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How To Set Up Anti-Phishing Under iPhone 3.1

Posted September 14, 09 6:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Apple Safari 

image One of the many features included in Firmware 3.1 for the iPhone and iPod Touch is anti-phishing for Safari. However, Apple hasn’t given any indication within the upgrade that anti-phishing is even available. Jim Dalrymple of Loop Insight questioned the matter and got an official response from Apple:

“Safari’s anti-phishing database is downloaded while the user charges their phone in order to protect battery life and ensure there aren’t any additional data fees,” Apple spokesman, Bill Evans, told The Loop. “After updating to iPhone OS 3.1 the user should launch Safari, connect to a Wi-Fi network and charge their iPhone with the screen off. For most users this process should happen automatically when they charge their phone.”

While its convenient to have the list downloaded in the background when our iPhones aren’t in use, I don’t see why Apple could have downloaded the data while syncing to iTunes or at least give you some sort of indication of what’s going on. Some have asked why Apple doesn’t reroute address requests to a web based filtering service such as Google’s anti-phishing tech (which the desktop version of Safari uses) but… more...

Google Latitude Comes To The iPhone In The Form Of A Web App

Posted July 24, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Google Safari 

imageGoogle Latitude, the popular online service that allows users to track where their friends go through the use of GPS enabled phones has made its way to the iPhone albeit in the form of a web App.

The web App takes advantage of the new Geolocation feature in Firmware 3.0 that allows Safari to tap in to the iPhone’s location service mechanism. Google has incorporated most of the functionality available in the Android version of Latitude such as privacy controls and contact information. However, Apple does not allow background processing which forces Google Latitude to be implemented within Safari. There is no automatic updating but every time the online App is loaded, that user’s location is automatically updated. An excerpt from the official Google Blog:

Our Latitude web app provides all the core functionality you might expect: you can see the location of your friends on a map and modify your privacy settings so that you control how your location is shared and with whom.

You can try Google Latitude for your iPhone by pointing Safari to google.com/latitude.

Via: The iPhone Blog


iPhone 3.0’s Revamped Safari Will Let You Know If A Site Is Secure

Posted April 1, 09 1:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Hacks Safari 

Phishing attacks and mobile scams are on the rise thanks to unsuspecting users and hackers employing more elaborate tricks. However, the newest version of Safari will let you know how secure a website is.

The newest Beta version of Safari for the iPhone will identify web pages that have a trusted user certificate ensuring your data is safe. Visiting popular online retailers will show the protected certificate available for the website automatically where as it remained out of site in earlier iPhone builds.

Screenshot courtesy of The iPhone Blog


Via: The iPhone Blog


Benchmarks: Safari For iPhone OS 3.0 Dominates Safari For 2.2

Posted March 30, 09 11:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Applications Safari 

image Safari is gaining some notable speed increases in the newest version of Apple’s iPhone Beta Firmware 3.0, so much so that performance is 16 times faster than in Firmware 2.2.

The new Safari in FIrmware 3.0 utilizes the new Nitro Javascript rendering engine which contributed greatly to its speed improvements. Arstechnica recently took the new mobile version of Safari for a test run and had this to say:

“According to our sources, the 3.0 beta still has some stability and speed issues, so that makes these results that much more impressive. While the overall average gives the iPhone 3.0 beta a 300 percent speed advantage, some of the individual tests show 6x, 8x, or even 11x improvements—the bitwise “AND” function even runs 16x faster than in the current version of Mobile Safari.”

Via: The iPhone Blog


iPhone rules mobile market share

Posted March 4, 09 8:55 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Safari 

imageYou might not know who rules barter town (if you do award yourself ten bonus points) but now you can be certain who rules when it comes to mobile browser market share. The answer is Safari Mobile. Safari Mobile came to browse the web and kick ass but Safari Mobile must be all out of web to browse because all it is doing right now is kicking ass. How big is Mobile Safari when compared to the competition? Well Safari Mobile clocks in at 66.6% and the next closest browser comes it at… (wait for it) 9.6%.

