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Firmware 3.1 Encryption Causing Problems With Older iPhones

Posted September 15, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Hardware Microsoft 

imageApple has been pushing for iPhone adoption heavily with enterprises and to ease their concerns, the Software and Hardware have become more robust and more IT friendly. Hidden amongst these features is the iPhone 3GS’ ability to encrypt data from the phone itself and while it may (or may not) be suitable for your needs, it has caused a generation gap with previous iPhones as some corporate users are slowly finding out.

Since Exchange support was added to the iPhone and more recently Snow Leopard, corporations have been quick to jump on the Apple bandwagon. While adoption may be up for Apple, costs can often be an inhibiting factor or even being leery of the 3GS’ new feature set can stop some upgraders dead in their tracks. Whatever issue it may be, those users are learning pretty fast that upgrading me be a lot more viable so they can continue using their iPhones in the enterprise thanks to the recent 3.1 Firmware update. What’s changed in 3.1 is that Apple is enforcing encryption flags between the iPhone and exchange servers.

After upgrading to Firmware 3.1 and syncing with an Exchange… more...

Mobile world pushing Microsoft to irrelevancy?

Posted March 10, 09 12:20 PM by Chris Seibold

imageOVer at our sister site Apple Matters resident buffoon Chris Seibold has a piece up opining that the darkest days are ahead for Microsoft. The reason? Windows Mobile. From the article:

If Windows Mobile doesn’t dominate Microsoft could be in some serious trouble. Recall that the rail industry biggest failure was seeing themselves as railroad companies instead of delivery companies. When Fed Ex and UPS came along the rail companies didn’t see them as competition even thought that is exactly what they were. So the rail companies are (pun coming) still (pun almost here) chugging along but they aren’t the market forces they could’ve been. Microsoft is at that moment right now. Either the company has to get a laser sharp focus on Windows Mobile or risk becoming like the rail companies as consumer realize they don’t really need the stand alone computer, they can do all they need with a smartphone. When that happens, Linux finally wins.

Will the smartphone be the end of Microsoft? Can Microsoft regain control with a Microsoft phone? Or will all efforts prove to be too little too late?


iPhone has more apps than Windows Mobile

Posted March 9, 09 12:36 PM by Chris Seibold

imageIf you’re a victim of the platform wars for computers (Mac! Windows! Linux!) you’ll remember that one of the arguments against the MAc was that there weren’t many programs available for the device. If you wanted to do anything useful besides Photoshop you had to use a PC. At least that was the gist of the argument.

That history makes it all the more interesting that the iPhone now has more programs available for the device than Windows Mobile. Immediately you can start arguing about the usefulness of the apps, pull my finger isn’t as useful as a mobile version of Word but the sheer number of apps in the App Store means that the concept is being well received by the developer community and that is great for the iPhone platform as a whole.

Get the complete story at Ars


iPhone stifling innovation by being innovative

Posted February 19, 09 12:00 PM by Chris Seibold

imageJohn Gruber has a nice piece up on the recently concluded Mobile World Conference. John grabs some of the best quotes emanating from various CEO’s pie holes and susses out the deeper meaning. And that meaning is: Crap the iPhone is killing us. Well that’s what I got out of it, John’s conclusion differed, he thinks what the CEOs were trying to say was:

We’d all have more choices if we’d all just choose Windows Mobile.

Either way it is rich stuff.


Microsoft desperately trying to kill Android?

Posted February 18, 09 3:23 PM by Chris Seibold

Windows Mobile 6.5 is the OS that will supposedly crush the iPhone, Android, and (if it gains any traction) Web OS for the Palm Pre. It is just that spectacular. Or that’s what Microsoft wants everyone to believe anyway. And people might get that impression from the recent Mobile World Conference. Plenty of companies were showing off phones running Windows Mobile 6.5 but there weren’t many showing off Android. (Apple was a no show at the event, the iPhone is big enough that it doesn’t need the trade show to get traction).

Can that be right? With all the excitement surrounding Android why such a paltry showing at Mobile World Conference? Well, if you like conspiracy minded stuff Roughly Drafted has a theory. It is the usual “Microsoft is paying companies to use Windows Mobile” sort of thing but it is well written and uses some concrete examples of known examples of such behavior.

If Microsoft is going out of its way to destroy Android, with back room deals and obscure marketing payments, it is definitely a sign that the company is starting to feel the pressure. Which wouldn’t be a surprise, Microsoft… more...

Microsoft producing iPhone Competitor?

Posted November 25, 08 8:45 AM by Chris Seibold

There’s an old joke, older than the internet, that can be reduced to: “Microsoft never develops anything new, the company just copies Apple.”

