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Apple Rumored to Release Updated Web SDK

Posted October 3, 07 12:42 PM by Tony Davis

The folks over at Ars Technica are reporting that internal Apple sources are saying they will soon launch an updated Safari SDK which will give developers a few more options in creating “officially” sanctioned iPhone apps. Apparently, the new features include the ability to use local storage and possibly the ability to create web applications icons on the home screen. This means that developers will still have to use the Web SDK as part of Safari to develop iPhone applications, but these applications could then be stored on the iPhone and accessed rapidly via an application icon. While this is a logical step forward to improve the end user experience, it still dramatically limits the types of applications that can be developed for the iPhone.

See original article here


iPhone Update 1.1.1 not Completely Bad

Posted October 1, 07 11:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Apple Problems Safari 

If you overlook the chaos the newsest iPhone firmware has caused, you might feel a little better to know that you have a more secure device. I consider myself an optimist. Even though I was not apart of the many that were experiencing difficulties with this update, I can understand the frustration. There is always a bright side though!

The newsest firmware—yeah, did bring troubles, but with troubles comes a better look at other things. The WiFi store is cool, louder volume, convient iPod features, international keyboard, etc. What you might not have known are the 10 patches that fix some of those iPhone flaws you might have noticed. Of course, if your iPhone is now an iBrick, don’t worry because there will be a solution in the near future as this has happened to a lot of people.

CNET has released and decribed the 10 patches in a great detail, seven of which are related to Safari. Check them out. Some people don’t care much about the “behind the scenes” software updates, but mostly the new features that are added. So take a look if you haven’t seen… more...

Blogging On The iPhone

Posted September 3, 07 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Safari Tutorials 

imageTyping on the iPhone takes a while to practice and forever to master but Bloggging is slightly different. The basis is the same in that you need to type your posts but things get a little complicated now and then. Here are some tips to better improve your Blogging.

Get A Good RSS Reader

Finding something worthwhile to Blog can sometimes be a daunting task but when it comes to the iPhone your greatest asset will be speed and your only recourse is an online based solution. This can conflict with your workflow and sacrifices will need to be made that is why I recommend taking a look at Newsgator an online based reader. which I covered on iPhone Matters before. What I also like about Newsgator is the support for syncing across multiple RSS clients whether it is Mac OS X or Windows so you never have to drudge through the same content over and over.


Bookmarklets might save you, what 5 seconds if you are on a regular computer but on an iPhone they can compensate for the lack of copy and paste. Most Blogging engines have… more...

Javascript Slower On The iPhone

Posted August 20, 07 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Safari Software 

image Yes we know, you were disappointed that Steve chose to go with dingy Web 2.0 Apps and that no SDK was announced due to “security reasons”. Well iPhone or Web 2.0 haters (or both) you now have one more piece of information to strengthen your arsenal.

Safari’s Javascript is about 90 times slower than a 1.83 GHz iMac. While this huge leap in processor performance is astounding and expected it does reveal that developing Web 2.0 Apps for the desktop and iPhone isn’t as easy as a task as once though.

Craig Hockenberry of Iconfactory decided to put the Application speeds of the iPhone to the test. A Web App and a native App were both pitted against each other.
While it’s Web based brother did poorly compared to an average Mac a native App by far obliterates the earlier by 7 to 226 times faster. Lets just hope that Apple really does have an SDK in the works…

Via: Arstechnica


Amazon Debuts iPhone Web Portal

Posted August 20, 07 7:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

As the influx of iPhone optimized web sites continue (along with the regression of the “real Internet”) it will eventually reach the point of not having an iPhone optimized anything will be fatal to your online presence. Amazon is not one to be left out with their beta iPhone portal.

Visiting Amazon.com on the iPhone takes you to a horribly designed site with a massive loss in functionality and appeal. The very least I can credit the portal with is its speed, it’s very hard to slow the delivery of a white background and maybe a few thumbnails even on EDGE.

However you can still return to the regular, less watered down version of Amazon. But your site display preferences are not saved so every time you decide to visit Amazon will automatically be taken to the iPhone “optimized” version.

Even still as I put this in the design category I wish I could tack on “lack of design” any word on that Greg?

David Chartier has provided a screenshot of the portal, image below.



WAP and Safari: Who Will Stick Around?

Posted August 9, 07 11:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Opinions Safari 

So it was concluded that the iPhone browser passes with flying colors, but what does that mean for WAP? Perhaps failure.

