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Wait til December 28 for your iPhone, Save 2 Bucks!

Posted December 18, 2008 7:39 AM by Chris Seibold
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imageYou remember the rumor (which made into this week’s NewsWeek): Wal Mart will start selling the iPhone for $99 starting on December 28. Engadget got the scoop and it isn’t $99 but a two buck discount from the prices you expect ($197 instead of $199 for 8 GBs, $297 instead of $299 for 16GB).

Which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has ever shopped at Wal Mart for an Apple iPod. Wal Mart may love low prices but they’re not crazy. In case you’re one of the few who hasn’t shopped Wal Mart for iPods here is the current, uh, discounts compared to the Apple Store:
ipod shuffle:45.00 (-4.00)
iPod nano: 138.54 (-10.46)
iPod Classic: 247.88 (-1.12)
iPod Touch: 227.88 (-1.12)

Not exactly eye popping discounts. On the bright side, more iPods at more places, right?


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