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Palm Backs Down On Investor’s Crazy Prediction, Reassures Us The Future Is Still Rational

Posted March 10, 09 11:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageAfter U2 ditched Apple to buddy up with RIM, you’d think the crazy sponsorship and marketing promotions would’ve stopped. For us, it just began as Roger McNamee informed us of an apocalyptic scenario for the iPhone following its two year anniversary as everyone would jump ship to hop aboard Palm’s and ride the waves, Pre in hand. Following such lunacy, Palm issued a back track on McNamee’s statements and reassured us that not everyone and their mother would ditch their iPhone just for a Palm Pre come June 29 of this year.

McNamee, an investor for Elevation Partners, a huge backer of Palm and responsible for financing the development of the Pre got overly excited about the Palm Pre on live TV. Like anyone overly enthusiastic about a product, McNamee got carried away and his verbal victim, the iPhone, bore his oddly predicted doomsday scenario. His reasoning behind the massive switch of iPhone users to the Palm Pre? Well, not only is the Pre godly awesome but many first generation iPhone users’ contracts will expire that day which is justification enough to immediately dump AT&T in… more...

Microsoft desperately trying to kill Android?

Posted February 18, 09 3:23 PM by Chris Seibold

Windows Mobile 6.5 is the OS that will supposedly crush the iPhone, Android, and (if it gains any traction) Web OS for the Palm Pre. It is just that spectacular. Or that’s what Microsoft wants everyone to believe anyway. And people might get that impression from the recent Mobile World Conference. Plenty of companies were showing off phones running Windows Mobile 6.5 but there weren’t many showing off Android. (Apple was a no show at the event, the iPhone is big enough that it doesn’t need the trade show to get traction).

Can that be right? With all the excitement surrounding Android why such a paltry showing at Mobile World Conference? Well, if you like conspiracy minded stuff Roughly Drafted has a theory. It is the usual “Microsoft is paying companies to use Windows Mobile” sort of thing but it is well written and uses some concrete examples of known examples of such behavior.

If Microsoft is going out of its way to destroy Android, with back room deals and obscure marketing payments, it is definitely a sign that the company is starting to feel the pressure. Which wouldn’t be a surprise, Microsoft… more...

G1 coming to Wal-Mart

Posted October 28, 08 8:46 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Android Marketing 

imageWhen you think quality shopping experience you think Wal_Mart! Maybe that isn’t quite right. The aisles are crowded and the floor is generally a little grungy and the associates don’t seem to want to be there… When you think low prices you think Wal-Mart. That is true allure, one supposes, of Wal-Mart you can buy anything in the place and be pretty sure you won’t see it anywhere cheaper until you come back to Wal-Mart and the price has been dropped.

Don’t forget you can get cell phones at Wal-Mart (along with tires, olives, and all your haberdashery needs). But the cell phone are always the ones you don’t want and the demo models never work. Well, starting Wednesday, all that is about to change. Well, it is about to change if you want an G1. No word on whether the demo model will actually work or not. That is right, Wednesday Wal-Mart is selling the G1 from Google and T-mobile. how exciting is this? Very if you want to pick up a bag of beef jerky and a cell phone and not so exciting if you have a bunch of questions to… more...

The iPhone is the device to beat

Posted September 11, 08 8:39 AM by Chris Seibold

imageWhat can’t be beat even though its only a year old? If you said 50 kids that have just learned to walk (1 year olds) you not only have some mental defect you’re also wrong. the answer is, of course, the iPhone. Yes, companies have had 15 months to copy the iPhone (or make something better) and all they’ve come up with is phones that look like the iPhone.

What do competitors hate about the iPhone? Freaking everything. From the marketing to the well, let Matt Hamblem tell you:

At this week’s CTIA show here, where hundreds of companies that build devices and applications or offer network services are convening, corporate leaders keep pointing out iPhone weaknesses—from networks issues to lesser video capabilities. But they also have to keep answering why their devices can’t be as special as the iPhone or its touch interface, slew of applications and functions.

Yep Matt is at this week’s CTIA show and is guaging the mood of the various vendors in attendance. There are surprisingly frank admissions from competitors throughout Matt’s article so be sure to read it.
Link: more...

Best Buy selling iPhones…the joy

Posted September 9, 08 8:47 AM by Chris Seibold

imageGood news: on Sunday Best Buy started selling iPhones.
Bad News: Best Buy sucks at customer service
Good News: You can get an iPhone three different places.
Bad news: Two of the three places have horrible customer service (AT&T, Best Buy)
Good news: One place has great customer service (Apple stores)
Bad news: You’re likely much closer to an AT&T or a Best Buy than an Apple store.
Good news: The price remains unchanged ($199.00 and $299.00)
Bad news: still no insurance option.

