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Solo 1800 Batter Pack for iPhone Released

Posted November 10, 08 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington

Richard|Solo has released the Richard|Solo 1800, an updated version of their Smart Backup Battery for iPhone.

This nifty batter pack is packed with features: It offers 50% more battery capacity than the previous version, and includes an LED light and laser pointer, dual-port USB car charger, AC wall charger with retractable cord, and an optional plastic support for added stability while charging.

For $69.95 you can get yourself one today by visiting here: RichardSolo.com


Take Better Close-Up Pictures with Griffin’s iClarifi

Posted November 6, 08 12:00 PM by Jovan Washington

Some people thought I was crazy when I told them my 3G iPhone camera was much better than my first generation iPhone. I still think it is, however, it is not as good as Griffin claims their new add-on will make it.

Unfortunately, as you all know, the iPhone lacks the ability to focus in on objects so taking pictures of things close up can be an interesting experience. To help out a little, Griffin Technology has stepped in to save the day with the iClarifi Case.

This cool case comes with a built-in macro lens that can slide into place over the camera’s lens. That way, when you want to take a picture of something close-up, you can just slide the lens to the left and you can take much clearer pictures.

You can order it now for $34.99 from Griffin Technology.


Got a Jailbroken iPhone? Enable Background Processes

Posted October 3, 08 10:00 AM by Jovan Washington

As we wait longer and longer for Push Notification that was promised for September, people are starting to grow more impatient. For those of you who have jailbroken iPhone, you no longer have to wait. There is a hack that enables background processes just for you.

Apple doesn’t allow background processes because that drains battery life, but a lot of applications would work so much better with thaat option. Fortunately, the hacking community has created a temporary solution that could be a great reason to jailbreak my iPhone… Nah, I’ll keep waiting.

The hack, appropriately named “Backgrounder,” is available for jailbroken iPhone through Cydia. Running the software, you can go to the app you want to keep open and hold down the home button until a prompt pops up. Then, if you let go and exit the app, it will continue to run in the background while you do other things.

As Apple has mentioned, this is probably deadly on the battery, not to mention, may run a little slower, but at least you have background processes! Best of all, the hack supposedly works both on jailbreak apps and apps downloaded from the App Store.

Gizmodo more...

App Review: PegJump

Posted September 16, 08 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington


If you have ever been to a Cracker Barrel, you know that there is a small peg game that sits on the table to kill some time before eating. Just recently, I went there to eat with some friends of mine and one of my friends also has an iPhone 3G and what he was doing was playing both games simultaneously to try to figure out which moves would be best to win. He managed loose both games unfortunately, so it didn’t work.

However you play it, it is a pretty fun game. The game tests your “I.Q”, by seeing how many pegs you can eliminate from a triangle-shape board. When opening the app, it gives a brief tutorial of how to play the game. To start, touch a peg to free up one hole on a triangle board full of pegs. As you tap the screen to jump a peg next to you you gradually eliminate pegs. The key to the game is to finish with the least amount of pegs on the board. It may sound simple, but this game gets pretty challenging. I usually… more...

App Review: Enigmo

Posted September 16, 08 12:00 PM by Jovan Washington

There are a plethora of apps now, and more being added every day and I have realize that not everyone wants to download an app without hearing someone elses opinion, so in the hopes that I can help you out a little, I will start posting two app reviews each and every Tuesday. You should see a rating of 1-5 “M’s” and if an app “Matters,” you will see “MMMMM.” If you want an app reviewed, please leave a comment and/or send me an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I’ll be sure to have that app reviewed! Now let’s… more...

Skip Logins on you iPhone with LogOnce

Posted September 16, 08 10:00 AM by Jovan Washington

I’d like to say I’m pretty secure and sometimes don’t mind taking the extra step to log in each time I visit a page on my iPhone, however, it could be a lot easy (not to mention, faster) to just bypass the login process.

LogOnce, a desktop password manager has released a new way for users of the iPhone and iPod touch to skip having to enter user names and passwords on sites that require them. You can log-in to any site where you’ve saved a password just by opening up a special bookmark that plugs in your log-in credentials for you.

There’s no software to install, and nothing to remember. As for security, You can also wipe out any access just in case you manage to lose your phone or get it stolen.

You must first register with the site, then plug in all your usernames and passwords from various sites, then make sure you’re logged into the LogOnce site via your device. After that, it’s simply a matter of summoning up the bookmarklet shortcut when you’re on the log-in screen at any given site where your registered.

Another… more...

iPhone Apps to replace actual tools?

Posted September 4, 08 9:49 AM by Chris Seibold

Wired has a great article up on applications that replace actual tools. You can use the iPhone as a level, as a tape measure, calipers and even a speedometer. Fantastic uses of the iPhones built in GPS and accelerometer.
Check it out!


Facebook App To Get an Update

Posted August 21, 08 10:00 AM by Jovan Washington

Good news folks. Facebook’s native application is due to get an upgrade in September.

The upgrade should actually make the app reach some sort of feature parity with the web-app version of Facebook, which right now is far superior to the native app.

New features include a revamped profiles view, viewing all notifications in the home tab, friend search and approval, the ability to view your full inbox, and more.

This will probably make the Facebook app even more poular than it is now. Stay tuned…


Nike+ on the iPhone {Updated}

Posted August 20, 08 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington

We’ve all known that Nike+ was supposed to come to the iPhone, we’ve just been waiting a bit longer than expected. So what is in store for us? Nike+iPhone=Awesome!

Or a lot of great features and smart implementation, Nike+ definitely uses the iPhone’s technology to its advantage to create a better user experience and offer a better feature set.

Because of the capabilities of the iPhone, a lot of the stuff that Nike+ used to run on the Mac and on the Web are now being run on the iPhone itself.

You’re able to keep track of all the classic stats and maybe even map out your route with GPS. So the iPhone’s sensors and chips are going to be well used by this app.

Looks very promising…

Via: Gizmodo

So it turns out that the supposed screenshots that were leaked to iPhone.fr were in fact faked. AppleInsider noticed that the app showed someone using it to listen to a Coldplay song, but Apple doesn’t offer developers a way to play music on the device in any way besides the iPod application. As cool as it… more...

$1000 App Gets Purchased by 8 People

Posted August 8, 08 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington

If you have been keeping up with the news, or happen to witness the $999.99 app in the iTunes App Store, then you may know about Apple pulling it a day after it was released. Although the release of the app sparks some questions on Apple’s behalf, what is even more troubling is that 8 people actually purchased this app.

Dubbed “I Am Rich,” this app simply displayed a a red jewel on your iPhone screen. Nothing more, nothing less. But if you happen to glance a little to the right of the “I Am Rich” info screen, you would notice the $999.99 price tag. Ouch!

I wouldn’t have expected for anyone to purchase this app, but I was overwhelmed by the 8 individuals that purchased the app - accidently of course.

One gentleman explains that he was simply clicking the “buy” button to see if it was some kind of practicle joke. He found out otherwise when he noticed the $1000 charge on his credit card and promptly posted the review in the App Store:


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