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IK Multimedia Releases GrooveMaker Techno and Trance

Posted October 8, 09 1:00 PM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Announcements News 

Remember the review I did on Groovemaker? They have some announcements!

“IK Multimedia is proud to announce the release of two new applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch: GrooveMaker Techno and GrooveMaker Trance. Both versions based on the recently released GrooveMaker remixing application, these style-based apps allow everyone to create and share non-stop techno and trance tracks for DJing, remixing, multimedia and movie soundtrack compositions on the go, in real-time, just like a professional DJ or music producer.

GrooveMaker allows for instantaneous control over 8 stereo loop tracks, making it possible to remix the included massive loop library of drums, bass, bass drums, lines, pads, percussion and effects. Its unique and patented randomization feature allows musicians to generate a vast number of remixes on the fly, with one touch, to produce millions of possible groove combinations.

Loops made in GrooveMaker can be manipulated in real-time (pan, volume, mute, solo, group and tempo) and grooves can be arranged easily by dragging and dropping to create full-length tracks. These tracks can then be saved, previewed and recalled on the iPhone/iPod touch devices or exported as hi-quality… more...

AT&T Bringing 7.2 Mbps 3G To Six Major Cities

Posted September 10, 09 6:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: AT&T Hardware News 

image One of the biggest gripes iPhone users have had is the network powering the device: AT&T. Complaints have ranged from a slow network to having a weak signal when competitors have better coverage in that area. To ease concerns, AT&T has been upgrading its network behind the scenes and now the carrier is bringing HSPA 7.2 support to six major cities.

Almost all of AT&T’s cell sites run at a slower 3G speed despite some of the carrier’s phones having support for faster 3G standards (HSDPA) such as the iPhone. One of Apple’s marketing points for the iPhone 3GS was its enhanced speed not only in CPU clock but also in its network connection and runs at the newer 7.2 Mbps 3G standard despite AT&T not supporting those speeds yet. Thankfully, AT&T is bringing support for its faster 3G standard to six cities: Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami. AT&T is enthusiastic about its network upgrade.

“Our deployment of HSPA 7.2 and supporting backhaul connectivity will enable our customers to continue to ride the leading edge of emerging devices and thousands of mobile applications, our… more...

Tethering Hack For iPhone Killed In Firmware 3.1

Posted September 9, 09 2:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: News 

Today Apple released its highly anticipated Firmware 3.1 update for the iPhone and iPod Touch but raised concerns with some as to whether or not the tethering hack would work any more. After upgrading. I went in to the network menu and tried enabling tethering but noticed the menu item had simply disappeared. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to downgrade or re-enable tethering again. If you have a different experience, let us know in the comments!


Reminder: Apple’s Music Event Tomorrow At 10 AM PST

Posted September 9, 09 6:00 AM by Meiera Stern
Categories: Apple Apple Matters Contest News 

Just a reminder that Apple’s iTunes and iPod event is today. If you haven’t already, enter our sister site, Apple Matter’s contest to win a Speck CandyShell case for you iPhone.

Stay tuned for coverage.


SlingPlayer 1.1 Approved To The App Store, 3G Streaming Still On Hold

Posted August 23, 09 7:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: App Store News 

image After a teaser from SlingMedia that the next version of SlingPlayer for the iPhone would arrive with 3G streaming for non-US iPhones, many had thought Apple would turn over a new leaf in the App Store submission process.  With the roll out of SlingPlayer 1.1, 3G streaming isn’t quite here, but will be arrive “imminently” according to SlingMedia.

The 1.1 update brings full 16x9 widescreen support for Slingbox SOLO, PRO, and PRO-HD users, DISH Remote Access integration, faster start and channel change and improved remote control interface. However, the 1.1 update is Wi-fi with some clarification from SlingMedia.

There has been some confusion lately regarding whether this version would have 3G in the rest of the world which I’d like to clear up. 1.1 was always Wi-Fi only. We submitted another version of the app that works on 3G that is intended for the rest of the world. We have not heard back from Apple on that app yet, and will keep you posted.

SlingPlayer for the iPhone was limited to Wi-Fi streaming after AT&T asked Apple to prevent Apps that consume massive amounts of bandwidth over the iPhone’s 3G connection.… more...

Apple’s Intention to Prevent Employees Being Poached by Palm Revealed

Posted August 21, 09 8:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageBloomberg News has recently revealed that Steve Jobs reportedly contacted then CEO Ed Colligan to agree not to hire away each other’s ex-employees.

