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Chimps Ahoy! review

Posted September 2, 2008 12:34 PM by Chris Seibold

Do you like Breakout? You remember, the game Steve jobs dreamt up and conned Steve Wozniak into creating? I guess that was a silly question, who doesn’t like breakout? I mean you’ve got a paddle, a ball and some bricks which you hate because they’re comprising your cell. Whether the cell is metaphorical or an actual prison is question better left for Steve Jobs.

The trouble with Breakout is that it is really old. Even if you love Breakout you’ve probably had you fill in the 30+ years since the game was introduced. But what if Breakout was updated for the iPhone? Well, not just any update would do for the iPhone, the iPhone is just too cool to host a clone of a game from the seventies. What should you add?
Monkeys are cool. They’re smart little things and have largely recovered the illegitamite negative press generated by outbreak.
Pirates are cool. There’s even a talk like a pirate day.
coconuts are pretty cool and super durable.
Pong isn’t cool anymore but it used to be.

Throw all those things into a game and you’d get Chimps Ahoy!. Well, if you knew how to program for the iPhone, otherwise you’d just get pirates and monkeys armed with coconuts.

Game play is straightforward, you hold the iphone horizontal and bounce a coconut between two monkey heads controlled by your thumbs. In the process of passing the coconut you attempt to break blocks and pirate ships. Once you’ve cleared away all the obstacles you advance to the next level. The levels (of course) grow ever harder.

If a game like this is your thing you’l like Chimps Ahoy. The island music is nice and control is easy but hampered by the fact your thumbs often obscure the monkey heads making precise control of the coconut difficult at times. And really, isn’t coconut control what life is all about?
Chimps Ahoy in action:

Chimps Ahoy is $4.99 and you can also try out a free demo called Chimps Ahoy Lite. Get either (or both) from the App Store.


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