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Apple Rumored To Decrease iPhone Price

Posted February 12, 2008 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
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In yet another obvious observation of the tech industry, Apple rumor Blogs are perpetuating a possibile price cut for the iPhone.

The price reduction of $100 (slated for February) for each model is being based off the current introduction of a new 16 GB iPhone shortly after Macworld. Besides piss off the few who waited out the announcments only to be taunted with a new higher capacity iPhone, Apple would do it yet again with such a quick price cut. Let’s ignore the fact that the last price decrease was September and that 6 months later would’vd been a good time to cut down the price but there are two factors that will affect this decision. First is the abruptness coming after a new model, if you thought we were irate when only after 2 months Apple cut the price, just wait to see the horde afterwards.

But wait, wasn’t the Intel Mac Mini revealed at a special event around the same time? True, it was but with a storage update a few weeks after Macworld and a subsequent price cut, the double whammy would be too much to bear.



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