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4 G Motorola concept phone revealed

Posted February 24, 2009 10:58 AM by Chris Seibold

You know what would make the iPhone even better? If it were perfectly round. Actually, that’s not even remotely true, browsing the net and so forth is much better on a squarish device since the net is designed for computer screens. But just because the general take is that squarish shape is the most logical option for a cell phone screen doesn’t mean everyone thinks that is the current design of phones is the ultimate in phone design.

Take this perfectly round, touch screen capable phone concept phone from Motorola.

Gah! Okay, so Motorola is calling this a digital butler and stressing the social networking bits of the device. But it has a built in accelerometer, 4 G connectivity, a built in projector and (I’ll guess) an App Store so the company can call it a digital butler but most everyone else will just call it ugly.


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