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Steve Ballmer says “iPhone Most Expensive On the Market”

Posted January 20, 07 5:00 AM by Aaron Wright
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Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, thinks that the iPhone is “by far the most expensive phone in the marketplace.” Whilst it is true that the iPhone is expensive, it’s by no means the most expensive on the market. The 8GB iPhone comes it at $599, converted to pound sterling (for this humble English writer), that’s about £300, which I agree is expensive but considering the Sony Ericsson K800i with its 3.2MP camera debuted at around the £300 mark, I don’t think it’s too steep a price. Of course, I haven’t taken into consideration “rip off Britain”, but that’s neither here nor there.

Steve Ballmer also goes on to mention how the iPhone is “not suitable for business purposes due to its complete lack of a keyboard”, and half-hearted attempt at Push e-mail. As Engadget state, the lack of the aforementioned and 3G services probably tell us that Jobs wasn’t aiming this device at business folk. With Steve mentioning more phones will be arriving next year, I dare say they will design and develop models… more...

Ah, The Memories

Posted January 19, 07 9:51 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Concept 

Remember, back in the day, when all we could do was dream about an Apple phone? It seems like years ago! But a world without an iPhone did encourage people to wonder…and to create. The web is filled with concept sketches of the Apple phone. Some were just blatant, visual mashups of RAZRs and Nanos. But some people possessed the great blend of industrial design and photoshop skills with a solid understanding of Apple’s history of innovation.

These people should not be forgotten. There are a bunch of sites all across the web that have galleries of Apple phone concepts. Sites like this and this and this.


Ten Myths of the Apple iPhone

Posted January 19, 07 9:21 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Opinions 

imageIn my opinion, the most comprehensive explanation of what exactly the iPhone will be up against when it hits the market. This article opens, “With only a brief preview of its new iPhone, Apple has yanked the rug from under the rest of the industry. The talking heads desperately need to something to say. Here’s what they’ll all be saying, and why they’ll be wrong.”

Sure, some people might knock the lack of EVDO. Or they may worry about the “iPhone” name. Heck, the “they” I refer to may even be you. You may be naysaying the iPhone all the way to June. But if you are like me, you might change your mind. Here’s a sample:

Myth Two: The iPhone is priced too high. It needs a 2 GB version for $299 lacking phone features.
It is true that the iPhone isn’t cheap, but it’s also not expensive when compared to similar phones, which… aren’t yet available. Like myth number one, this idea rests on the assumption that prices are infinitely scalable along a… more...

Live in Vermont? No iPhone for You!

Posted January 18, 07 11:14 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: News 

imageBoy, it sucks to be you if you are eyeing an iPhone and you live in Vermont.  Because Apple has an exclusive contract with Cingular, you Vermontanarians (a word I made up just now for people who live in Vermont), won’t be able to buy the iPhone. Why? Because Cingular does not offer service there.

According to the Boston Globe, “The iPhone service won’t be available in all or large portions of Alaska, Colorado, the Dakotas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, upstate New York, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming, among other places.” So basically parts of 18 out of 50 states in the USA will not be iPhone ready. That 1% marketshare that Steve Jobs was seeking seems tougher and tougher by the day.

Update: I was kindly corrected that people from Vermont are called “Vermonters” Thanks Chris. Although I still think Vermontanarians sounds more badass.


The iPhone is Too Expensive? I Say it’s A Matter of Perspective

Posted January 18, 07 9:55 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Opinions 

imageThis just in! “Analyst: iPhone too expensive, won’t top Razr

Isn’t that convenient? Let’s compare a category defining product with a top of the line “Phone”. I distinctly remember, when the iPod first launched, people were complaining that iPods were too expensive. People were saying $500 was way too much to pay for a portable music device. When you take the $500 price tag of the iPhone and think of it as an iPod with the addition of phone, internet, camera, and mail functionality it doesn’t seem so bad anymore right? What do you think?


Engaging in all the varieties of human interaction through a single device

Posted January 18, 07 9:43 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Humor 

imageFrom the brilliant pages of the Timothy McSweeney website, comes The iPhone: A User’s Guide. Darren Cahr writes 24 sections from the table of contents of an in-depth look at your future iPhone experience.

You’ll be surprised at what the iPhone can teach you! Like number 11: Using the iPhone to explain how the internal board committee of Apple Computer Inc. (before the name change) headed by Al Gore could exonerate Steve Jobs of any wrongdoing in the options-backdating scandal. Or number 12: Using the iPhone to explain why Microsoft believed that introducing the Zune was either wise or appropriate, given the market for MP3 players in late 2006.


Holy Angels Tinkling or Carribean Vacation?

Posted January 18, 07 9:27 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Hacks 

imageThere are 2 types of people who get their geek on around Mac circles: Those that take valuable free time out of their day to do something no one has the patience to do themselves and those who worship their efforts.

From Gizmodo, an anonymous fan remembered Steve Jobs’ iPhone had a distinct ringtone. So genius took the time to clean up the recording and make it available for all of us.

They call it “Holy Angels Tinkling”. But my ear recalls a beach party on the beach of a Carribean island. You make the call. What do you think the iPhone ringtone sounds like?


Welcome to iPhone Matters

Posted January 18, 07 9:19 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Announcements 

imageWhat were you doing January 9th, after you heard or watched the 2007 Macworld Keynote Address by Steve Jobs? If you were like me, you were wiping the drool off your keyboard at the thought of holding the iPhone. Or you could have been like Charlie White who posted the Top Five Reasons Why the iPhone Sucks on Gizmodo. Regardless of your level of enthusiasm, you probably felt a little tingle in your body at the idea.

I am pleased to welcome you to iPhoneMatters.com. iPhone Matters is published by the company that publishes, AppleMatters.com (a CNET Blog 100 site, and widely quoted publication on all things Apple), SpinMatters.com, and macitt.com.

We will feature blog posting throughout the day covering everything to do with the iPhone, including tips, news stories, and reviews. In addition we have launched a full featured forum community allowing readers to discuss anything and everything iPhone.

We hope you will enjoy reading.


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