There are reasons to think that Safari Mobile’s role is a little overstated, some phones browse without showing up in the stats used in the study after all and it is important to remember that if you’re really into browsing the web the go to to choice is the iPhone so the iPhone might be a little over represented. Still, 66%? That’s a lot of hurt for every mobile browser that isn’t Safari Mobile. Get the complete scoop from Ars Technica courtesy of the excellent David Chartier.


The Eternal Question: Do iPhone Optimized sites Suck?

Posted December 17, 08 8:10 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Opinions Safari 

imageDavid M. Williams wonders, over at ITWire, if iPhone-friendly sites are actually doing the iPhone a disservice. Sure, we could just cut to the chase and say iPhone optimized sites suck but where is the fun in that?

Mr. Miller’s article recounts an interesting experience where he tries to complete a transaction on ebay (using the mobile ebay version) and is unable to do so. The quick objection will be that there is a link to ebay calssic on the ebay mobile page and switching to classic ebay would’ve fixed the problem but the problem is larger than that.

When you’re using the iPhone you expect the full internet (well sans flash anyway). You don’t expect some mobile optimized site that might make navigation more convenient but seriously degrades the amount of information on the page. Those kinds of pages are better left to phones with craptastic browsers. Every time site a sends you to an iPhone specific webpage instead of there everyday site they are telling you that they know what you want more than you do. Which is presumptuous, when you bought the iPhone you bought it… more...

“The Fourth Largest Platform For Internet” Goes to… iPhone?

Posted March 3, 08 8:33 PM by Don Palmigiano
Categories: Announcements Apple Safari 

imageThe iPhone is now the 4th largest platform for Internet browsing! (Yea! Go Apple!) It has only been about 8 months and the iPhone already holds 4th place. This being said, it is amazing that the iPhone has gotten this much attention at a young age.  At the same time this makes perfect sense, because Mobile safari is the most advanced and user-friendly browser currently on the market. The 3 platforms that are ahead should be obvious. They are all based on computer Operating Systems.  Windows leads with (92%), Mac is second at (7.5%), and Linux with (.65%) is a distant 3rd; the iPhone, at present, has (.14%) of Internet users. The iPhone is right behind Linux with only about half percent difference.

What do you think of these figures? Do you think the iPhone will ever beat out Linux for 3rd place? I do; iPhone is young and vibrant. Apple clearly knows what it is doing, despite early skepticism claiming that Apple was new to the mobile market. Bravo Apple.


TalkShoe Releases Web Compatible iPhone Client

Posted February 27, 08 2:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Safari 

The popular community chat service, TalkShoe, has released a web optimized version of their App compatible with the iPhone allowing users to engage in an audio conversation with several people just as they would through a phone call.

The interface is stripped down giving users access to the bare essentials. You can access the App here.

Via: MacNN


Pimp My News Speaks Hot Stories On Your iPhone

Posted February 2, 08 9:46 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Announcements News Safari 

imageIn our busy lives we rely more and more on mobile devices such as the iPhone to aggregate our news. Short of summarizing top stories and late breaking items, we’ve often turned to reading it outright or watching a Podcast on it. PimpMyNews takes that a step up by converting it to an audio feed specially formatted for the iPhone.

PimpMyNews recently launched in December but a recent announcement at Macworld brought delight to iPhone and iPod Touch users everywhere: a mobile App was being launched. We were contacted by John Atkinson, the CEO and Co-Founder of PimpMyNews to take a look at the newly developed iPhone App which functions just as described.

The App takes an aggregated feed of the main page along with the audio portion of it and formats it in a simple web page that works seamlessly. The only concern would be the accuracy of the audio. It’s nothing close to a human voice but you’re able to distinguish what is what easily.

The App is free for anyone to access but customizable for anyone who has created an account.

iPhone Online App


Clever Hack Adds Speed Dial To Your Home Screen

Posted January 24, 08 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageNAte True has developed a very simple method to add a phone number to your home screen using Safari’s built in Web Clip.

It works by entering the URL Phone Number.tel.qlnk.net into Safari which is routed through Nate’s own server. You’ll be presented with a “Call” popup which you will need to decline. You can then add it to your home screen.

However, there is a possible privacy concern since the link is requested every time you call that. For the security nuts out there, you can check out Nate’s Blog post.

Via: iPhone Atlas


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