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Google is Bizarro Apple. Will Android Take Down iPhone?

Posted November 5, 2007 12:38 PM by Gregory Ng
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&tWell, the speculation is over. Google announced today that it is in fact, not a physical phone they are launching, but a new way of bringing applications to your phone. Android: “he first truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices” was announced today and it basically stands for everything Apple and the iPhone does not.

Our goals must be independent of device or even platform. For this reason, Android will complement, but not replace, our longstanding mobile strategy of developing useful and compelling mobile services and driving adoption of these products through partnerships with handset manufacturers and mobile operators around the world.

If Apple is Superman, Google is clearly Bizarro. Apple didn’t open up third-party software for the iPhone until just last month and still, the SDK is not going to be available until next year. Google will have an SDK available next week.

More info as we hear it. Until then, check out this video that talks about Android.


  1. And you are surprised?

    “Our goals must be independent of device or even platform.” says the coalition?

    Apple’s existence is predicated on providing integrated devices and platforms (operating systems)...that through integrated control,  allow a differentiated experience of better design, work simpler and better, and are more stable.  Granted, they are directed at a portion of the market that is able or willing to pay a little more.  In essence, a more elegant experience for those willing to pay more.

    The Google coalition is about open source, device independence, platform independence, and making everything cheaper/simpler… for advertising sales, to Google’s ultimate benefit.

    Google’s coalition is an important (and technologically disruptive) development, but there will always be room for quality products for those who want more and thus, it does not directly threaten Apple.  Apple has completed its family of products, arguably “just in time” and can survive the industries’ chaos.  Is everyone else ready for disruptive change?

    Wait and see what happens when the mainstream platform’s (Microsoft, Symbian, Palm) realize that Android is anti-proprietary-platform.  When it is revealed to be pro-WiFi and anti-carrier-data revenue and growth, and deadly poison to the “closed garden”.  When it is revealed that it is totally disruptive of the cellphone manufacturers business model.  And when it is disruptive to the incredibly-profitable software giants lock on software.  Wait until they realize that Android IS THE BORG.

    The coalition is for the good of Google revenue, and arguably for the consumer…but disruptive and chaotic to everyone else but Google.  It will be interesting, indeed, to watch.

    Posted by hardmanb on November 5, 2007 7:51 PM
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