According to PC MAG writer Jamie Lendino, the demise of what we know as “Mobile Internet” will come, but not soon. Despite what I think with my new toy,  WAP is not dead yet, but it is still alive and twitching. Lendino states that, unlike browsers found on smartphones and feature phones, Safari renders real webpages like a desktop browser.

Could iPhone be the killer of, what we once thought, a great browser? When looking at many things that have been brought to the bottom by a new product, it would make since that the “Mobile Internet” will see its dooms day. Lendino states that the brains beneath the beautiful veneer is, without a doubt a glimpse of things to come for future phones. But until desktop class operating become the norm, WAP or mobile websites will be here for a very long time.

Death will come, but come slowly.


Magazines For Your iPhone

Posted August 2, 07 8:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Reviews Safari 

Are you running out of things to do online with your iPhone? There are hundreds of applications to keep you occupied and one of them will save you some money. A company called Texterity has developed digital versions of published magazines that can be accessed through your iPhone.

Thanks to the 3.5 inch screen and the zooming capabilities that the iPhone offers, magazines are great to read from the device using the Safari web browser. The iPhone digital magazine portal currently offers 20 high quality magazines for your viewing pleasure. The interface is pretty simple and is that of an actual magazine, where you can select a magazine, flip through pages, and zoom in and out; it even has the wonderful ads that we love so dearly.

Since I am somewhat of a science nerd, I am of course, subscribed to Popular Science, which is one of the magazine subscriptions that is currently available. The service is currently in beta, so don’t expect it to be free for too much longer, however, you should take full advantage of it while it is still free.


Apple Hosted iPhone Camp Starts Next Week

Posted July 19, 07 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

July 23rd Apple is hosting a “confidential” developer meeting to Application writers a brief crash course on the iPhone and help with creating, debugging and finalizing Web 2.0 Apps. The event is open to all ADC members.

Tech Crunch also posted an email that was sent out to ADC alerting them to the event and providing instructions on how to attend.

You’re invited to an exclusive iPhone Tech Day Workshop, July 23, 2007 on Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California.

This confidential 1-day workshop is designed to teach you how to create and optimize your web applications for iPhone and to communicate essential information about iPhone development.

Don’t miss this unique, invitation-only opportunity to adapt your web content and begin your iPhone development today!


The iPhone Tech Day Workshop is an intensive, hands-on 1-day session with in-depth technical presentations followed by coding & debugging with access to the experts to provide 1-on-1 assistance.

The day will include:
- Ensuring Safari on iPhone compatibility
- Optimizing Web Content for Safari on iPhone
- Best practices for media and synchronized data with iPhone
- Coding and Testing

The iPhone Tech Day… more...

Numbers On The Internet Are Dangerous For iPhone Users, Useless For The Rest Of Us

Posted July 18, 07 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: News Safari 

imageOne of the most awesome features of the iPhone is its ability to call people, who would’ve thunk it right? Why not integrate ways to increase the users’ experience on the iPhone as well? Well Apple did and people are claiming it as a very big security threat when in reality it’s the equivalent of someone telling you to drive through a red light.

However SPI Labs is advising iPhone users stay far away from calling any numbers they may encounter while browsing the Web. While it’s true that you could call a malicious number or an international number which would just kill your wallet, Apple figured this out.

There are two ways to prevent being taken advantage of. If you see a phone number embedded in a Web page simply click and hold the number which appears as a clickable URL and the real number will pop up similar to how holding on a link shows the actual URL. To further ensure security Apple added a confirmation dialog once you click the number and if it was advertised differently then you will know as the popup shows… more...

6th Generation iPod Delayed Because Of The iPhone? Rumored To Debut January

Posted July 9, 07 1:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Safari 

imageLast year rumors swirled around the yet to be released 6th generation iPod. Unfortunately this turned out to be the designs and specifications for the iPhone. However this isn’t stopping the rumor mill from regenerating yet to be confirmed information concerning the long delayed iPod. Piper Jaffray has put out a report stating a new iPod should arrive anywhere from now and January 2008.

I actually think that the timing of a 6th generation iPod was put off until after the iPhone for a couple of reasons. First off the iPod has gone far enough in the design scheme (in my opinion) when it comes to shiny metals and white plastics. Switching to a more iPhone-esque design would be a massive improvement not only in terms of sales but in functionality.

In addition, Steve stated at his internal Keynote that an OS X based iPod could be coming, why would OS X need to be running on something as simple as an iPod? perhaps new features could be coming around that would basically be an iPhone without the phone.

However there could be a few significant negatives about… more...

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