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Check Your iPhone for Dead Pixels

Posted July 31, 2007 8:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Problems Touchscreen 

I remember when I purchased my first iPod, I had a few dead pixels on my screen. It only bothered me when I watched my podcasts on the device. It was rather annoying.  I am surprised I haven’t heard to much on dead pixels on the iPhone. I hadn’t noticed any dead pixels on my own iPhone, but I was still a little paranoid and stumbled across an excellent way to check your iPhone screen for dead pixels.

iPhonedpt.bravehost.com allows you to view any dead pixel on your screen with a few simple checks. This web-based check simply blanks the screen with black, blue, red, yellow, or green. If anything is wrong, you will notice a “dead” or “stuck” pixel.


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