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3 Easy Steps to Share Apps Between iPhones

Posted July 28, 2008 10:00 AM by Jovan Washington
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I live in a household with more than one iPhone user (that I helped to cross over grin ) and it quickly became a dilemma of wether or not we should purchase the same app more than once or just not use the app at all. I found out about a method that may help users in my dilemma.

The solution uses the abilities currently present in iTunes to authorize and download the application to other iTunes libraries so you do not need to worry about hacking your device at all.

1. First, you’ll want to log in to your friend/family’s iTunes library using the AppleID you used to purchase the Application….Check

2. Go to the application that you are purchasing and click “Buy Application”. The App Store should give the following prompt: “You already purchased this application. To download it again for free select OK.” ...Check

3. Select OK, download the app, then log out of your account, and you should be able to sync the application with the iPhone that is connected to that iTunes library!

Sounds pretty simple, eh? I tried it out and it works. To read a little more detail on the process, take a look at Melvin Rivera’s blog.

Something interesting I found in the comments section is wether or not this is stealing. Do you think it is stealing? Something else of interest is the idea that you can alternatively copy the .ipa file from the Application directory to the computer logged in under the name that purchased the app. Either way, you’ll find it to be quite convenient.


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