Well, there is more to it to that. If you remember the ascension of the iPod to the market making and dominating device it has become the trail closely parallels the number of different places the iPod was available at. First, it was just the Apple online store, then Target came on board followed by Dell and now the things are everywhere. More stores mean more exposure and more exposure means a growing market share. If you’re a fan of the iPhone this is unqualified good news.


iPhone in China soon?

Posted September 2, 08 2:11 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Business News Marketing Rumor 

If you want to get your hands on an iPhone and you live in China you can either get a job building the things or pay top dollar for an unlocked iPhone. AFP reports that that is about to change. Sources tell AFP that Apple is in the final stages of talks with China’s largest telecom provider China Mobile. According to AFP the holdup was over Apple’s revenue sharing demands. Apple wants a big slice of the iPhone pie? Is such a thing even possible?

China has a population of 1.3 billion and 608 million current cell phone users,so the opportunity is huge. If Apple can make the iPhone cool in China expect big sales and the goal of 10 million iPhones sold in 2008 to seem quaint.


Coming soon: iPhone support on United Airlines

Posted June 17, 08 3:25 PM by Cedric Bosch
Categories: AT&T Marketing Scoop 

Yesterday, a friend of mine found herself stuck on a runway for 5 hours because of poor weather conditions. If she had been a first class passenger, and had been the owner of an iPhone, and had been living two days in the future… she would have been able to hook up her Apple device to a dock connector right in armrest of those plush (and oh-so-expensive) leather seats.

The first iPhone-compatible flight left Washington D.C. for Zurich yesterday, and United promised that all of their international planes would be upgraded within the next two years. Unfortunately, this connectivity won’t be available where it is most needed- in coach. If you are flying first or business, however, you’ll be able to control your iPhone or iPod through your armrest, and watch movies on the existing personal entertainment system- a 15-inch LCD screen.

Although Greg Joswiak, an Apple VP, had lots to say about the system’s capabilities, he didn’t mention whether or not United planned on expanding iPhone support further down the aisle:

“The iPod and iPhone have become essential for millions of travelers around the world. We think United customers are going to love being able… more...

My iPhone Story

Posted November 25, 07 1:23 AM by Don Palmigiano

You are probably familiar with those iPhone commercials depicting people using their phones in real situations that would occur in life. Well I have my own.

I regularly attend a computer class at my local college. One day during class a discussion arose about the sharp rise in price of technology stocks. My teacher used Google as an example and asked if anyone knew what the price per share currently was and what it had been 1 year ago. Having had Google as one of the stocks I was monitoring, I quickly took out my iPhone and checked the price. The class was amazed at the speed with which I was able to gather this information. The professor soon used this information to calculate the amount of money one would have gained in investing a certain amount about a year ago. I was glad that our class was able to learn using valid information, and not a mere estimate. The professor then thanked me after class.

Thank you iPhone! You may have just gotten me an A.

Tell us your story!


Black Friday: Apple Bites Prices On 11/23/07

Posted November 22, 07 1:14 AM by Don Palmigiano

imageMost geeks are familiar with Black Friday. This is the day when there are insanely great deals on decent, sometimes great, electronics. This year there are many companies joining in to save the consumer some cash and kick off the holiday season. Apple is not one to miss out on the fun, so they will also have limited deals on electronics up on their site at 12:01 AM on the 23rd. Details are sketchy, but it is also believed that retail stores will participate and join in on the action. Here is what Apple has stated in a post up on their website:

Come back to the Apple Online Store the day after Thanksgiving for a special one-day-only holiday shopping event. You will find dozens of great iPod, iPhone, and Mac gift ideas all with free shipping.
Mark your calendars now. And until then, start your research by visiting our Holiday Gift Guide to find iPod, iPhone, and Mac gifts for everyone on your list.

Expect lines at some locations as well as much competition by those wanting in on the deals this holiday season. If you participate, retail or on online,… more...

Obvious: Analyst Predicts 3G iPhone Before Christmas

Posted September 14, 07 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Opinions Marketing 

image As we all know a 3G iPhone is imminent, it’s not a question of how but a question of when. Coupled with the fact that Apple worked something out with Interdigital regarding 3G patents, it all but confirms the fact. However one analyst makes the claim that Apple will introduce a 3G iPhone before Christmas.

We all know how analysts are, to me they seem like those people who make seemingly reliable rumors but once you read into it there is little validity, but not all analysts are like this.

I know that the cellular industry is a fast paced industry, so much so that I had written that Apple may have killed the iPhone by pushing updates so slow and while I won’t whine that a 3G iPhone is somewhat overdue (depending how you look at the matter) it would be disatrous for Apple to unloose such a major update before Macworld.

Think about it, after Thanksgiving and right before Macworld sales are huge. Steve said himself that the price decrease was meant to lure in potential consumers for the holiday season. I won’t take Steve’s… more...

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