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Blackberry Storm, first touchscreen Blackberry makes some noise

Posted September 16, 2008 10:32 AM by Chris Seibold

imageIt must be iPhone killer day here on iPhonematters because it isn’t just HTC making some noise, it is also the Blackberry Storm. The Storm will be the first touchscreen Blackberry and looks a lot like the iPhone. Bonus points? You can only get it from Verizon.

Okay, so far we have:
Looks like an iPhone
Tied to a single carrier like an iPhone
Visual voicemail like an iPhone
Button free like an iPhone…
So it is pretty clearly an iPhone rip off. Which is fine, imitation sincerest form of flattery, competition is good etc.. The really cool thing is that we can calculate how long it takes to make a full fledged iPhone killer. First we’ll need to decide when Verizon and RIM decided they really wanted a complete iPhone killer. Forward thinking companies would have soiled themselves at MacWorld 07 but Verizon didn’t want anything to do with the iPhone back then. So a logical time seems to be June 2007 when people were canceling their Verizon contracts to hope on the iPhone bandwagon. Using that as the start date gives us a lead time of around 16 months. Way to go Verizon, your market response time is solidly ahead of your customer service time!

So what is the marketing strategy behind the Blackberry Storm? Carrier exclusivity of course. I know a ton of people who would have an iPhone if they could get one with Verizon. But you can’t just throw out: “It’s as close as you’re going to get to an iPhone on Verizon!” and expect anyone to cheer. Time to outspec the iPhone:

Yeah, pretty much every number you can associate with the iPhone is taken on by the Blackberry Storm. Of course that doesn’t mean the Blackberry Storm doesn’t suck, it just means that it can compete in a world where the larger number is generally valued over the smaller number. So does the Storm suck or rock? So far it seems to suck according to thisBoy Genius report. Disappearing ninja!. But the video is gone dammit.
via: PCWorld


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