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Apple Ad Agency Looking for Asian Men, Jamaican Women, and Others

Posted April 12, 2007 5:15 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Marketing Scoop 

David Goetzi from Media Daily News scoops that an advertising agency (maybe longtime Apple ad agency TBWA Chiat/Day) is currently casting for a new iPhone commercial. According to his post, David writes:

It seeks characters from various backgrounds, including Asian men who speak Mandarin; Hasidic males fluent in Hebrew; a French-speaking cab driver; a pair of Jamaican (or West Indian) women who can “speak with a thick patois accent” and others. The characters would tout the phone in their native languages, while going about their routine business, such as the Asian men as customers in a fish market.

No word on whether this is an actual concept ready for production or simply a spec ad from TBWA Chiat/Day or a competitor. Frequently, in attempts to win business, competitive advertising agencies will spend a ton of money to produce a “spec” ad in order to win pieces of business. This does not mean, it will ever see the light of day or broadcasted on television. But if nothing else, it gives an insight to what may possibly be the launch creative for the huge projected advertising campaign in June.

[Via Media Daily News]


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