition between hackers to find exploits in various operating systems and platforms has claimed some victims but the iPhone has survived every round unscathed.

Hackers were unable to crack in to the iPhone alongside a handful of other devices but ironically, the Mac was hacked within minutes thanks to an exploit within Safari. Applying the attack to the iPhone proved to be more difficult due to the device’s limited resources. Terri Forslof of 3Com Inc.‘s security response team had this to say about mobile exploits:

“With the mobile devices so limited on memory and processing power, a lot of [researchers’] main exploit techniques are not able to work,”



So what Happened when WalMart started selling the iPod?

Posted December 18, 08 8:16 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Analysis Retail Wal Mart 

imageYou know, with all the requisite surety the internet can provide, that WalMart is going to start selling the iPhone. What remains unknown is if AT&T is behind the move, if the move will hurt the perception of the iPhone’s exclusivity or if anyone will actually care.

Well, that people care is a known, it’s news after all. The other questions are known unknowns. Of course there are also unknown unknowns but since we don’t know what those are we can skip them. What we need are some known knowns, those are much easier to work with. If only there was case where Apple started selling some high profile product at WalMart. That would be awesome because you could compare what happened when WalMart began selling some high profile Apple.

So what high profile, consumer electronic like product did Apple start selling at WalMart after initial success without WalMart? Well, it isn’t going to be the AppleTV, that’s for sure. How about the iPod. The picture is… more...

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