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PlayStation Emulator Now Available for the iPhone

Posted December 26, 07 3:00 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Gaming 

imageFirst it was the Nintendo (NES) emulator that got everyone excited about some old skool gaming on the iPhone. Then we got the Game Boy Advance emulator a few months ago. Now we have a PlayStation emulator so you can rock out some Tekken, Gran Turismo, and Crash Bandicoot on your iPhone.

You, of course will need to track down some PlayStation ROMs to get your game on. According to Mac-a-Doodle, this first release is a bit clunky, much like the first releases of the other emulators. Still, it would be cool to kick some Hiehachi butt on my iPhone.

You can download it here or through installer.app.


Free Games For Your iPhone

Posted December 10, 07 10:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Gaming 

Not all games have been optimized for the iPhone equally, but I found some that are perfect for your iPhone:

501 Darts is a two-player strategy game. The goal is to roll down your points from 400 to zero by lobbing darts where it counts—in the highest point zones possible. It is pretty fun. Check it out here.

iFreecell changes every day. Each day, tiles of three designs are shuffled into a 64-square grid. Your job is to remove the tiles by clicking the designs. Click here to try it out.

Golf Driving Range is a fun golf games that frustrates me to no end, but you may find it rather enjoyable. Try it out here.

Ther are plenty more games out there, but I thought I’d give you a few I have recently come across. Enjoy! Don’t get too addicted.


Featured iPhone Game: Block2Lock

Posted December 7, 07 3:00 PM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Gaming 

imageIt’s a game of logic and it can be as additive as it is frustrating. It is the iPhone version of the popular Rush Hour puzzle game called Block2Lock.

Move rectangles up or down, left or right and try to work the blue one off the board. Apparently there are 200 levels to this brain teaser. Play it here.


Web Apps: P2P iPhone Battleship

Posted November 30, 07 12:34 AM by Don Palmigiano
Categories: Gaming 

imageI remember the days when I was back in elementary school. When it was time for recess, my friends and I would play board games instead of playing baseball or soccer. One game that I enjoyed very much was Battleship. I remember pwning anyone who challenged me.

It has been a while since I have hit a battleship and hopefully I still have the skills of my youth, because it looks like I will need them. A new web app for the iPhone has surfaced which allows for peer to peer battleship goodness. Playing against people over the internet is simple, and exciting with the built in chat feature. The one thing that I have found to be true about online board games is that the people who play them are very skilled. If players did not enjoy playing the normal game, why would they play it on their phone? But do not be intimidated, because there is also an option which allows for a friend to play by use of a password. So go ahead, join the NAVY.

To play, hit the link:

[via iPhoneapplicationlist]


Frenzic For Your iPhone

Posted November 20, 07 8:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Gaming 

I haven’t played a game on my iPhone in a while, so stumbling into a game called Frenzic interested me.

The iPhone web-version of Frenzic has been published at http://frenzic.com/iphone/. Frenzic is described as a fast paced puzzle-based game that was originally developed for Mac OS X.

Now you can play on your iPhone too!

Here is how you play:

As colored pie pieces appear in the center, place them in the outer circles to earn points. Pieces can only be placed into circles that have a corresponding open slot. Once all six slots of a circle are filled, the completed pie is cleared from the board. If a piece is not placed before the timer expires, a life is lost

Use the fewest colors possible when forming pies for maximum points as each piece of the same color is worth more than the one before it. Pies completed with a single color also earn an extra life. The speed of the timer gradually accelerates, increasing difficulty. Play ends when all of your lives are lost.


Web Apps: Smash

Posted November 20, 07 12:15 AM by Don Palmigiano
Categories: Gaming Reviews 

imageRemember the games that you enjoyed on your iPod not so long ago; Breakout, Music Quiz, and that parachute game? Now I can say that one of them has been reincarnated as a web application for use on the iPhone. Smash, as it is called, is similar to Breakout in style and game play. Same concept, same rules: use your bar at the bottom to hit and clear blocks to advance to the next level. I have only found a few problems. It is not as responsive as I would like it to be and the bar cannot be moved as smoothly, rather it moves into predetermined slots. If you simply must play a game similar to Breakout, Smash is always an option.

Point your browser over to the site.


Featured iPhone App: Vegas Hearts

Posted November 2, 07 1:00 PM by Gregory Ng

imageDoes the term “Hearts are not broken yet” mean anything to you? What about “shooting the moon”? Does the Queen of Spades look like the black widow? Then you know the game of hearts. Now you can play the game of Hearts on your iPhone.

Vegas Hearts is a great game to play Hearts on your iPhone. It has a simple interface, easy-to-read cards, and is quick-loading. Play against Lenny, Timmy, and Roger and see if you have what it takes to beat them.

Play Vegas Hearts here.


Featured iPhone App: Lumina

Posted November 1, 07 1:00 PM by Gregory Ng

Remember the great game of memory, sound, and lights we know as Simon? In case you forgot, check out the video below:

Now you can recreate that great feeling of busting out a 45 button sequence on your iPhone with this great game Lumina. Lumina works the same way as Simon did. Every stage adds another light/tone to the sequence. I play this game alot and I can’t seem to get past 30 levels. Well, there’s a guy on the High Score list with 52 levels! Unreal. Test your skill here.


Featured iPhone App: Color Rush

Posted October 30, 07 1:00 PM by Gregory Ng

imageI have been finding myself playing tons of puzzle games lately on my iPhone. It started with Sudoku, then evolved to Mines. Now my attention is fixed on Color Rush.

Color Rush is sort of a cross between Othello, and Chinese Checkers. The board starts as a sea of colored gems. You start as the white gem on the lower left corner. The opponent (some microscopic puzzle master that lives in your iPhone) is the black gem.

One by one you click on colored gems that stand adjacent to your white gem. Click it and it becomes white (See the Othello similarity?). But for every colored gem you click, your iPhone Gnome turns around his to black. The object is to have more white gems than black ones.

When I was a kid, I used to play Othello with my friend all the time. The box used to have a tagline on the side: “Minutes to learn, lifetime to master.” This could be true of Color Rush. The easy setting is challenging. The hard setting is borderline frustrating. Of course, I could just be not too bright.

Check… more...

Battlefleet Beta.2 Released

Posted October 10, 07 5:00 AM by Gregory Ng
Categories: Gaming 

imageThe best game for the iPhone just got better. No, I’m not talking about Zune 2. I’m talking about Battlefleet, the brilliant Battleship iPhone game by Roger Kenny. If you are already a fan of this game, you will know that it was pretty darn awesome already. But this game just got a little better with a new splash screen with dedicated iPhone entrance, the ability to play as Red or Blue, and a few other new options.

For those who are unfamiliar with this game, think of it as the same thing as playing Battleship as a kid only you don’t have your buddy cursing you out after you nailed his aircraft carrier. The only thing it is lacking (as TUAW points out) is multiplayer support. Stay tuned for that one.

Check out the new release here.

[Via TUAW]


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