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MobiFindr Helps You Find Your Lost iPhone

Posted June 30, 08 12:00 PM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Third-party add-ons 

Have you ever been worried about accidentally misplacing your iPhone out in that big world out there, and not having any clue where to find it?

I am pretty strict on myself about knowing the location of my iPhone, but if it so happens that I loose my phone, I’d like to thank MobiFindr for their service.

Navizon brings us lots of goodies and this one lets you get clues from your iPhone just by texting your phone from another phone.

When you send a special text combination to your iPhone via SMS message, the app finds the location of the device using the AGPS and texts the location back to you.



Software Developers May Target Safari

Posted June 23, 08 2:00 PM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Third-party add-ons 

Now that the iPhone is a little more friendly and opening its arms to software developers everywhere, it comes as no surprise that the iPhone’s browser, Safari, is a target.

Out of the handful of applications I’ve seen that I will definitely enjoy, none of them challenge the already existing applications that the iPhone has always had… none that I am aware of anyway.

The first software category in which developers are likely to make a move: Web browsers. Firms like Mozilla and Opera aim to sink their hooks in any and all popular platforms, not forgetting about the iPhone, I am sure.

Third-party browsers could bring a wealth of feature distinction to the iPhone. Mozilla’s recently debuted Firefox 3.0 differs significantly in form and function from Apple’s Safari for Mac OS X and Windows.

FireFox for iPhone would be huge as many people use and love the browser more so than any browser out there.

I think now that Jobs has yet to give us Flash, many people will flock to someone who puts a browser out there that also incorporates flash.

We’ve… more...

International Calling Simply by Using Your iPhone Minutes

Posted June 20, 08 10:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Third-party add-ons 

This could be useful. And there is a world of possibilities for the iPhone now. Take a look at iCall, an App that claims that if you are in a WiFi area will transfer over the calls automatically so you won’t have to use any minutes.

Meet RF.com. Internet telephony provider rf.com is readying an iPhone-specific PBX service. The service would allow users to make international and web-based calls using their normal iPhone minutes.

The client will operate its own PBX, which will allow it to connect to a web client. Once online, the software can finish routing its call using Voice Over Internet Protocol and connect to an iPhone handset.

This is a neat idea. Although I have no reason (right now) to call oversees, this would be quite useful.

Via: Tuaw


Blog It Severice Hits the iPhone

Posted June 12, 08 2:00 PM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Third-party add-ons 

This morning Six Apart has unveiled its newest iPhone creation, a very nicely designed looking port of Blog It. The simple tool lets you write and cross blog entry or status update to several services at once. The company is hoping people will use it as a home base to manage all their updates.

It looks pretty awesome and I am excited many of these companies are creating handy apps for the iPhone. However, I think the App Store will start being filled with unnecessary apps like that of Facebook. I digress.

Take a look at the video to see the app in action.



SugarSync For Your iPhone

Posted June 11, 08 2:00 PM by Jovan Washington

I have been using a great program for quite some time called SugarSync. SugarSync allows you to sync and backup your files and media across all of your computers, the web and mobile phone. Best of all, SugarSync takes care of everything automatically in the background so you never have to make backups or email files to yourself.

A small client is required on your Windows PC or Mac. The application client runs in the background to monitor and synchronizes a copy on a secure central server. Files can then be available and accessible via web browser directed to http://sugarsync.com/or from a mobile phone browser at http://m.sugarsync.com/.

Following that link on the iPhone will tell you why it is such a great web app to use for your iPhone. The staff over at Sharcast want to make it clear that the same features for your desktop or laptop PC or Mac are also available on your mobile. However, for use iPhone users, the syncing from the iPhone is not yet there, however, when you log on using your iPhone, you will be able… more...

Record With Your iPhone

Posted April 8, 08 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington

If I were still in college, I would be one of the coolest kids using my iPhone to record lectures. I would proudly place in on the desk and press record….but how?

That’s what iPhone Recorder offers, together with the ability to directly record audio to ringtones without any computer necessary!

Dynamic volume adjustment, channel and bitrate control, and a choice of mp3, mp4 and aac file formats round out a decent range of options; you can also directly attach them to an email from the app itself.

Right now (AppStore coming soon!) iPhone Recorder requires a Jailbroken handset, and if that so happens to be the case, you’ll have to pay $30.00 which is kind of pricey if you ask me.

It is great to see some recording capabilities open up though. Go ahead and get yourself a copy, and tell me how you like it.


Google Opens Up for iPhone SDK

Posted March 21, 08 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington

In a smart move, Google has opened up it’s APIs to iPhone SDK. What does that mean?

In a Google blog posts:

“Perhaps you want your iPhone software to send photos to a Picasa Web Albums account, or keep a journal of phone calls automatically in Blogger. Maybe your iPhone application accesses a database of information from a Google Spreadsheet or from Google Base. With the Google Data APIs Objective-C Client Library, creating software for these tasks is straightforward.” “If you are writing iPhone software, just drag the “GData Sources” group folder from the GData project file into your iPhone project, and use the GData APIs as you would when writing a Mac application. ”

Take a look.


Adobe May Have Spoken Too Soon

Posted March 20, 08 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Apple Third-party add-ons SDK 

While recent news reports generated anticipation that Apple’s iPhone SDK would at last allow for a native version of Flash, Adobe has since said that a solution won’t be as simple as they thought.

“A fully functional version that ran within a web browser would require far more integration than the SDK allows.” “Adobe has evaluated the iPhone SDK and can now start to develop a way to bring Flash Player to the iPhone,” the statement reads. “However, to bring the full capabilities of Flash to the iPhone web-browsing experience we do need to work with Apple beyond and above what is available through the SDK and the current license around it. We think Flash availability on the iPhone benefits Apple and Adobe’s millions of joint customers, so we want to work with Apple to bring these capabilities to the device.”

The SDK currently restricts any third-party software from running in the background or launching any sort of code of its own, both of which pose some problems for an embedded program such as Flash, in addition to other programs like AIM.

Flash is highly anticipated for many users and I am sure either Adobe or… more...

You Don’t Have To Wait Until June for Exchange…

Posted March 19, 08 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Third-party add-ons 

So it is not built in and the beauty and simplicity from Apple that we are all use to, but if you just can’t wait to get your hands on Exchange, try this out.

iAnywhere acts as a middle-man between Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domnio servers, providing IMAP and SMTP accessible Exchange/Domino services to the iPhone while requiring no changes to the actual mail servers.

This allows companies to maintain security by keeping IMAP closed, but offer access through the iPhone’s native Mail client rather than a Web-based interface.

iAnywhere also offers features such as restricting attachments, preventing user access and removing email data from a remote device.

iAnywhere is expected to be released within the next two weeks and you can check out a video here.


iPhone SDK screenshots

Posted March 7, 08 10:00 PM by Cedric Bosch
Categories: Apple Third-party add-ons 

I’m not much of a software developer, but I decided to download the iPhone SDK and play around with it anyway. I started the download this morning and I’m still waiting for it to finish- the file is no smaller than 2.1 gigabytes! My impatience finally took over and I desperately searched for a glimpse of what was to come. If you’re in a similar conundrum, or if you’d just like a peek at what developers will be using to create your favorite iPhone applications in the future, head over to TUAW for a myriad of screenshots from the iPhone Software Developer Kit.

Link: TUAW


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