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Developers Meet Together Over iPhone Applications

Posted July 6, 2007 1:21 PM by Tanner Godarzi

image Apple’s lack of real third party support on the iPhone hasn’t stopped developers from overcoming that hurdle and learning the ways of the Internet.

Raven Zachary has organized an event and if all goes as planned we’ll be getting some kick ass iPhone Applications, Web Apps that is. The group hopes that 3rd party iPhone development will be stimulated and communities that expand to meet the needs of users and developers.

Sponsors have also been secured for the event such as Adobe and Yahoo. Prizes and accessories for the iPhone will be handed out as well from Belkin, DLO and Griffin. Unfortunately Apple isn’t a sponsor or has anything to do with the event but they’ll be busy coding up some awesome *cough* SDK *cough* iPhone Software.

The event which takes place in San Francisco intends to draw up to 300 developers. I do hope the conference can achieve their goal as it will be better Applications for iPhone users and regular desktop users as well.

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