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iPhone 3GS Already Dismantled, Dissected And Put On Display

Posted June 19, 09 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Hardware Pictures 

imageToday Apple launched the iPhone 3GS to much fanfare and already the device has been taken apart to reveal its hardware specs.

Rapid Repair managed to be amongst the first to purchase an iPhone 3GS thanks to a midnight release by Orange in France. Their tear down has revealed much about the iPhone 3GS with more information coming. The gallery and of course instructions are available at Rapid Repair.

Via: Gizmodo


iPhone Concept Images Surface

Posted June 7, 09 2:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Concept Pictures 

While we’re busy sifting through fake and potentially legitimate images of Apple’s next generation iPhone, a French site has posted interesting concept images of the iPhone.

It’s always fun seeing how Apple’s user base envisions which design direction the company’s products will take and this concept shows off an impossibly thin iPhone 3G. If you hadn’t guessed already, the image isn’t something Apple is looking at any time soon.


Via: Product Reviews


iPhone Video Conferencing Shots Are Fake

Posted June 7, 09 7:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Pictures Rumor 

Bombarded by the stream of iPhone rumors that just happened to pop up right before Apple’s Developer Conference tomorrow? Don’t worry, iPhone Matters is here to help dispel the myth from the maybe and this time, we’ve found a fake screenshot masquerading as a new feature.

Video conferencing has been tossed around in the rumor mill as coming to Apple’s third generation iPhone and a snapshot of the “feature” in action has been floating around the web. However, Gizmodo has discovered it’s nothing more than a blurrified screenshot of a Skype voice call over a Photoshopped iPhone. The Skype symbol had been covered up the site of origin’s watermark.


Via: Gizmodo


Pictures: Push Notification Demonstrated

Posted May 21, 09 11:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Pictures SDK Software 

Push Notification for the iPhone has been making waves lately thanks to a recent “push” by Apple to demonstrate the feature for developers.

For non developers however, you can view a gallery of images that show just how Push Notification works here

Via: iPhone Alley


More iPhone 3.0 Screenshots Leak Out

Posted April 13, 09 11:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Pictures Scoop SDK 

More and more features are leaking out to the general public from development builds of iPhone 3.0 and the latest batch of information gives more information to the next generation iPhone.

The screenshots come from a reliable source who sent them to The Boy Genius Report and has a very good track record with leaked iPhone features. The screenshots show references to video recording and according to BGR, video recording capabilities would likely be present in the next generation iPhone. Another interesting tidbit is that OpenGL ES V2.0 will be supported. A sample of the screenshots is available after the jump.


Via: iPhone Alley


Catching The Rainbow At The End Of The iPhone

Posted March 28, 09 6:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Pictures 

We here at iPhone Matters love to write about the iPhone all day, it gives us something to look forward to when we leave our boring desk jobs, finish reupholstering the car interior and is part of a balanced breakfast. But we also like well shot photography when nothing more than an iPhone is involved. This shot is what the end of the rainbow looks like, captured from an iPhone along freeway 241 in Southern California.


Sadly, there were no golden iPods.

Via: Gizmodo


Take A Tour Of FIrmware 3.0, Picture Gallery

Posted March 20, 09 8:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Pictures Software 

imageWant a closer look at the new features of Firmware 3.0 but aren’t so keen on downloading Beta Software? Don’t worry, you can view a gallery showing off the prettier side of Firmware 3.0 from the comfort of your own computer.

CNET and The iPhone Blog have posted their own galleries showing you around Firmware 3.0 ranging from the simple and mundane to copy and paste actions. You’ll be able to get a quick glance and familiarize yourself around the new interface before 3.0 lands this summer.

Via: iPhone Atlas


Photos Appear of iPhone 3G

Posted July 8, 08 10:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Pictures 

The first iPhone 3G unboxing photos have appeared on an iPhonePortugal.com forum. You can also view more enticing photos here.

The iPhone 3G box appears quite similar to that of the original iPhone, made from hard, black cardboard with a top that lifts off to offer access to the phone, manual, and included accessories. However, if I’m not mistaken, to show they care for the environment the iPhone itself is presented in a black, biodegradable tray, as opposed to the clear plastic tray that came with the original which I still have lying around somewhere.

Only 3 more days…

Via: Engadget


Be “Weary” of Fake iPhones Out There

Posted July 3, 08 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington
Categories: News Pictures 

I had a roommate that purchased an “iPod” from Ebay one day and the iPod mimicked the look and feel of an iPod, but with closer inspection, realized it was far from the truth. That is what a forum member at Macrumors has found out on his recently purchased iPhone.

As it turns out, the iPhone was purchased in China. After some photos of the phone were posted, it was clear that the phone is a very convincing knock-off of the actual iPhone.

The packaging appears authentic, and at first glance the phone itself looks pretty similar. The proportions are slightly off, but the icons are identical except for the presence of a Penguin icon which launches a Chinese game.

Some people are just so sneaky, and for those who have not owned an iPhone, or even an iPod in my roommates case, then they will never know the difference.

Some of the pictures even reveal a USB connector instead of the normal dock connector.

It is not too surprising that there are fakes out there, but it is surprising at how some people like to call themselves… more...

Another Fake iPhone… Too Bad. Sigh…

Posted June 7, 08 2:01 PM by Don Palmigiano
Categories: Concept Hardware Pictures Humor 

imageCheck this one out. I only wish this was the real deal. I hate the white face. The reason it is a fake: the reflection off the screen is misaligned and the box is not worthy of Apple packaging. Why do people feel the need to photoshop pictures of new Apple products? Do they do this to prove how good they are at photoshop? Do they hate Apple and their consumers so much that they feel it is their responsibility to flood RSS readers with junk? Really? This was not even a good attempt.

Do you think the real iPhone will look like this poorly photoshopped mockery? Would you like a camera in the front for video conferencing? Would Apple consider putting a camera there? Please voice off in the comments section.

[Via Gizmodo]


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