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Video on How To Take Apart Your iPhone

Posted July 26, 2007 8:00 AM by Jovan Washington
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There are some adventurous individuals out there, and I am sadly not one of them. The very same day the iPhone was released, there were reports that some people were taking the phone apart to see the insides. As helpful as this is to others, I would never try it, but just in case you want to try taking your iPhone apart, I have some instructions for you.

Some of you might not want to pay $84.95 for Apple to replace your battery. Maybe, you don’t want Colorware to customize the color of your iPhone for you. You are a do-it-yourself type of person. The only problem now is how to get into the impenetrable looking iPhone. A company called PDAParts.com sells supplies to help repair not only PDAs, but your iPhone also. Why sell the parts if you don’t know how to get in and replace them, right? So they have posted a video which you can find on their own website and YouTube (of course) instructing you just how you take your iPhone apart.

Of course they warn:

“This is one of the hardest repairs we have ever seen. Your doing this repair at your own risk.”

So please do not mess anything up. It hurts me to hear about a broken or messed up iPhone.


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