The conversation took place sometime after former Apple executive Jon Rubinstein was hired away by Palm to help develop the Palm Pre and accompanying WebOS. Ironically, Apple had just hired away 2% of Palm’s workforce to help develop what would then be the iPhone, a short time before Rubinstein left Apple. Then CEO Ed Colligan had a simple response to Jobs’ offer and could likely land the Apple CEO in legal scrutiny once again:

“Your proposal that we agree that neither company will hire the other’s employees, regardless of the individual’s desires, is not only wrong, it is likely illegal.”

It’s not uncommon for top level executives and employees to sign a non-compete clause given to them by the company they work for so sensitive company secrets won’t be divulged and their road map jeopardized. However, Apple took this concept a step further and would’ve likely stifled design creativity by consolidating where former employees can work once they leave Apple. Jobs nonetheless was infuriated with Palm’s response which could… more...

Apple’s Share of the Global Smartphone Marketplace Soaring

Posted August 20, 09 6:59 AM by Meiera Stern
Categories: Accessories Analysis Apple News Nokia 

Smartphones appear to be recession proof thus far, as the figures for Q209 just published by research firm Canalys indicate. A whopping 38.1 million phones were shipped around the world, which is 4.5 million more than Q208. And the good news for Apple is sweet and crunchy indeed. Though Finnish company Nokkia still has the greatest market share with 16.9 million handsets shipped in the second quarter, Apple has the greatest growth within the sector. Having sold 5.2 million iPhones in the quarter, Apple now has a 13.7 percent market share, and has an incredible 626 percent year-on-year growth rate. With growth like this no wonder the demand outstrips the supply in parts of the world. more...

Edovia Introduces TouchPad 1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

Posted August 13, 09 11:27 AM by Meiera Stern
Categories: News 

Quebec company Edovia announced the release of TouchPad 1.0. “Tired of having a keyboard and a mouse laying around in your living room? Get rid of that lousy setup with TouchPad!” The application turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a track pad that allows you to control your computer wirelessly.

Feature Highlights:
* Super-easy setup
* Modifier keys (Ctrl, Option/Alt, Cmd, Shift)
* Tab, Esc keys included
* 1 finger, 2 finger and 3 finger gestures
* Vertical, horizontal scrolling
* Swipe left or right with 3 fingers (Back and Forward)
* Horizontal and vertical orientation supported
* Pad still works while keyboard is visible
* Easy to use Connection Manager

* Supports with OS X 10.5 (Leopard), OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
* Windows and Linux NOT supported
* Connects through a WiFi connection and Bonjour
* Screen Sharing or VNC server required
* English keyboards supported
* iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPod touch (1st & 2nd gen)

Pricing and Availability:
TouchPad 1.0 is $3.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the App… more...

Bank To Allow Users To Cash Checks Using Their iPhones

Posted August 13, 09 6:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Business News 

imageUSAA customers will be one of the first users to be able to cash checks using nothing more than their iPhones.

USAA, a bank and insurance company, has created a new iPhone App that leverages its existing technology to recognized digitally scanned copies of checks. The addition of an iPhone App increases USAA’s mobile subscriber reach and could expand its customer base from the current number of 1,000,000.

“We’re essentially taking an image of the check, and once you hit the send button, that image is going into our deposit-taking system as any other check would,” said USAA’s Wayne Peacock.

The App has been available on the App Store since May but has recently added the feature to take a picture of a paper check and have it cashed instantly. It would be beneficial for users to take a picture with an iPhone 3GS thanks to its improved 3.2 Megapixel camera. While USAA mainly serves military customers, anyone can sign up for its banking services.

A demo of the App is available after the jump

Via: more...

Foxconn Employee Who Committed Suicide Often Lost Device Prototypes

Posted July 29, 09 9:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: News 

image After a Foxconn employee committed suicide after jumping out of his 12th story apartment window over losing an iPhone prototype has had a history of losing device prototypes.

Sun Danyong, the 25 year old who was supposedly interrogated using harsh methods by Foxconn often lost product prototypes but managed to recover them. It was never explained how or why they were lost or even how they were recovered.

Several times he had some products missing, then he got them back,” Lee said. “We don’t know who took the product, but it was at his stop.”

However, it could have been caused by the stressful working environment inside of Foxconn. A worker gives his account of what it’s like inside the Chinese based factory:

A supervisor told us that working at Foxconn requires total obedience; you do not need to be intelligent or highly skilled. After a week of training, we concluded that at Foxconn, we shouldn’t treat ourselves as human beings, we are just machines. During the week, we also had a health examination, a very simple blood test, a blood pressure test and a vision test. We did not… more...

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