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Review of Speck’s New CandyShell iPhone Case

Posted August 17, 2009 9:22 AM by Meiera Stern
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When I opened the package for my new CandyShell iPhone case its crisp and smooth, white and orange cardstock carton felt like a thing of beauty—the wrapper of a classy packet of chocolates.

Inside, the product looked pretty sweet too. With its slick product colors and glossy appearance, the name of the case seems right on. I couldn’t wait to enfold my iPhone in its new JamJar Purple case. Pushing the phone into the case was easy and fun. I enjoyed the click as the case coated my iPhone turning it into a rectangular M&M.

The inside of the case is soft rubberized plastic that feels like a razor thin coating of circus peanuts without the sticky sweet residue. The exterior of the case is as strong as candy too, which is to say, I can scratch it with my fingernails. It’s been on my phone for just one weekend, and there is already a noticeable scratch just above the Speck logo on the back. Granted, I live a rough and tumble lifestyle and so does my iPhone, but the company’s claim on their website:

Never before has the flexibility and protection of a soft rubberized case been combined with the durability and scratch protection of a sleek hard shell in a seamless single-piece design…

seems a bit exaggerated.  I’d rather the case get scratched than my precious iPhone, but I was expecting more durability from the pictures on the Speck website that make it look strong and scratchless as metal not sugar.

I am impressed by the snugness of the fit: all the openings, controls and sensors are unobstructed, the case fits seamlessly around the back and sides. The CandyShell’s solution for how to protect the front of the iPhone consists of a thin layer of clear plastic that acts like a second skin. Also included is a cute orange cloth (the color of circus peanuts) that you can use to get some of the bubbles out. However, my second skin looks like it has leprosy. I admit I’m exaggerating for comic effect, but in all seriousness the skin sits flatly enough to allow me full functionality, but not flat enough to live up to the pristine brand image suggested by the packaging or the glistening photographs of this case. Still, despite the slightly bubbling skin, and surface scratches I’ll keep this case and wear it with pride, and as much hope as a bicycle rider cycling cross country with a new candy-slick helmet.

Overall, 4 out of 5 stars for functionality, fit, and a sleek form.





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