Told that way the joke isn’t really close to funny but put some decent patter in, and some timing and you’ve got a winner. Let’s give it a really lame shot. You’ll come up with a better version.

Engineer to Ballmer: Under this sheet, I’ve got the future of the company.
Ballmer: Is it innovative? Is it useful? Show me show me!
The engineer whips away the sheet revealing an iPhone
Ballmer: Is that an iPhone?
Engineer: No! It’s exactly like an iPhone but we call it a MiPhone. Mi stands for Microsoft!
Ballmer: Why is it better than the iPhone?
Engineer: Because, when people buy one of these we get the profits.
Ballmer: Brilliant!

That is a crazy joke, I mean it doesn’t even make sense! Microsoft would never make a Microsoft branded phone! First off the move would go against the company’s core belief that Microsoft makes software and partners with other company’s to churn out the hardware.

Yet that is apparently what is happening. According to… more...

Microsoft Office coming to iPhone…sort of

Posted November 13, 08 11:13 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Microsoft 

imageIf you use Office you’d probably love a version for your iPhone. Sure you’d have to put up with the bloat that seems sytemic in Office applications but you could work on the Grunkel account spreadsheet while you were riding in the subway. Or waiting to pick up your kid. Or shipping fine champaign in betwixt polo matches. Whatever.

The bad news: no sign of a native Office app on the iPhone. Not surprising, iPhone apps are rapidly becoming either very cheap or very forgotten so expecting Microsoft to crank out an iPhone app for $.99 or even $49.99 isn’t realistic. On the bright side Microsoft is working on web based version of the Office Suite. And, according to Sarahintampa at on10 the web version will work with the iPhone. Let’s get a quote in here:

Q: Do the Office Web Applications require Internet Explorer?

A: No! Office Web applications will work across multiple platforms and browsers including Safari and Firefox, too.

Q: Will the Office Web Applications work on the iPhone?

A: Yes, in the Safari web browser.

That should remove all doubt. What is left to speculation is just… more...

Why isn’t Microsoft running scared in the mobile market

Posted October 29, 08 10:01 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: iPhone Killer Microsoft 

imageYesterday we noted how Microsoft won’t shut up about the iPhone. Mix in the G1 from Google and T-Mobile, upcoming releases by RIM and you’ve got to wonder if there is any room left for Microsoft in the mobile market. There’s only so much room in consumers minds for OSes and Android+OS X mobile+RIM doesn’t leave much room for Windows Mobile 7.

Quick digression: When IBM came out with a PC Apple took out a full page ad out in the Wall Street Journal welcoming them to the party. The reason wasn’t to promote IBM but because Apple wanted consumers to see Apple as the other major player even though there were still a few other serious computer makers around (Commodore, Radio Shack etc.).

How dark are things looking for Microsoft? Jack Shofield has posted a good over view of the situation at the Guardian. From the article:

But while Microsoft sold 18m smartphone licences in the year to June, 2m short of its target, Apple says it sold 6.9m iPhones during the last quarter alone. As the iPhone goes global, it’s not hard to see it… more...

Microsoft won’t shut up about iPhone

Posted October 28, 08 9:59 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Microsoft 

imageYou remember what your mother told you when you were a kid: “If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, wait until they are out of the room”. Microsoft never got that message. It started with the Ballmer classic where he laughed at the iPhone before it came out. You’ve seen it, but can you see it too many times? No you can not.

Oh, Steve, man you kill me. 12 million iPhones later and that still cracks me up. Apparently Microsoft didn’t learn its lesson because Robbie Bach (if you’re over ten it should be Rob or Robert) said:

Apple had a big launch of a new product, and they launched at scale in a lot of new countries with a lot of new operators. This quarter, RIM is having its big launch, and at some point we’ll have our big launch. We’ll have to see where things normalize.

So Apple beating RIM is no big deal because Apple launched a new model in new countries. Hey, whatever makes you sleep at night but it is a huge… more...

Microsoft Won’t Make Another Zune-Like Mistake With a Phone

Posted January 10, 08 7:00 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Microsoft 

imageIn an interview published yesterday, Microsoft Chairman, Bill Gates said that the software giant will not launch a product that competes directly with the iPhone.

“In the so-called smart phone business we will concentrate solely on software with our Windows Mobile programme”

It looks like this may be a good idea considering the partnerships Microsoft has with other phone manufacturers and Microsoft’s past run -ins with Apple products.

Although Microsoft’s Windows platform maintains a clear lead in the OS wars, their attempt to compete directly with Apple’s iPod fell way short. The success of the Zune portable music player, despite interesting features like song squirting, has not been able to break the global marketshare dominance of Apple’s iPod line.

[Via Guardian]


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