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Android apps you won’t see in the App Store

Posted February 24, 09 10:58 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Android App Store Lists 

If Android is going to beat the iPhone in cell phone space anytime soon (and it isn’t clear that this is a goal of Google) one of the keys is going to have to be applications. Android, like the iPhone, has an application store but unlike Apple Google doesn’t control the contents of the store nearly as tightly as Apple does. That, one would think, would be a competitive advantage for Android based phones. It turns out that the advantage is slim. For proof take a look at this list of apps you can get in the Android store that would never make it in the App Store. Except for the tethering nothing on the list seems remotely compelling.


Microsoft desperately trying to kill Android?

Posted February 18, 09 3:23 PM by Chris Seibold

Windows Mobile 6.5 is the OS that will supposedly crush the iPhone, Android, and (if it gains any traction) Web OS for the Palm Pre. It is just that spectacular. Or that’s what Microsoft wants everyone to believe anyway. And people might get that impression from the recent Mobile World Conference. Plenty of companies were showing off phones running Windows Mobile 6.5 but there weren’t many showing off Android. (Apple was a no show at the event, the iPhone is big enough that it doesn’t need the trade show to get traction).

Can that be right? With all the excitement surrounding Android why such a paltry showing at Mobile World Conference? Well, if you like conspiracy minded stuff Roughly Drafted has a theory. It is the usual “Microsoft is paying companies to use Windows Mobile” sort of thing but it is well written and uses some concrete examples of known examples of such behavior.

If Microsoft is going out of its way to destroy Android, with back room deals and obscure marketing payments, it is definitely a sign that the company is starting to feel the pressure. Which wouldn’t be a surprise, Microsoft… more...

Edit Google Spreadsheets on your iPhone

Posted February 13, 09 2:30 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Android Applications Google 

There are a ton of people who want Microsoft Office on there iPhone. No luck with that yet but there is good news in the world of online office suites: You can now edit Google Spreadsheets on your mobile phone. Well if you have a Android based phone, Nokia S60 or iPhone. The bad new is that the editing on the iPhone is reportedly a bit kludgy. Editing a Google sheet on an Android based device works very well. No joy for those wanting to edit Google Docs or presentations, for now the only file you can tweak on the go are Googlesheets. But you know how these things go, editing docs and presentations can’t be too far off.

Via Tech Crunch


Sony Ericsson to use Android in Phone

Posted January 2, 09 8:41 AM by Chris Seibold

imageThe G1 from Google and T-Mobile hasn’t set the world on fire (the phones do make nice Christmas bonuses however) but the real promise of Android (the OS that powers the G1) isn’t a single phone it’s in the openness of the OS. Anyone can download the code, go crazy and make something really great.

So even if you’re not impressed by the current android powered offering doesn’t mean every phone that comes along will be like the G1. Imagine what a company that has mastered hardware and software could do with a mobile phone and some open source code. Well, you know what Apple did (OS X Mobile is based on OS X which is based on BSD which is open source) when the company applied the assembled lobes to the problem but could another company pull off the same trick?

Maybe. But you have to wonder what company has the skills to challenge the iPhone. The go to company is Nokia, they know all about phones but for some reason the phones have never sold well in the US. Another company that cranks out some great… more...

iPhone -v- Android: It isn’t even Close

Posted December 15, 08 8:23 AM by Chris Seibold

imageIntuitively you know that iPhone hasn’t felt any real heat from the G1 but intuition s frequently wrong, things have a way of sneaking up on you and suddenly you’re like “Wow, I never realized that product X had come so far!”

So what objective measure can be used to judge the relative success of the G1 (and Android in general) against the iPhone. The oDesk Blog has some nifty analysis up of how the G1 is faring compared to the iPhone. The metric used? Number of job postings for developers. If you just glance at the graphs without reading the verbiage you might think that the iPhone is only doing a little better. That impression is misleading, postings for iPhone developers are an order of magnitude greater (scaling between graphs can be tricky).

