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Completely unlocked iPhone

Posted August 14, 07 11:30 AM by Tommy Thomas
Categories: Hacks 

image Just picture this for a minute… Think about a world where your iPhone could be completely unlocked with no limitations in regards to carriers… No AT&T BS, just pure iPhone joy… A match made in heaven or hell’s next thrill? The keys to that joy may have been unlocked thanks to a combo of things which you can read here. The article by MacNN is quite the interesting one… Everyday it seems like someone is coming up with a hack to make the iPhone more flexible, thus making it more useful. Would you be willing to do this to get the iPhone to work on your carrier of choice? Will Apple eventually have to open up the iPhone to other carriers?


iPhone Hacking For The Rest Of Us…

Posted August 14, 07 7:30 AM by Tommy Thomas
Categories: Hacks 

image Christopher Breen over at Macworld is in the process of writing a book… The iPhone Pocket Guide… Why? Here’s a little taste:

“No, my goal here is to provide a few glimpses into what it was like playing Watson to Ben’s Holmes—watching and offering mostly unhelpful advice as he traversed and synthesized the many, sometimes-conflicting instructions for cracking this iPhone nut.”

This definitely sounds like iPhone Hacking for the everyday Joe! Anyone knows the key to any good product is in its hackability for lack of a better term… What are some of the hacks you’d like to see on the iPhone? Have you hacked your iPhone already? Whether your flavor is hardware hacking or software hacking, hacks help you get more out of your iPhone! Check out the whole article here.


iPhones Unlocked by Hackers

Posted August 7, 07 11:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Hacks 

Looks and numbers certainly do show that the iPhone is one of the most attractive and most popular cell phones to date, but it was us lucky AT&T customers that got it. There were a lot of switchers too. Some people just wanted to stay true with their service providers though, but still wanted the iPhone. Is it possible to have an iPhone and not be a AT&T customer? The answer is maybe.

I was browsing through Hackintosh, and noticed that some users are reporting that they have successfully unlocked their iPhones to work with other carriers. This hack requires you to mess with the phone’s sim, not the iPhone’s firmware. What you’ll need is a sim reader/writer and a blank “silvercard” sim that you have to cut yourself. It is reported that outgoing and incoming calls work fine, but if you want to browse the web, check email, or anything else, your service provider will have to support edge.

“Warning! Proceed at your own risk! Your provider can block your subscription!”


Erica Sadun Of TUAW Creates Third Party Voice Recorder For iPhone

Posted August 6, 07 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageOne of the most under utilized features of the iPhone is the mic. Because there is no way to sync text back and forth between iPhones and computers (well, officially anyways) the next best option would’ve been a Widget that records sound inputs from the mic. While Apple hasn’t provided us with such a Widget Erica Sadun of TUAW has.

The Application is basic but is a huge improvement regarding third party Apps on the iPhone. What this App does is record all sound inputs from the mic into an Adaptive Multi-rate formatted file. While you can’t select the filename you want, the size of said file and how long the recording lasts is visible from the App.

I haven’t tried this Application out for myself as I cannot use the appropriate tools on my PowerPC based Mac Mini but I do suggest a word of caution, if you do not know what you are doing you could brick your iPhone and run the risk of iTunes being unable to restore it, your warranty could be voided as well.

If you would like more information on how to install this Application on… more...

What Would You Do For An iPhone? One Man Gets A Vasectomy

Posted August 3, 07 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Hacks Cult of iPhone 

imageIn a true show of fanboyism this man goes above and beyond the call to go through a rigorous ordeal in retrieving his iPhone from the clutches of his wife. As I write this I must congratulate this man, if I were in the same situation I would’ve just shown off the iPhone but then again that is another story.

Some of us waited in line for most of the day, some of us waited over night and some of us just walked right in to an Apple Store to pick one up. You’d think it couldn’t get any more dramatic than this right? The iPhone’s launch was out-shadowed by 3 very popular game consoles which involved robberies, waiting weeks in line and even running in to poles. I seriously wish I could make this up but like I said, it does make the iPhone launch a lot less epic.

However, one man did make the difficult decision to do anything to get an iPhone. And that anything was a vasectomy. If you have anything that can top this (that doesn’t involve violence) just go ahead… more...

Boring Black to Exciting iPhone Backgrounds

Posted July 31, 07 11:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Hacks 

I posted a while ago on downloading 199 gorgeous wallpapers for that gorgeous iPhone. How about using that wallpaper for more than the lock screen and the call screen. I have gotten so many questions about changing the black background to something else. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a way to do this—until now.

You should have known that someone would hack into the iPhone and change features that make the iPhone stand out. ModMyiPhone will guide you into changing the signature black background into whatever you wish. This is no simple process though. Adventurers beware as the 15-step tutorial will have you messing with things I would not dare to mess with. Fortunately, you can always restore the iPhone if anything goes wrong (maybe). It would be nice to see this feature in a future update (hint hint), so until then, hack with extreme caution.


Possible Applications For iPhone Already Listed In Firmware

Posted July 31, 07 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Hacks Software 

While iPhone hackers have had their go at the device and have made progress Application wise we still haven’t had our fill on what the Software is really hiding from us. First the Firmware was made readily available and then it was discovered that Apple had mentioned T-Mobile and Vodafone within the iPhone’s software.

While this bit of news isn’t as interesting as potential 3rd party Apps on the iPhone and that Apple may have pre planned their European iPhone release it still confirms that Apple won’t be leaving us hanging. Apple Insider is reporting that 4 Widgets reside on the iPhone that are currently inaccessible to users. They appear to be a Radio, Translation, Phonebook and Unit Converter Widget and are mentioned in a preference list file below.



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