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Amazing photos taken with iPhone

Posted March 2, 2009 12:34 PM by Chris Seibold
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One of the most consistent complaints about the iPhone is that the camera is only two megapixels. When compared to other phones that does seem a bit anemic but complaints about the number of megapixels are perhaps misguided. People are confusing the number of megapixels with the ability to purchase talent.

Consider your golf head buddy. You know the guy who always has the latest gear because as long as Ping or Cobra can come up with a new alloy or catchphrase people will think they can buy a golf swing. So every year they go out, buy the new clubs and end up still sucking tee to green.

Back to the question at hand: Would more megapixels on the iPhone make you a better photographer? The answer? No. Turns out that two megapixels and some talent is plenty to crank out great snaps. For evidence check out Photocritic.org’s gallery of 100 fantastic photos taken with the iPhone.


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