With a disparity like that you can see why Apple isn’t exactly running scared of Android.


Oh no It’s the oPhone

Posted December 12, 08 10:19 AM by Chris Seibold

Everyone wants in on the iPhone action. Better than catching the iPhone in America would be beating the iPhone to market in China. that is just what Lenovo seems to be trying to do with the yet to be released oPhone. You can see the pic by following the link to Macaround.com. If you don’t like following links the oPhone looks slickish, a little like a squarer iPhone.

The cell phone market is huge in China so developing a phone specifically for/with China Mobile makes a lot of sense. When will Apple get the iPhone to China officially?


Stephen Fry Reviews iPhone Killers

Posted December 11, 08 10:21 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Android Bold reviews Storm 

You’ll have to put with some rambling about how many gadget’s Mr. Fry rolls around with (lots) and a bit about a long love affair with smartphones but after you get through that you’ll find reviews of the iPhone and the machines most obvious rivals. You’ll get a rating for the Bold (4/5) the Storm (1/5) and Android (3.5/5). For a bonus you get a list of the iPhone’s strengths and shortcomings.

The review is particularly interesting because it is coming from someone who actually uses all of the devices he rates. We’re not talking “I tried it out for a few hours” we’re talking “I use them enough I take them with me when I travel.” You’ll come away with a much better understanding of the complete state of the smartphone mini war that is going on right now.


Linux on the iPhone

Posted December 1, 08 6:08 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Android Hardware Linux 

With enough effort Linux can run anything, a PowerPC based Mac, a 486, an iPod, a dead badger. Basically Linux is the whore of kernals and will hookup with any particular hardware if you only buy it a few beers. So it shouldn’t be surprising that Linux can now run your iPhone. Face it, as much as you love the thing and think it has a personality it is just a clever conglomeration of silicon chips, radios and glass. Once you say chips you’re saying Linux so, really, don’t be surprised. Everything under control? Check out the video:

iPhone Linux Demonstration Video from planetbeing on Vimeo.

After that display it is easy to guess what you’re thinking: How can I get Linux running on my iPhone? Well, you’ll need to hook up with the iPhone Dev Team. Those guys are pretty awesome.

Wait, I read the situation wrong? You’re not really interested in getting your iPhone running Linux? You’re just worried that this will be the death of the… more...

G1 coming to Wal-Mart

Posted October 28, 08 8:46 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Android Marketing 

imageWhen you think quality shopping experience you think Wal_Mart! Maybe that isn’t quite right. The aisles are crowded and the floor is generally a little grungy and the associates don’t seem to want to be there… When you think low prices you think Wal-Mart. That is true allure, one supposes, of Wal-Mart you can buy anything in the place and be pretty sure you won’t see it anywhere cheaper until you come back to Wal-Mart and the price has been dropped.

Don’t forget you can get cell phones at Wal-Mart (along with tires, olives, and all your haberdashery needs). But the cell phone are always the ones you don’t want and the demo models never work. Well, starting Wednesday, all that is about to change. Well, it is about to change if you want an G1. No word on whether the demo model will actually work or not. That is right, Wednesday Wal-Mart is selling the G1 from Google and T-mobile. how exciting is this? Very if you want to pick up a bag of beef jerky and a cell phone and not so exciting if you have a bunch of questions to… more...

Grab your Android code now!

Posted October 21, 08 1:49 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Android 

Since Google’s Android was first revealed it has been known that it was going to be open source. No one was quite sure when the source would show up but the good news is that it is available now (the day before the launch). The bad news? It is pretty boring to look at if you’re a non programmer. Don’t let that stop you from checking it out:

Android Code

What does this mean for the iPhone? Not much. Apple won’t feel enough pressure to open up OS X mobile and honestly most people don’t care about open versus closed, they just want easy over kludgy. Although it probably isn’t too much to hope that Apple will see any programming niftiness in Android’s source and do a littlebit of imitation if parts of the code are clearly superior.


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