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Apple Looking To Ursurp Google’s Presence On The iPhone Through Placebase Purchase?

Posted October 1, 2009 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageThe rift between Apple and Google may be growing as news is surfacing that Apple had purchased Google Maps competitor, Placebase and its accompanying Pushpin API in July.

Placebase and Google Maps are similar in the sense that they both map out various locations with a detailed image. However, Placebase offers different kinds of aggregated data from locations it has mapped such as demographics and crime data.

According to a Tweet from Jaron Waldman and an updated LinkedIn profile indicating he’s started working under Apple’s Geo team, it seems that this has gone under the radar, until now. The final confirmation of Apple’s acquisition came from Computerworld which points out the easily passed up Tweet from Jaron. But the biggest question is what Apple intends to do with Placebase. Many speculate that the Cupertino based company would use it as an alternative should its relationship with Google sour. The change could see the Apple developed Google Maps App on the iPhone and iPod Touch aggregate data from Placebase instead and all that would be required is a simple Software Update. However, Apple could leverage Placebase’s various location data aggregation tools to stream information to users about their surroundings.

Via: Apple Insider


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