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MMS Coming To The iPhone This Friday, AT&T Nervous About Launch

Posted September 24, 2009 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
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image AT&T has given word that the much anticipated (and long overdue) MMS roll out for the iPhone will come this Friday. The carrier is nervous about the service’s roll out as unexpected traffic spikes caused a brief service outage yesterday.

AT&T’s jitters comes from the carrier’s inability to keep with the massive traffic demands of the iPhone. While MMS isn’t doing anything differently than email on the iPhone has been doing since its launch mid-2007, AT&T is still taking the cautious route to make sure it can adequately keep with customer demand with whatever infrastructure it has in place already.

Macrumor’s source gave us some information on the pre-launch jitters AT&T is experiencing:

AT&T and its MMS partners are already seeing “record traffic during peak hours of the night” with just the users selected for testing.

That early testing has been a little rocky, with AT&T seeing a fairly significant test outage yesterday that has them rushing to beef up their MMSC messaging servers. Estimates among those working on the project are that traffic on AT&T’s wireless network will be about 40% higher all day on Friday as iPhone users fire pictures and video at one another.

If everything goes according to plan, thousands of iPhones will have MMS enabled throughout the day starting around “late morning Pacific time” which would be sometime after 12 ‘o clock PST and 3 ’ o clock EST. It is unknown whether or not a new IPPC file will be pushed to MMS-less iPhones through iTunes or if the feature will simply be turned on server side for those subscribers.

Via: iPhone Freak


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